Happy Birthday, Universe!

According to German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler, his theory was that the was created on April 27th 4977 BC. Kepler was fascinated with theories of planetary ordering. Kepler did a lot of scientific research and calculations of planetary motion. He also worked in the field of optics – especially the human eye and how it produces sight.

Kepler lived from 1571 to 1630. Although some of his theories were later disproved, he definitely inspired many: such as Sir Issac Newton. Some of his theories were based on the idea that the was the center of this Galaxy, not the .

Of course the Big Bang theory devised in the 20th century had disproved Kepler’s theory by 13.7 billion years. Still, we need something to hold on to, sing Happy Birthday, wear cheezy party hats and bake a cake over – only so Milton can continue to pass the cake until everyone has some, but he didn’t get any last year and wants to have cake this year and…..

Anywho, even though this is most likely not the birthday of the Galaxy’s inception, we may never know the official day. So today is just as good as any to celebrate. Just as long as I get an end piece….

Happy Birthday Universe

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