Have I said how much we like Akismet? Domo Arigato for no bot-o

I have a great online toolbox. Items that help me work with websites, servers and desktops – and the best part is it’s free. – or Automatic Kismet is a great little tool that keeps spammers from posting nonsense. I can’t say how has helped out on this site.

If you look to the left bar on the bottom, it says how many posts have been put in the Akismet quarrantine. These are posts that do nothing but try and improve their sites’ ratings. If you were to read them, it would say something like:

 …sombody posted a great article on how much they like Akismet…..

What is worse is back a couple of years ago, some of these spambots were implemented to lure people to a site, then unleash a virus on the users computer. Bots have been implemented in so many ways, good and bad, that it’s sometimes hard to tell what is what.

If you have an Instant Messanger or been to a chat room, then you’ve seen or experienced a . All those posts that say “Hey, come see my ” is usually a triggered to post. The theory is 1 in every 100 will select the link, in which they will make money off of.

Email bots are the worst. They can send out phishing scams to multitudes in a matter of hours. There must be gullible people out there, for the spambot is not easing up.

reported that bots are on the rise. 40% of the 800 million computers on the internet are bots. That’s 320 million computers trying to steal your data on a daily basis.

There are good bots, though. On Chris Pirillo’s ustream chat (hosted by Wyldryde), a bot is present to tell you the rules of the board or answer simple questions. You type in something simple like “what is …” and a bot will come back with an answer. 

There are bots that spider Geekazine when new content is posted. and have bots that will catalog for web searching. These are good bots for they help you find content better.

“Do you have robot insurance?” was a Saturday night live skit mocking the insurance companies trying to sell different types of policies. It should be changed to “Do you have spambot insurance?”.

The most important thing is to watch out for what you click. Accepting email from all trusted people is NOT ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA. If their email has been comprimised, then you might see an untrustworthy message from a trusted friend.

The key is to be careful out there and understand what you are selecting. Delete questionable content even if it looks enticing. Remember: Macy’s doesn’t give out $500 gift cards.

In the meantime, we will continue to use Akismet. And of course, if you see any bots on the site, let us know and we’ll take care of it promptly.

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