I can’t cancel an account because your office is closed?

**UPDATE 2** Geekazine has no affiliation with . Certain comments have been coming in to cancel accounts, which I have no power to do. You can continue to leave the comments to cancel the online service, but they will go unanswered. Thank you.

**Update – I called the number today to cancel the account. It was an automated voice that then said “To cancel, press 1”. That THEN directed me to a prompt that said: “We now cancel accounts online. To do that, go to http://www.rhapsody.com/cancel”. They couldn’t keep that prompt on during the evening? How about changing the website? **

I went to close an account for a service I don’t use anymore. After hunting for the “” option, the site said I have to call a non-800 number to cancel. But what was really disappointing is that upon calling, the message said I had to wait until normal business hours to cancel.

Wow. Do we really live in 1998 again? Why isn’t there a “Cancel my subscription” button on the site. Most services will send email after you hit that button, then process the cancellation.

This is bad form. You are playing with my trust in your company – and now I don’t trust you. Forget me ever coming back. The application is gone. And if anyone ever talks about your service, I am so not going to recommend it.

See, the reason why I am so livid, is because this service is doing it deliberately. The service itself is not a – So I should have some ease of use to close my account.

With this tactic, they are hoping I forget about canceling for another month. Next thing you know, it’s 3 months later and they’ve taken $45. Don’t ask for a refund – They’re terms of service specifically state none shall be given.

on you for making it harder for me to cancel the service. Right now you remain anonymous, but if my cancellation experience is a bad one, you’re anonymity will be retracted.

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