Love or Hate the iPhone – Where Do You Stand?

It’s been a year and a few months since the first iPhone was sold. Since the release of the 3G model, I’ve been seeing people with iPhones I would have never expected have one. The iPhone has brought up a new way to use the internet, the phone and a .

Apple is under a lot of scrutiny: AT&T being the sole carrier, the Apps store program take downs and the 3G services being poor. Yet the iPhone still is the 2nd best selling phone behind the Motorola RAZR. Apple itself is set to continue through these tough times.

There has been a lot of good and bad said about the iPhone. I have seen a lot of Forum posts, even more twitters and more. I decided to go ahead and ask a small group of people over at Help A Reporter what their thoughts were. I asked to send me 1-2 paragraphs as to why you like, don’t like or are neutral about the iPhone. Here are the responses:

I love my iPhone (even though the first one went “bad” on me within the first month)! I am a book author and speaker. I use my iPhone to do “cold calls” and the 60 second . My phone is set to my home page and I have book marked my YOUTUBE page. When I run into a “prospect” I can quickly show them my “media ” which often results in a greater interest in my project and sometimes a new client. Without the iPhone I am not sure how I would be able to make the most of chance encounters and with influential people.

Candi Sparks: Can I Have Some Money? author & speaker

I have not been this disappointed in something I wanted for a long time, since I ordered something from the back of a comic booker>

1) NO voice dial?? What the hell?? My Razor could do that with no program The download Voice dial thingy has to LOAD up before you can use it. You could dial 5 people by then.

2) It told me it was too hot to dial. What? MY iPhone is a 50- year old menopausal woman! My razor could sit in the sun, burn to your hand and still dial a number.

3) NO car charger, you have to pay EXTRA for it

4) Battery last 5 minutes. You can not use the features without draining the battery, completely!! This phone can do all this and you cant get a battery to last half a day???? REALLY?????

Dr. Letitia Wright – host of the Wright Place TV Show

Overall verdict: I love my iPhone. The pros are that it now has Exchange, so that whenever I make a change to anything on my iPhone, when I get back to my laptop or desktop, the changes have already been “pushed” to Outlook there (e-mails, calendar, contacts, etc.). Also, the iPhone has Wi-Fi, which my BlackBerry did not. So that’s a great way to quickly download things from the internet without killing your battery.

The cons, although not enough for me to switch back to anything else, are the keyboard not having raised letters like the BlackBerry. (I love BlackBerry too, but it doesn’t have MS Exchange/Outlook, and that’s a deal-killer for me) Another con, although not enough to switch back to something else, is AT&T’s sometimes spotty network coverage on their cellular network. I had US Cellular before, and their coverage was great. Last con: The battery life on the iPhone isn’t great if you’re going to be in a non – WiFi environment, downloading tons of things over the AT&T (cellular) 3G network. Otherwise, it’s pretty good. But heavy users may need to keep an iPhone charger with them.

Scott Tucker –

I use my IPhone for every day, and many of the IPhone features I absolutely love. I have come to love the touch pad and would not like to go back to a keypad actually. I love the visual voicemail. The app store and the aftermarket applications are great. The exchange integration works fabulously, so I have my calendar and email with me whenever and it synchronizes over the air.

However, the Phone itself, the actual cell phone is horrible, absolutely awful. I drop calls daily, the service will be spotty and drop calls even if it says you have plenty of bars and this is usually in my office so I know that it is not on the other end. The battery life is not for business, I have less that 20% of battery by the end of the day and I have most of the advanced features that are known for draining your battery such as WIFI off completely. I wish it were on a different carrier than AT&T, and that it had a longer battery life. Right now I try to charge it in my car between meetings to get a little more out of it. But I have been out on the town before and my Phone has gone completely dead.

I have only used the Android emulator, some guys at the office have been programming applications for it recently, and from what I can tell it is certainly not an IPhone killer. However, I bet the Phone and battery life are far superior.

Ryan Doom

I love my iPhone because:

-It’s one easy place for work and personal e-mail.

-The calendar synching up with my Outlook one is great–it updates


-The Apps are really quite fun (to find a movie, a place for dinner, or to

share photos with friends).

-After 10 months I don’t even think about the interface (touch screen) any

more. it’s just a part of how I do things.

I hate my iPhone because:

-If you get lost without a GPS the Maps Ap is really horrible (I have an older iPhone w/out GPS). If you are in a moving car and trying to get somewhere–good luck. It tells you to go West on a particular road. when you have no idea if you are already going West or East (if you can’t see the sun)

-Can’t send text photos so I have to rely on putting them in Flickr via the Klick ap. It works fine, but I’m not 100% happy about that.

Leah Graves

I’m a supreme fan of the iPhone. bought the first one while on vacation in Monte Carlo. literally on the beach on wireless internet the moment it was available to order. I got confirmation. finished my vacation. and flew home. Not being the patient type, I stopped by the local mall (family waiting in the car – that’s right, on the way home from the airport after our return from Europe). and bought one (didn’t want to wait for shipping!). That was June of last year. My partner and I both used it for over a year. and we both agree that it’s the most amazing phone we’ve ever owned. It was true convergence. Phone, data, real internet on the go, HTML email, iPod, video, and great apps.

Fast Forward a year – I was one of the silly guys who waited in line for NINE hours. without complaining. while AT&T and APPLE dealt with their system issues. It was all okay, though, because at the end of the day (literally). I got my two iPhones. The new one is even more amazing than the first. The new third party apps (though a few have bugs) are fantastic. I JUST loaded one that tracks my running using GPS. and I can listen to my play list at the same time. The GPS navigation has saved me many times. the restaurant finder is fantastic (I’m a road weary warrior). Even the HP12c calculator app – now one less thing I have to put in my briefcase.

The keyboard’s great. It’s intuitive. and after 10 minutes using it, you begin to understand and trust the intuitive nature. For texting, I’ve not found a better device. PLUS. I don’t get “BlackBerry Thumb” like I did with my BB devices.

Yes, sir. I love my iPhone. I used to travel with a GPS, an iPod, a Cell Phone, a BlackBerry, a DVD player, and more. Now. it’s all in my iPhone.

In fact. now we are a FOUR iPhone family. I’d say we’re all fans.

The ONLY downsides that I can find. two things. One – battery life. Still not good, but I can live with it. And, I’d like to see Apple consolidate email so that I (who uses more than one email address) could check ALL my emails with one box like I can on my Pro.

Patrick Grady

I LOVE MY iPHONE! I got an 8GB iPhone earlier this year after watching a demo from a guy in a movie theater (funny story!), and I fell in love with it immediately. As a traveling entrepreneur, I needed a compact way to organize my contacts, tasks, calendar, emails, alarms and more, and this is it!

I use it on more than a daily basis. It never leaves my side. It’s my morning alarm, my reminder to work out, my Calendar-keeper, my access to emails when away from the laptop. It even synchs with my business line so I never miss a work phone call. The touch screen did take a a little time to get used to, especially for texting, but the way the “suggest-a-word” function makes it much easier and faster to type.

Love it, love it, love it! r>

Carla Douglin – Founder & CEO The Douglin Group

I love my iphone except for a few glaring issues:

1) no video

2) no photos from phone to phone (having to go to a web site to review photos is just insane- esp. since it doesn’t auto link with the ID and password)

3) no cut and paste which makes it harder to work

4) the new search contacts button is right next to the add contact- fat fingers beware.

5) it’s with ATT who charge more for less, and have more dropped calls than Sprint in this area- no matter what they say.

I have had a number of smart phones and PDA – nothing comes close to the usefulness and integration of the iphone. The form factor works well (I have the 3G- which does accept standard mini-plugs- another issue with the first gen phone).

IF Apple would address at least 4 of the 5 issues above- they’d have the ultimate phone.

David Esrati – The Next Wave

My iPhone is the first tech gadget I came to use regularly. I use it as many as 20 times a day.

My iPhone truly makes me more mobile. When traveling, I no longer need to haul my laptop with me through security, and I can still stay connected via email, IM, twitter and the Internet. More than that – the cliche about having “the world at your fingertips” is true. At the very least, it’s in the app store. I recently went on a trip to New York City and found the subway maps, city maps, Google maps and search engine invaluable. I was able to navigate like a native without carrying around a big paper map!

On a daily basis I call, text, check email, look up directions, , twitter, take pictures, post pictures to Flickr, listen to music and check the weather on my phone.

The keyboard was an adjustment, and there are still times when I wish the knew that “we’re” is not a misspelling of the “were” – but over all I was surprised how quickly I became accustomed to the flat screen.

My only complaint about the iPhone vs. other phones is that it doesn’t contain a video camera. It seems like there is ample space to allow it with everything else the iPhone can offer!

Britt Reints – Style Editor & Contributor at Blissfully Domestic –

A colleague forwarded your request for a comment about iPhone users for a story you are writing. You can count me among those who loves her iPhone.

As soon as I saw the first ads in 2007 I knew I would get an iPhone – it looked just right for me. I full expected that I’d wait until the second version was released so I might avoid bugs that are inevitable with new technology. However, I ended up getting one as a birthday gift in August – at the full, original price. While I received the $100 rebate a few months later, I think the device was well worth the original price.

Personally, I use the phone part of it very rarely – that’s my least favorite app. I do, however, use the browser, email, texting and iTunes apps daily. The iPhone replaced a traditional cell phone that I never used because the buttons were way too small and difficult to maneuver – I never attempted to try texting or web browsing on it. (Disclaimer: I’m over 40 years old.) I definitely prefer the iPhone keyboard because it works like a regular one, allowing you to immediately see what you’re typing on a large, clear, well-organized screen. (The spellcheck feature is helpful 80% of the time, but sometimes leads to confusing text messages.) The recent software upgrade was HUGE, too, because it opens access to so many new things, like Facebook, etc.

My husband ended up getting an iPhone several months after I received mine, and he uses the maps and iPod nearly daily as well. As we say, “You can never be bored when you have an iPhone – there’s just too many options to explore.”

Anyway, you wanted a few paragraphs, but I could go on and on about it. (Because the user experience was so good with the iPhone, I ended up purchasing a MacBook when I needed a new laptop. I’m very happy to be /Vista-less these days.)

Catherine A. Beckman – Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

I am so disgusted with my iPhone that I have purchased the URL: That’s not 2 paragraphs, but I think it says it all.

The iPhone is elegant, but just doesn’t work. Fetch e-mail fails. I’ve tried re-dialing a client 80 times before the call goes through. MobileMe is a joke. My calendar colors STILL don’t correspond/sync correctly. And trying to get help from the support team is a complete waste of time. I have the transcripts, and they’re so ridiculous they’re humorous.


A couple months ago, I got the 3G iPhone. I traded up from a Razor. So, I went from not so much phone capabilities to a whole new world. I love that anywhere, anytime I have access to email, internet, GPS, camera, games, etc. It took me a week or so to get used to the keyboard but it works great for my needs. I use the keyboard to send texts to my teenagers and emails to clients and friends.

Alison Ilg – Ilg Communications

Love or hate the iPhone? In a word, yes.

Love. As an Apple nut since the mac emerged in ’84, I had high expectations for this phone. I have to say it exceeded my expectations – something that almost never happens these days. The keyboard is no problem, but haptic feedback would be a plus. In our household, my wife and I having an iPhone actually alleviated the need for a second laptop (on top of the ). It’s easy just to use to check mail etc. It really un tethers you and gives you freedom to be connected anywhere. And the variety of apps available – incredible.

Hate. The phone and apps crash way too much for my liking. Apps can’t run in the background. With my old phone I had MSN messenger running in the background so people could message me on the go. Now, I have to make sure my AOL or Meebo is running in the foreground. Close the window and I’m no longer online. Grrr. Syncing for me is an issue. With MobileMe it is easy, but I was using programs other than iCal and Address book before this that could not sync. Battery life is a big minus, far too short. And please, please, please, put my to do list from iCal onto the phone. I’d trade it all for a decent to-do list synced to my computer! Plus the price. A 3 year contract in Canada @ roughly $100 a month. Wow.


I’ve had good experiences with it for the most part.

It’s a toy as much as anything else. One of its biggest selling points is the App store, and the applications are what keep it distinctive and give it an edge over other smart phones on the market.

I loved my iPhone when I bought it, and as a business owner, I’ve had much less time to spend on the gaming aspect as time went on, but I still find it very dependable in downloading emails and the ability to use as a pocket computer for when I need to do a quick search, need a map or directions, need to track down virtually anything, etc.

I don’t rely as heavily on it as a phone, but I’ve had no problems with this function to date. The phone and email functions worked seamlessly on a recent trip to Turkey. I have grown quickly accustomed to the type pad, and have adjusted to the the touchscreen. I have a sense it may be helping me from thumb ailments as I’m using different fingers (more of a point and click).

The main and only downside I can see is the extremely short battery life. I hope that’s something that is corrected in future versions of the phone and applications.

N. Sedef Onder | The Halo Project Inc.

My name is Elliott and I am an Apple addict. I’m a second time iPhone owner and have been using the phone for about a year. Originally it wasn’t available in Canada so I bought my first one on the black market for $700. I was turned on to Apple about 4 years ago by a friend who worked in an ad agency where everyone was using Macs. First it was a physical infatuation then I discovered how user friendly everything was.

For the first time I felt like someone really understood what was so frustrating about basic computing and made it so incredibly intuitive and simple. I experience this feeling all the time and it makes me want to spend more time with my Apple stuff and buy more-you really feel wonderful using it. This is the essence of my attraction. A great example is the simplicity of drag and drop throughout Apple computers.

I trashed my PC with it’s viruses, primitive feel and endless error messages. Now I own the iMac, MacBook Air and now my second phone. Of course the phone is no different-I adore the way it interfaces with my desk top, the generous screen size. I love watching people struggling with the Blackberry keypad with pin head sized keys-mine are generously large. I love the touchscreen-everything is right there.

I saw an ad for a phone yesterday with a keypad that extends out of the phone like a drawer-it opens and closes on an as needed basis. I love that the iPhone has no moving parts-everything you want/need lives in the phone. The apps are unreal. I’m a chef so I have 500 food images that I keep in the phone.

I love that I can meet someone and give them a quick slide show of what I do and the landscape mode is amazing not to mention the size manipulation of the image by moving your fingers on the screen. My only complaint is that sometimes the screen is simply too responsive. For example, by mistake my finger touches the screen and something opens that I didn’t intend to open.

I love that I have 1000 songs in the phone, that I can answer a call while listening to music then automatically resume listening when the call is over. Of course I could go on and on.

I love the phone and using anything else doesn’t interest me. I feel like I own THE cell phone.

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