MacWorld Should Slap Apple in the Face and Get A New Keynote Presenter

On Tuesday, did what it said they were going to do for the last 2 years – pull out of . Of course, Apple will attend this years’ event, but they really dropped the ball by stating will not be doing the Keynote address. So now MacWorld is left with the senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, Phillip Schiller.

MacWorld Should Say to Apple “We’re Mad As Hell and we’re not going to take this anymore…”

It seemed to be something that has been brewing for a couple years now. Apple is reeling in their arms and most likely planning a new way to get news out with their “Town Hall” approach. However, that not only leaves MacWorld high and dry, but all those 3rd party companies that rely on this event to really push their product or software. In a way, Apple has made it harder for the “ and Pop Apple product shops” to get their products across.

Therefore, MacWorld should throw a Cannonball across Apple’s bow and say “No, we don’t want your ‘Seconds’. We will find our own Keynote presenter.”

The has been going since 1985. It has always been held in San Francisco California and since 1998 been known for “Stevenotes”. The Powerbook, iMac, Safari Web browser, Mac Mini and were some of the items revealed at the . So with Apple pulling out, it’s like if a major Network pulled out of Television altogether.

Now, were not saying that Phillip Schiller is a bad presenter – I personally have never heard him speak and he might bring some great items. Maybe this is happening because of a Steve Jobs health issue. If so, Apple owes it to the loyal followers to say something, if that is the case.

No matter what, MacWorld needs to keep the spark going for this year and years to come. There are a lot of people that they can replace Apple with. Names that would be just as exciting as Steve Jobs himself. They could even use Noah Wyle again to play Steve Jobs like he did in 1999 when Wyle played Jobs in “ of Sillicon Valley”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if people that were planning to go to MacWorld decide to cancel their flights and hotels simply because they wanted to see Steve Jobs. MacWorld will most likely post a lot lower participation unless they do something to keep people coming to the show. That is why it’s so detrimental to get someone that could replace “Stevenotes”.

So who would that be now? Well, lets run down a list of potential replacements for Apple and Jobs:

1. Steve Wozniak.

Steve, of course, has always been a person I know I would want to hear speak. He just joined the Board of Advisors of Axiotron, a Modbook manufacturer and an authorized company that builds Mac Tablets. Steve always brings a cult following with him and is pretty prolific himself.

2. Rudy Pedraza

Does the name sound familiar? No? How about this – Psystar. Yes, Rudy is the CEO of the company that has been making waves the last few months by selling the clone machine. It would be an interesting kick in the pants and I would bet a lot of people would flock just to hear what he has to say about Hackintoshing.

3. Shantanu Narayen

Why not the CEO of Adobe? With the Creative Suite 4 being relatively new and all the cool products that Adobe AIR has been released, this would be an exciting keynote.

4. Randall L. Stephenson

Randall is CEO of AT&T, partner to Apple over the iPhone. I would guess that he has some great insight as to what Apple will be doing on the iPhone front. Especially with talk over an iPhone nano and a 4 GB $99 model.

5. Dr. Eric E. Schmidt

has it’s hands in everything. From Apple to PC, iPhones to it’s own new software and hardware. It would be an interesting keynote to hear it from someone that doesn’t completely play in an Apple environment. Dr. Schmidt could really take MacWorld in a post – Apple direction.

6. Consordium of CEO’s – TWIT Live?

There are a host of CEO’s of Apple products that really can’t hold on to a Keynote like Jobs would. However, if they were put together in a full presentation hosted by a well-known Apple enthusiast (Leo Laporte, for example), the keynote will showcase for the first time the companies that help Apple in a 3rd party role.

One thing about a Keynote is they never seem to be live. You mostly hear about it via “Live Blogging”. MacWorld should change that and broadcast it live on one of the streaming sites or put it out as a podcast after.

Finally, MacWorld could ask one person to come over and give a Keynote. It would be a coup of sorts, but it would draw a lot of interest and controversy. Nonetheless, 7. Bill Gates might just be the alternative to Steve Jobs. Where he might not talk about Apple as much (or maybe he can), he can talk about the state of computing.

If MacWorld does it right, they might not need Apple. 3rd party companies would still be able to show their wares and the excitement would still be there. MacWorld will most likely have to move the date to no longer compete with CES, but hopefully MacWorld can continue on with this tradition.

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