Microsoft Ads – Poll

is making the shift from the Seinfeld – Gates ads to something a little different. Bottom line is is creating an campain to let people know that Vista is the way to go. But is it really – would you be better off with a Mac?

The “Real Life PC” will be part of the new ads. Microsoft will ad emails on the screen, including Bill Gates (which I already sent one off). The idea is to have the stellar ad that will change the masses ideals.


Does a ad sway you? Will the new Microsoft ads change your thinking? Of course we did a parody last week of the Seinfeld Ads. We poked fun at it.

Ads can change the way someone looks at a product. Unfortunately, most people see the ads and it actually sways their decision. Then again, they just get what is given to them when they buy the PC.

I haven’t seen the PC commercial but I did read the magazine ads. It will be interesting to see if this turns things around.

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