Microsoft Hits, then Misses Mark with KIN

announces a semi-Smartphone – Bonus! announces great pricing – Bonus! Then gives the phone to …. ONLY. Then, puts a high price on the plan. What were they thinking?

The Good

Let’s start with the first part – Microsoft comes out with a phone for “the rest of us”. You can get to your , and without having a full-fledged smartphone. The Microsoft KIN will have a price of $50 and $100.

While I wouldn’t get a phone like that, I do know some that would. All some do is go up on those social network sites. They don’t need the iBeer, or any other application. It also keeps the price of the phone low – $50 vs. $199.

The Bad

I don’t understand the next part. Microsoft unveils this great idea in the mid-grade market, then tells everyone it’s only on Verizon. Granted, I understand if you don’t want to make a GSM (AT&T, ) and CDMA phone (, Verizon), but keeping this phone on one carrier (It’s also available in the UK for , by the way) just does not make sense.

Microsoft KIN

Microsoft KIN

Verizon has a good in the US, but it’s not about being with the #1 carrier. It’s about getting a phone everyone can use. Locally, we have another carrier in US Cellular. The coverage for 3G is not that great (Central WI to Central Il and other spots), but there are a good amount of cell users that the KIN misses.

The Ugly – or is it really?

Everybody has been dissing Verizon for their pricing plans of the KIN. Whatever phone plan you choose, you have to add $29.95 a month for the unlimited data. That is the same price for an . However, with a $39.99 low price, that will make your plan hit $70 for 450 minutes of .

The reality: If you get something with any type of data plan, you will have to pay. email, Facebook or whatever – Data is Data. After all – what are you going to do? Expect to drop the voice plan side?

The Overall

While we accept the price plans, we really don’t understand why this phone is not available on all vendors that offer 3G. At least all vendors that offer 3G and have CDMA phones. It’s a phone for the rest of us, but only if you are on Verizon. Maybe Microsoft will re-evaluate. There are a few “rumors” out there that say they are looking at it…

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