Mobile Gaming on the Rise, Big Business for Some [Infographic]

Mobile Games on the Rise

Mobile Games on the Rise

I talk about them on my show iPad365. You might have a few of them on your or tablet. They might be simple games – sliding a wood block around – to complex games that take you to new worlds to destroy beasts. They could even just connect you with others to show your mental capacities. These are the games of the . And they are proving to become big business for some.

Companies like Zynga grow on the platform. They produce games that are free, and paid games. Usually, the free games come with in-app upgrades. Sometimes to turn off the iAds, other times to add levels, get more power-ups so you can do something a little faster, and more.

This has all added up to big dollars for some. Just to the point that more people play games on their device than do other tasks, like , checking news, weather, or listening to music. People spend an average of 7.8 hours a month gaming on the alone.

How Much Money does Mobile Gaming Generate

Mobile gaming generated $12 billion dollars. With in-app purchases, there is no limit to what a game creator could make. I remember one app that let you buy for your at $1.99 a hat.

Mobile Gaming Infographic

This Infographic tells it all. Check out how companies like Zynga and Rovio are paving the way to a multi-billion dollar industry.

Little Games Big Business
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