Mommy, Can I Have an iPhone 2.0? No.

Today I was perusing the news and so far everything I have seen and heard is over the 2.0. Within the next few hours we are going to be sitting at the edge of our seats listening to give a keynote at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA. What will he talk about? Will it be the ? Will we all be wowed or disappointed?

The truth is…. I don’t care. Yes, this is a great phone with a lot of innovation and ingenuity. Yes, it can do a plethora of things that my current phone might or might not do. But what is the big turn-on with this device? It’s not a magic genie that will grant you 3 wishes.

There are 5 million iPhones out there right now. That is not even 1% of the cell phone population. At $400 a pop, I suppose that’s a good reason why it’s not there.

The iPhone 2.0 is not only expected to have new features like 3G, but also – according to MacRumors – will be accompanied by a $200 , making the new version of the iPhone only $199. It will be a more affordable price and possible to saturate the market.

To put the iPhone into 10% of the populations’ hands would be a major coup. That would mean over 50 million iPhones in the wild. For to do this, however, they would have to abandon the contract and open the phone up to most – if not all – cell carriers. Why? Well, if Apple wants to convince Corporate America to buy in, they will have to give them the choice of who they can get it from.

One of the new projects Steve Jobs already announced in a previous town hall meeting is to add functionality so the iPhone can be incorporated and used by Corporate. This is a big step for Apple seeing as they shut down their “Corporate Division” a long time ago. Even points out Apple doesn’t have any Corporate sales people.

Still, not all corporations have contracts with AT&T. Switching to a $200 phone with 3G might change a few contracts, but not enough to hit that 10% mark. Opening up the market to other carriers will.

According to Yahoo Shopping, the iPhone is the most popular phone. However, the #2 phone – the N85 – has sold twice as many phones. I couldn’t find a statistic on it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pearl is also ahead in phone sales than Apple. Why is that?

There are other fish that can be fried at the WWDC anyway. OS X 10.6 is one thing. The itablet is another. Apple might introduce a new “AppleTV”. Heck, even the iToilet might get some exposure.

The most interesting thing that I see is Jobs and WWDC getting free publicityof the event. Heck, I bet there are even a good amount of IT professionals that don’t know what WWDC stands for.

For the last couple months people have been yammering on about the new phone. Waiting in anticipation over the keynote, and eventual announcement. There are some that have even jumped the gun and posted “Hearsay” and false photos and information.

After all, according to Trends, what is the top Internet search right now? Well, it’s Leon Powe. But WWDC is 11th and 13th, and iPhone is 21, 33, 53 and probably a bunch of other spots. Still, many news sites and Blogs including this one are giving Steve Jobs the media push. Can’t say as much for the N85. Don’t even see that in the top 100 searches.

I still don’t care if it’s announced. If they do, that is nice. If they don’t I think I’ll laugh at those who made a big deal out of it and move on. In fact, now that I think about it, it might be in Apples interest NOT to talk about iPhone 2.0? Why? Could you imagine the press they would get if Jobs doesn’t mention one word on the iPhone?

I guess we’ll find out in a few hours.

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