Most Interesting Error in Going to Hulu…

Avast thinks Hulu is a Malicious Site

thinks is a Malicious

I went to Hulu afternoon to catch up on my HEROES. I didn’t get to see it on Monday, so I knew that I could go up there and watch the without issue. Or COULD I?

Turns out Avast won’t have it. It is blocking the from playing and saying “Malicious Code”. Tried a few times in Firefox and IE. Every show or I try to play comes up with the same thing.

Here’s the kicker – neither Avast nor the Event viewer is showing any more info. In fact, it’s not even logging the event!

Could this be a malicious code? Could it be that Avasts’ is off? Maybe Hulu changed some stuff to thwart Boxee from going through the RSS ?

Well, there is a way around that. I went to and watched the episode. I hope it’s not a real issue on Hulu…

**Update – Avast has posted an update to allow the Hulu SWF through. There was still no Event log on what it blocked**

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