Should there be An Apple Adult App Store?

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There have already been Apps refused on the store simply because of questionable content. Last week, a new App – iBoob – was the latest application to get axed. The program was simple. Shake the and watch the chest shake.

While this app really is no different than watching an 80’s movie on , Apple has pretty much set the guidelines for their store that, if you don’t follow, you get booted. Then again, they pretty much said they will nix ANY application without explanation.

Nonetheless, these apps will still try to find their in the Store. They will get booted – which in turn – Apple will continue to get bad press. Then Android’s store will come along and although they have a too, they might just be a little more liberal with the applications they allow.

What is to stop another company from finding a way in and creating the alternate to the Apps store? Right now, if you Jailbreak your iPhone, you can pull these applications from another source. Don’t be surprised if some company you never heard of all of a sudden claims you can get Apps from their site without jailbreaking the phone. After all, if Psystar tries to sell OSX on non-Apple hardware, someone will try to sell non-Apple approved Apps.

Apple – as well as Android, (because they just launched an Apps store), and other phone OS providers – need to be concerned about this happening. People regard their phones more important than their computers, wallets or house keys. An alternate site can bring in applications that could possibly crash their phones or worse – steal data with, or without the persons’ knowledge.

But some people want applications that deliver adult content. After all, is a big part of the Internet. These sites have shown to make – one site I read about made 2 million this last year. That is why sites like Fark and Gawker () have ‘Mature’ and ‘NSFW’ sites and sections.

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The Apple Apps store doesn’t have to push hard core pornography applications, but they could push “Alternative Apps” that would give people some cool programs like iBoobs. Creating a verification might even be easier with a phone than a website. Mainly because it can be controlled not only by the store, but the information that is collected by the phone provider upon signing up for a contract, as opposed to collecting a credit card for verification. A kid can always get Mom’s card for verification.

Not everyone lives in a “PG” world. I get MMS messages from friends that find some weird video and pictures and want to share them. They get new cool tech and want to have cool Applications to run on it. Eventually they will find a way to get the alternative content – even Jailbreak the phone to do it. It’ll just be a question of “When”.

I wonder, though: Would and could iBoobs knock Koi Pond, Texas Holdem and Moto Chaser out as the top application? I guess we won’t get to find out.

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