Spam Bust Brings Spam Down – Is That A Good Thing?

No, I am not an advocate of Spam. I am an advocate of controlled email. If you ask for it, you should get it, but it doesn’t mean you should get your email shared for so called “3rd party” affiliates. For if they are no longer and affiliate, do they still have your ?

Last week McColo, a webserver known for trafficking of Spam, was taken down. The result was an instant drop of unsolicited email. IronPort – An E-mail security firm, said the problematic email dropped from 153 billion messages to 64 billion: A drop of over 60%. Other sites also reported a down spike in messaging.

But is that a good thing?

We learn from our mistakes: That can be good and bad. Yeah, we saw a 60 to 65 percent drop in unsolicited email, but this most likely is a temporary for the spam community. The spammers are now scrambling, but they will eventually resurface – whether through another company or a on a or .

Back when I ran Pearl scripts, I had created a contact form. It apparently had a discrepancy to it and spammers used it to send email via the form. We found the problem and corrected, but not before 100,000 emails went out on the sites’ behalf. If you put a to it (we’ll say $20 per one thousand emails), those emails made $2,000 on code issues.

Up until now, the spammers used this major facet to push email through. Now that it’s gone, they will move to other means. They will advance in ideas and because of it.

It would be nice to say “It’s not going to happen”. But that’s not going to happen. Just like Bay is securing IP connections, knowledgeable spammers will create new methods that will make it harder to detect. The is email spam going back up to 154 billion and then some from other sources than MoColo’s IP addresses.

I am not saying that the site shouldn’t have been taken down. I am only stating our need to continue on. Put it in this – If you were to loose your job tomorrow, what would you do? You would go get another job. Maybe take a course or learn something new to help your job.

One step back, two steps forward, right? Sometimes it’s more of a major leap forward.

It would be nice to see this stay down. Then again it would be nice to see Spam go away. But it’s not. Might as well hope someone is not going to kill, someone is not going to rob the gas station or vandalize the side wall of the Quickie mart. The only thing we can do is be one step ahead until it is completely unprofitable to send unsolicited email.

But for now, I’ll enjoy 60% less “male enlargement” emails.

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