Streaming Video: Can You Host it?

In today’s Internet, streaming video is important to get your word across. I do it all the time with my shows. It can be done on your own, but should you really do it on your own?

With programs like Shoutcast out there, you could easily connect your computer and run video. People would then connect up to the stream and see the video. However, if you have a limited speed internet account then only a couple people can connect to your stream.

If you have higher speed internet services  as home service, watch the ISPs Terms of Service. If you are using a lot of bandwith they might inquire why. You could be determined that your use does not fall in the terms of service. Because of that, you could get your Internet shut off.

You can use a service like ustream or livestream. They will either charge you or place advertising in awkward spots. Your streaming media video could easily be interrupted by a commercial. It could even be a competitors commercial.

Here are some ideas if you still decide to host your own video:

  • Figure out how many people you want to watch the video at one time. Assess your internet connection upload speed (not download) by using a popular service like Divide the upload speed by the number of people.
  • When you record your video, use a neutral background. Video streaming uses a variable bit rate – so the less movement within the video will mean you can use a lower bitrate and not get pausing or skipping.
  • Remember – audio is also a part of streaming video. When you set up audio, try not to go below 64 kbps.

If you have a message to deliver and want to try streaming media to deliver, running from home is possible but can be more problematic than using a service.

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