Suicide of Abraham Biggs on

Abraham Biggs was a troubled teenager – at least that is what the stories out there state. Abraham had attempted suicide before. But now he had an International audience – And a cheering section.

It’s a travesty. Some of the viewers might have at first thought it was a joke, but it became all too . In a first-hand account, he thought it was a joke. When the viewer realized it was less a joke and more reality, he tried to contact authorities. After multiple attempts and a later, the Broward County Police enter the home of Abraham. Jaws drop here.

When we lift the rules, we get something like that. I scan all the time. One time I saw a young lady with a veil wrapped around her face showing her breasts to the viewers at 2 AM on a Friday. They were off the air before I could send to the site.

Of course, this is a lot more than a flash of skin. We also have to note it’s not the first time an audience has seen death across video. Back in 1998, a man shot himself on a overpass in Los Angeles. 2 stations were reporting and were up and close when the event happened.

Arlington TX – 1986, a man shot himself on after a standoff with cops. He had shot two convenience store employees and was holding his wife hostage. 1994 in San Jose, a deputy sherriff shot himself on . In Rome, Italy a man doused himself with gasoline on a current affairs show and tried to light a match.

Remember the 2004 video of the American that was beheaded? Eugene Armstrong was killed on video and the execution was posted online. Yes, I did watch that video and was appalled by the event.

There has been many times we’ve seen this happen. We can even download or rent shows like “Faces of Death” to see it. But what made this event different was the introduction of Crowd interaction.

We at Geekazine utilize Live . Every Monday, we have the LIVE Show on . It is a great place to meet new people and do exciting new things.

has been a part of the Internet community ever since 1998. We ran an article on – 10 years later. It’s been one of the most commonly requested articles on the site.

While we do not condone the event, we cannot chastise for the event. How the first hand viewers are feeling about the event today – especially the ones that “Egged him on” is a different story.

It’s no different than the old comedy routine of the man on the ledge of a building. Onlookers are at the ground yelling “Jump! Jump!”.  Only difference is: He did.

The US Census Bureau puts the US at 305 million. 6.7 Billion around the world. All with a different fingerprint, hair style and color, vocal tone and location. All with different lives – good or bad.

As for Abraham, there is nothing we can do but make preparations to avoid the next live incident. Programs will most likely be written trolling for keywords that could B: disable a live event as such: And B: alert authorities.Most importantly, if you see this happen, don’t encourage – after all, a voice heard from the darkness can be a stong motivator.

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