TSO: Twitter Search Optimization and how it can work like SEO

TSO - Twitter Search Optimization

TSO - Search Optimization

Most have heard of SEO – search engine optimization. It seems to be a common phrase nowadays. Every now and then I even hear ads on the that promote SEO because it is a viable thing for anybody’s . The better it is searched, the more that can come to it.

However, there is another trend that has been creeping up. The same ideals, but this time In the microblog field. Something that could easily be known as TSO – or Twitter Search Optimization. Some practice this new ideal and others are even really good at it; but no matter what – if you are ignoring TSO, then you are ignoring a lot of new readers, or viewers.

Take a look at this 140 character statement:

@geekazine #Twitter #network tool. We are a #blog # and #news site. Check out the #website http://www.geekazine.com (#Geekazine)

What have I done here besides murder my 5th grade ? Well, I’ve simply made this into a TSO statement. Geekazine, which is mentioned twice as a Hashtag and a , the keywords: Twitter, Network, Blog, Podcast, News and Website. For those who are not sure, Hashtags are simply keywords that others can search on. So I could easily be scanning these 6 words to try and get response or new . I might then see:

RT @geekazine #Twitter #network tool. We are a #blog #podcast and #news site. Check out the #website http://www.geekazine.com (#Geekazine)

RT means that someone has re-tweeted my original post. They have then exposed their viewers – which could be 100 or 100,000,000 – to my statement. If the 1/100 rule applies (for every 100 sales pitches, you will get one sale), then I could pick up anywhere from 1 to 100,000 new followers.

Last year, when coming back from the , I started posting video. When I pushed over to Twitter, I used the Hashtag: #CES09. What happened in return was the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) noticed I was pushing #CES09 and re-tweeted any post that was #CES09. The end result was more followers, possible viewers to my site and listeners of my podcasts.

This tweet got me a lot of response:

You can become a Fan of something on #Facebook, but I want to become an enemy. That would be kewler.

I used only one Hashtag in Facebook, but I got several RT due to the nature of the post. Then again, if you follow #Facebook on the searches, you will see my tweet.

I have a program called Tweetdeck that lets me create special groups. Some of them are certain podcasters. Others are searches for keywords. I have a search (for example) of “Geekazine”. Just in case someone posts a tweet like ” Dude. you should listen to geekazine”; Since it’s not @geekazine or #geekazine, I may never see it. But by putting a special search on it, I will see the post.

I can find the trends on Twitter right now simply by going to search.twitter.com. There I will find out the top trends today are Pirate Day , Mayweather , Jennifer’s Body , Jay-Z , Marquez , Ahoy , Roc Raida , Texas , Google This and Bing.

If I go to Hashtags, I can find out what was said about a certain tag. I know that in the last month, the term “CES09” has been slightly active, while only 2 people have used “CES10”.  Of course, come January, CES10 will be used a lot more.

Want to see trends of Geekazine on Twitter? Then go to a site like Trendistic. This will show you what I’ve been doing in the last month. I can check on the recent spikes, or compare Geekazine to microsoft, if I wanted to.

Last year I decided to put a method to my twitters when I posted my weekly podcast. I would do this:

#PODCAST – Ep. 104 – The day that almost made me stop podcasting http://bit.ly/JO2Ou (#Geekazine)

The first hashtag would be to search on podcasts. The second would be Geekazine’ s hashtag. I use a feature of Plurk with the parenthesis. Basically by putting the Hashtag in Parenthesis, Plurk will turn that hashtag into a link using my bit.ly/jO2Ou. While the parenthesis idea didn’t port over to Twitter, I still continue this practice. I think this is a well organized, TSO filled tweet. It tells you this post is about my Podcast on Geekazine.

Recently, a power-twit (someone who uses twitter to excess), we’ll just call @noname,  was in the local news for various legal issues. Nonetheless, their profile had 40,000 followers. @noname was tweeting several times a day and pushed items back to their website.

Of course, that person used #Followfriday for one of the marketing plans – which has gotten out of hand. The idea was to highlight a few people so they could get more followers. Some abuse the system, turn around and post all their followers every Friday. Still, there are some that use this to the best of their ability. If I use it, I do it like this:

#followfriday @caffination – #podcast about caffene and Tech, @norbtek – podcast about Cool #tech, @davewiner – post about ReverseHTTP

This gives meat and potatoes into a reason to follow this person. Not because I follow them.

Like I said, I have keyword searches I do in Twitter. They could bring up possible leads, they could bring up new listeners to my show. If I incorporate this into my website, that could bring more viewers faster than ever before.

That is why this Twitter will be called “#TSO – #Twitter #Search #Optimization and how it’s like #SEO http://bit . ly (#Geekazine).

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