Twitter Bots Need to be Stopped

I use a lot. I wanted to stay informed, especially from friends. I decided to port all direct messages to my cell . That way I didn’t have to a client. At first that was – I could respond to people I need to talk to.

That has all changed with the Twitterbot.

Now, if I “Follow” the wrong person, I get a direct message:

Thanks for following me. I hope to talk to you, but in the meantime: here is a hllp://

I am not impressed – In fact, I am downright annoyed. You want to get unfollowed by me? Then all you have to do is send me a like that. I’ll unfollow you in a .

I don’t mind @replies. But the direct replies are the ones that go to the cell phone too. I am glad someone is trying to open communication, but is redicuous.

So what can be done to change this?

Twitter could block directly direct messages – Maybe set up a blocker to direct messages until the two have conversed or a 30 grace period has passed. Maybe even an

“Allow this person to DM you” option. Just because I want to follow them doesn’t mean I want them to me.

DM Karma – If your Karma is below a certain level, you cannot DM anyone.

In the meantime, I am going to have to turn off the option to me for direct messages. I guess what was a good thing last year might not be so much this.

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