Weekly Focus #1- 11-11-07

Veterans Day. The day where we remember the men and women who have fought for us and subsequently died for our freedom. From the Civil War to today, Americans have given their life for their country. We remember that, and we honor that.

and War are two things that go hand in hand. The newest advances will give the advantage swiftly and sometimes without prejudice. Whether it was the first Bomber Planes in WW1, the first use of mobile communications or the nuclear assault on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945. Each advantage turns War into a new game. Whoever is on top of their game can turn a battle to their advantage.

Remember the movie “Small Soldiers” (1998)? Action figures with a smart chip embedded in their systems start battling each other once activated. Today we have Robots that do things like disarm bombs and unmanned vehicles that can do recon or a host of other dangerous activities. Unfortunately for a large price at times.

To this, we salute the men and women, and the advancements they made. If it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t have things like Computers, the Internet or mobile technology. Could we have if there wasn’t war? Most likely. It may have taken longer though.

In other areas, is trying to do in Europe what it did in the US. So far the reports have not been promising for Apple. The Register is reporting the overstaffed stores were far from busy.

So it’s not as hyped as in the states. Might need some time.

Apple has good stats overseas and this small setback may only be temporary. Then again, with the talk of Googles’ phone software, and even Disney getting into the act, people may just be waiting to see what the best options are.

“Going ” is the new term around town. started their campaign on a wide-scale level. In the Technology Industry, making newer items that take less power is the idea. The introduction of SSD (Solid State Drives) is one promising way to not only make systems run cooler, but also run faster. In California, the Green Building Initiative is underway. If SSD’s are a testament to what we can do right now, the idea of 20% less power consumption may become an easy target by 2015.

Beware of the newer scams on using Glitter Graphics. The Macy’s cards and fake videos are being thwarted, so it’s time to change up the delivery. There is no stopping these people, so being smart is the key. After all, we were able to catch Botmaster, however there are many that could take his place.

is really starting to push into the market with some Internet advances. Targeted advertising is one item they will be pushing. They are working on getting a presence in . With backing, we can see this company take things to the next level. MySpace may still be the dominant figure and in all reality, tomorrow a new company may emerge and blow both Social Networking sites out of the water. Everybody needs a place to talk to friends…..

Isn’t technology great?

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