When Streaming TV and Movies Go Mobile – Joost and iPhone

As a kid I had this really cool TV. it was a Bentley with a 5″ Black and White screen and ran on AC power or 9 “D” batteries. It went all the way up to Channel 83, so if I hooked it up to the cable today, I would get the Big 10 network, , and Disney. Yeah, Black and White, but sometimes you have to go old school.

is no Bentley, but they might have finally pulled into a here. Last week they made an iPhone app for the Joost service. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it’s better than nothing.

Here is the main ingredient to using Joost: . Yep, no or EDGE for this. You must have a good connection.

This might be a great little thing once Wi-Fi on airplanes is more readily available. Watch a movie while you are going to Boston. Then again, a jet traveling upwards to 550 MPH into all sorts of conditions from Clear to Stormy weather – not to mention the other so many passengers that are using the Wi-Fi to or get sports scores or even upload their (Yep, I will do that one of these days…).

Initial reports on the Joost system are not favorable. Then again it is only starting out. I like the fact it limits the Wi-Fi connection. That way you are limited to whatever wireless network you have. , home and maybe Libraries.

All in all it looks like we’re back to watching on small screens. I should try and find that Bentley. It’s somewhere at my Parents house. Maybe I can get Joost on that…

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