Woofer – the 1400 character Twitter

*NOTE* after posting a “Woof”, I noticed that it only asks for a username. You could easily start posting as someone else. This needs to be fixed.

*NOTE 2* After posting, I was corrected in the I was thinking of was called the 4400: Not 1400.

This is my attempt at a Woofer. I am giving this a try. It sounds like it’s a challenge to think of 1400 characters to write about. But I am optimistic that I can do this without struggling for things to say.

So the real question is “Why woofer”? Why do we need to think about 1400 characters or more? Well why not? In this world of 2 word responses, It’s different to be able to think about how to write a few .

Remember when you had to do this for school?

So who will use Woofer? It’s tough to say, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the twitter account that does public domain books 140 characters at a time does a Woofer version. That makes a small a day

I could see larger use this device. Especially since you could add links to it. For example, we have a new podcast called “Day in Tech History”, found at http://www.dayintechhistory.com – It’s a daily look at the history in technology.

I wonder how this site is countering spam, though. What could keep someone from posting a series of links that could be malware sites or even porn sites?

Marketeers would like it because they can do a #Followfriday and include all their names. Can you imagine that list, which could include hashtags:

#Followfriday @caffination #podcast @norbtek @geeknews #rawvoice and #podcasterawards coming up @bwana #gamer @ #videogropher @leolaporte #tech guy @chrispirillo #youtube @twit @ @geekdotcom @techcrunch @johnobeto  @gigaom @ustream ……

Guess what, I am already over 1400. Wait – wasn’t that a TV show about abduction? Oh well, as long as I get my revenge, like Randy Quaid did in . “Hey boys! I’m Back!”

So will you use Woofer? Will it be something you do once and never again? If anything, check it out and give a try. http://www.woofertime.com.

One thing they need to do. I see the twitter username, but no ask for a password. I hope you have a way to keep someone from posting using someone else’s profile.

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