WordPress 2.5 – Installation

So I took the challenge and downloaded the 2.5 RC1. I installed this in my sandbox and got aome awesome results. We’re going to take a focus on this – each week we will talk about the setup and how to integrate it into an existing blog.

Part I – Installation.

This was by far the easiest WordPress to . I didn’t have to worry about knowing anything except how to create a Database in MySQL. I gave the Database a name and that was it. I copied the files over and went to http:/localhost/geekazine2_5

The first window was the best part. I was pretty much greeted by WordPress. It said I don’t have the geek_config file ready, but just the button and BAM!

window 1

I was then pretty much shuffled through a series of screens to set up the database.  

2nd Window

This is where setting up the Database comes in handy. I put the database info below (sorry, can’t show THAT info). 

Notice the last line of the setup. It asks you to give your tables a name structure. This is so it can run more than one WordPress Blog in the database. Pretty cool stuff…


And Voila! That was it.

windw 4

Now it’s time to set up the main account.

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