Yay! Yugo (Yahoo) Finally Doing Something!

For a while now, I have been really critical about and their business practice. The drop in , the internal fighting – followed by the new and 1 month later, nothing to really talk about. If I was an , I would be up in arms.

The other day, Yahoo finally showed something positive. In this post, Yahoo is going to bridge the search with advertisements. What does that mean? The ads will finally coincide with the content on the page. That might bring more clickthrough and more revenue options for not only Yahoo, but also the webmaster that hosts the ads.

Another item Yahoo has decided was to remove Ads from Yahoo Mail. While it may look like it’s not a good idea, it can speed up the experience for those using the . That was always the one thing I hated – I would collapse the ad, but when I select another email, the ad would come right back.

These are two steps in the . There is a lot more that needs to be done, but I feel this is the first signs that is doing something. Thank you Carol. Now here is what they need to look at:

Mail – Removing the Ads is big, but what would be bigger is SPAM. I have an account that gets tons of SPAM. I chose the item and mark it as spam, but the EXACT SAME shows back up in my mailbox within the next week. If I mark it as SPAM, it should then go to my spam box therein.

Messanger – Yahoo Instant Messanger is on many a computer. Revamp it – put in stronger security. I hate it when I log in and get a IM from “Sexy60andready” with a webcam link. I would even turn YIM into YMB – Yahoo Microblogging. Which brings me to:

Buzz – MicroBuzz. A ranking system where you can Buzz a Microblog or Instant Message.

Unification – I said it before, I’ll say it again. Reorganize and relabel Yahoo’s child companies . For instance, it’s “Flickr”, not “Yahoo Flickr”. I bet I could walk up to someone that knows what Flickr is and ask “Did you know Flickr was owned by Yahoo?” I wouldn’t be surprised if they said “No.”

We’ll stop there. It’s good to see positive direction in Yahoo. Re-building the brand means more jobs and a push to the economy. Let’s hope there is more positive coming from this company.

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