The Pepper Bot Now Works At The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

You wouldn’t be aware if you live in the United States, but robots really and truly are taking all of our jobs. The Japanese know it. Over there robots can be found everywhere interacting with people. This is lowly becoming the case in America too. For instance, the newest staff member at the is a humanoid named .

Pepper is now the hotel’s new Technical Ambassador. This job stealer stands four feet tall and greets guests in the Sky Lobby on the 23rd floor. He will do things like guess a guest’s gender, age and mood and even give them personalized interactions by picking up on facial cues, as well as body and voice cues. Basically, he is showing folks a good time and getting them comfortable with robots for when his siblings take over the world one day soon.

Pepper will even pose with guests for selfies, dance and tell them stories.He does some more useful things too, like answer questions and give directions. Expect to see the Pepper robot in more places soon since he is also being put to work in more retail, service and restaurant environments. It will be interesting to see how he is received in an American business of this nature.

via Luxury Launches

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