The Roku Goes Local: Channel 3000 on OTT

Channel3000 on Roku

Channel3000 on Roku

Channel3000. launched their new Roku Channel on Thursday. This is the first local on a Set Box. You can catch the local news, weather, sports and original programming of Channel 3 in Madison, WI.

Being a Madisonian, I am really proud of this achievement. This local CBS affiliate has been thinking outside the box for a while. Planning for the next generation of .

When most stations were launching their call letters for domains, WISC-TV chose to think bigger. was a Madison portal, but also a portal for Wisconsin. They were also the first TV station in Wisconsin to go HD.

With original programming like Sidelines (sport talk), Urban Theater (local music) and Madison Magazine, they have been the most innovative channel in Wisconsin.

With another great leap into Over the Top Television in the Roku channel, Channel 3000 is continuing the trek into the next age.


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