10 Songs I Listen To Before Podcasting

Podcasting is fun, but sometimes the prep is a pain. We need to keep some calm before the show. So we relax. We meditate. We light up another cigarette and swash back a shot of JD. Whatever is good for the podcast, right?

I listen to music – It keeps me in check. Usually I am listening to other podcasts, but when it’s time for mine, I change to something that soothes me. Heck, there are a few times I have been known to run a calming meditation audio before a show.

There are some songs that are special in my list. I have listened to them in the past for specific reasons.

Before I show my list, I asked a couple Podcast friends what was in their lists. I did get a couple “I don’t listen to music before”. That is OK, too. Here is what I got:

BagelTech News

  1. Safe and Sound – Sheryl Crow
  2. Under your thumb – Godley & Cream
  3. Rubber Bullets – 10cc
  4. Bump & Grind – Dave Lee Roth
  5. Dont Let Go – En Vogue
  6. Piano Concerto no2 – Rachmaninov
  7. Great Divide – Bruce Hornsby
  8. Red Plains – Bruce Hornsby
  9. Paper Walls – Marc Cohn
  10. Inside – Sting

Totally Cool Tech Podcast

Anything from AC/DC. It gets the blood pumping and I think better (easier) when
rocking out.

Caffination Podcast

I listen to blue : audio, the whole album, if the music has words i type the words… so no words for me

Now here is what I like to listen to and why:

10. It’s the End of the World as we Know It – R.E.M – The biggest reason why I listen to this song is because I know all the words. In 1996, I even wrote a parody. Let’s see – it went

That’s great it starts with Netscape – Winsocks create the gate – is not afraid…

9. Bawitadaba or Lonely Road of Faith – Kid Rock – Both songs are great. It just depends on if I am in a somber mood or a lively one. Radio Edit.

8. Soak Up the Sun – Sheryl Crow – It’s a fun song and says that I can do anything, like make someones’ day a little brighter.

7. All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix – I am a classic rock fan at heart. All Along the Watchtower is actually a Bob Dylan song. Bob Dylan was the master Lyricist. Jimi was the Master guitarist. Put them both together, and Voila!

6. Smooth – Santana ft. Rob Thomas – It brings in a flavor of the south. Makes me think that I need to do things differently – challenge myself.

5. The Planets: Mars, the Bringer of War – Gustav Holst – It is such an emotional song. I enjoy it’s powerful message from such a quiet beginning.

4. Champagne Supernova – Oasis – Where were you while we were getting high. This song has such a calming effect, it’s amazing. I love it when I play it in the band – I listen to this song a lot.

3. Who Are You – The Who –  I have a little game I play with this song. Everytime they say “Who” or “Who, Who – Who Who”, I have to produce a name. The name cannot be the same each time they ask. It’s actually a tough game to do, but also makes me think.

2. Dare To Be Stupid – Weird “AL” Yankovic – Matthew Lesko (The guy on TV with the suit full of Question Marks) is on uStream from time to time and I’ll tell you – He has a lot to offer. He told a story of how he failed at a couple businesses and worked hard, but in the end the business failed and he felt down. Then he did something different – he didn’t let the business rule him and the way he worked.

He then proceeded to grab a Sharpie and write a big “L” on his forehead. He said when he realized that he can do things like that, people started listening. Dare to be Stupid is more of a realization that I don’t have to be what I think someone wants me to be. I should BE MYSELF.

And the Number one song is…..

1. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant – by Billy Joel – This is my “Safe Song”. If I play this one, all will be well. I have played this song while driving to gigs, DJ jobs and many other times I needed a Mantra song. I even wore out 3 cassette tapes back in the 80’s – 90’s with this song.

I know some of you are not podcasters out there, but maybe it’s a list you have before going to play football, while jogging, creating art or whatever. Maybe it’s 20 songs or 50 songs. But out of all the playlists and CD’s you have, these songs always seem to be there. That is what’s cool about this list.

So what 10 songs do YOU listen to before doing whatever?

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