2009 in Twitter Posts

Here it is – Every single I sent this year. Reverse chronological order and doesn’t include Dec 31. It’s amazing how much data I gave out for free. And now it’s all here. Enjoy!

  • @WISCTV_News3 Biggest was MJ, but I point to the Emergency Broadcasttweets, which caused Techradium to file patent infringement on26 minutes
    ago from TweetDeck in to WISCTV_News3
  • @chrisheuer Never heard about invite for #lenovo #CES event. Let me know
    if I can put that on the schedule. Thanks. -j32 minutes
    ago from TweetDeck
  • Fone – Geekazine 2010 http://bit.ly/7i7yB8 about 2 hours
    ago from TweetMeme
  • @LindsayG awesome! Let’s do another video shootdown this year!about 2
    hours ago from TweetDeck
  • @karlwireless indubitably #ces – here we come!about 4 hours
    ago from TweetDeck
  • @LindsayG well on that. See you next week at #ces ?about 4
    hours ago from TweetDeck
  • I suppose to bed early. Tomorrow is a long day including looking at new
    camera for #CES . Don’t know if the #AIPTEK will sufficeabout
    12 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • @JohnAtkinson Where the are you flying from to make $1k? Holy
    Smokes! I only paid $350 round trip.about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck in
    reply to JohnAtkinson
  • # Ep 119 – Last Show of the ! – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/4FNV4sabout 12 hours ago from TweetMeme
  • Day in Tech History Dec 30 – Takes Down Breastfeeding Pix –
    Geekazine 2010 http://bit.ly/8tlP5Nabout 13 hours ago from TweetMeme
  • @dom @ @levarburton @brettschulte I got my invite to
    @140tc should be funabout 15 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • @LindsayG why you moving out?about 15 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • @AndruEdwards well let me know what happens. Will be cool to catch up on
    stuff.about 17 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • @benparr our schedules are starting to really pack. #ces is going to
    rock. Friday night at atomic will be really cool. Where u guys
    staying?about 17 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • @AndruEdwards where are you trying to get into? Were at Monte carloabout
    17 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • @jessflynn email me – geekaZine at gmail dot comabout 17 hours
    ago from TweetDeck
  • SWEET! Just got my Invitation
    to http://www.itwontstayinvegas.comat #CES check out the nobles list:
    @140tcabout 20 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • Santa Brought Me a New Phone, Part II – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/5HQjZTabout 20 hours ago from TweetMeme
  • #Podcast Ep 119 Going now. (Broadcasting live
    athttp://ustre.am/mD4)about 23 hours ago from Ustream
  • #Podcast starting at the top of the hour. http://live.geekazine.com11:22
    AM Dec 29th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL Is SEO/SEM getting useless for
    Websites?http://bit.ly/geekpoll10:59 AM Dec 29th from Ping.fm
  • @andrewbrust Why would I unfollow you?10:36 AM Dec
    29th from TweetDeck in reply to andrewbrust
  • Happy Blue Moon New Decade! Dorkazine Remembers the
    00’shttp://bit.ly/6F0HnM10:35 AM Dec 29th from TweetMeme
  • @ToshibaLaptops did you email? Did I miss it?9:40 AM Dec
    29th from TweetDeck in reply to ToshibaLaptops
  • @andrewbrust Sounds like fun. Myself, @geeknews and @axmchave a ton of
    stuff to take to #CES. Should do lunch next week. We all get in Mon9:26
    AM Dec 29th from TweetDeck in reply to andrewbrust
  • I Hosted TPN Weekly Ep 37 – Year in Review – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/8K9Keg12:55 AM Dec 29th from TweetMeme
  • Day in Tech History Dec 29 – Commodore Sold Again – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/4ITRBp12:55 AM Dec 29th from TweetMeme
  • Starting Live edition of TPN Weekly in 5 minutes. Come join
    me!http://live.geekazine.com5:11 PM Dec 28th from Ping.fm
  • #CES peeps – Who is staying at the Monte Carlo? We should figure out a
    time to talk.11:22 AM Dec 28th from TweetDeck
  • TONIGHT – Live recording of TPN Weekly – the TechPodcasts Network
    weekly #podcast. http://live.geekazine.com 8 PM EST10:45 AM Dec
    28th from TweetDeck
  • @ToshibaLaptops We should set up a time. Email me at geekazine at gmail
    dot com for our cameras to stop by.10:44 AM Dec 28th from TweetDeck in
    reply to ToshibaLaptops
  • @LindsayG I know what your talking about. Productive may be tougher
    today. Maybe some coffee would help (for me, anyway…)8:22 AM Dec
    28th from TweetDeck in reply to LindsayG
  • Win a new Canon 5DMKII or $2700 of photo printing/product from
    @WHCCPro & Scott Bourne. Pls RT. Info: http://bit.ly/6Mtx9I8:21 AM Dec
    28th from TweetDeck
  • Day in Tech History Dec 28 – Compuserve Blocks 200 sites – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/7cWZdo11:53 PM Dec 27th from TweetMeme
  • @thekenyeung what hotel u staying at?11:01 PM Dec 27th from TweetDeck
  • @thekenyeung but your going this year, right? Should be a blast10:23 PM
    Dec 27th from TweetDeck
  • @thekenyeung did we meet last #ces at cntrstg?9:57 PM Dec
    27th from TweetDeck
  • @MiranMaric email me at geekazine at gmail dot com and let’s talk about
    it.8:04 PM Dec 27th from TweetDeck
  • Tomorrow 8 PM EST – Recording Ep 37 of TechPodcasts Weekly: Year in
    Review LIVE http://live.geekazine.com6:21 PM Dec 27th from Ping.fm
  • RT @iPhoneLife: Writers and bloggers – opps for getting published in
    iPhone Life magazine, Booth 4642 #CES4:11 PM Dec 27th from TweetDeck
  • #CES More cool news shaping here. Still have interview times available.
    geekazine at gmail dot com4:08 PM Dec 27th from TweetDeck
  • @yogencharger Looks cool. Send me an email – geekazine at gmail dot com.
    Let’s figure out a time to talk next week.10:35 AM Dec
    27th from TweetDeck in reply to yogencharger
  • 3rd Annual Geekazine and Friends 2010 #Predictions – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/8fGSSy10:32 AM Dec 27th from Ping.fm
  • #CES TechPodcast Network will Decend on #Vegas Next Monday. Still have
    interview slots available. Who wants to be seen by 15 Million
    people?8:48 AM Dec 27th from TweetDeck
  • @shopgadgetgirl Always like to meet new people. I’ll see you there!8:35
    AM Dec 27th from TweetDeck in reply to shopgadgetgirl
  • @smaknews I read. He said idiot. Would it have been better to say
    foolish Bc its the same thing. Take your advice – focus from the
    begining12:26 AM Dec 27th from TweetDeck in reply to smaknews
  • @Scobleizer don’t worry what @smaknews says. I agree on your article
    Besides -if you read her tweets you’ll see she’s not helping her
    cause.9:46 PM Dec 26th from TweetDeck
  • @waltribeiro are you going to #ces? Let’s meetup!7:35 PM Dec
    26th from TweetDeck
  • Posted ‘Win7 Tip – Resize windows’ to
    blip.tv:http://blip.tv/file/30163601:25 AM Dec 26th from blip.tv
  • Day in Tech History – the $200 a share Apple – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/7CbJDH11:36 PM Dec 25th from TweetMeme
  • @StockTalker Well then, if they want, Im finishing up my 2010
    predictions. I would love to get a traders thoughts on what’s going to
    happen.5:53 PM Dec 25th from TweetDeck in reply to StockTalker
  • Did anyone else notice that before the holiday weekend Apple’s stock
    jumped up? Is there a big rumor that I missed?5:33 PM Dec
    25th from TweetDeck
  • I just ate a whole bag of Pistachios. They’re like crack to me. Now I
    need more…4:31 PM Dec 25th from TweetDeck
  • Finishing up annual 2010 predictions. Any you want to share?2:43 PM Dec
    25th from TweetDeck
  • @jrpowers Hey namesake. Great iPhone apps! Snapture will be used
    at #CES9:17 AM Dec 25th from web
  • Day in Tech History Dec 25 – Y2K Compliance – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/55vaag11:00 PM Dec 24th from TweetMeme
  • @Norbtek you’ve been tweeting longer than I at this address – nov 8
    200710:13 PM Dec 24th from TweetDeck
  • 5 Tech Things Ep 19 – 5 Tech Things You Should Get Yourself – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/4Osm4D3:49 PM Dec 24th from TweetMeme
  • So if #pepsi is ditching the superbowl for social media, how long before
    my shows are sponsored by pepsi?3:33 PM Dec 24th from TweetDeck
  • Posted ‘5 Tech Things Ep 19 – 5 Tech Things you Should Get Yourself’ to
    blip.tv: http://blip.tv/file/30133342:50 PM Dec 24th from blip.tv
  • Day in Tech History Dec 24 – Watch out for Werewolves – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/8q9Alv7:41 PM Dec 23rd from TweetMeme
  • #Podcast Ep 118 – Jam Packed Show Before the Holidays! – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/7qJILk6:47 PM Dec 23rd from TweetMeme
  • Day in Tech History Dec 23 – Santa Found via Google Earth – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/5c64726:47 PM Dec 23rd from TweetMeme
  • Jailbroke the second iPhone for use at #CES – don’t worry. I also
    changed the SSH to avoid rickrolling…6:27 PM Dec 23rd from Ping.fm
  • @dpolitis We should talk before then. I have some great opportunities.
    DM me or email geekazine at gmail dot com5:19 PM Dec
    23rd from TweetDeck in reply to dpolitis
  • @caffination that’s ok. Neither do I. I’ll have to visit so we can have
    cheesesteaks7:02 PM Dec 22nd from TweetDeck
  • #CES 2010 social stream using
    Coveritlivehttp://www.geekazine.com/ces/ces-2010-social-stream4:57 PM
    Dec 22nd from Ping.fm
  • @dpolitis Ill be there. That should be fun.4:36 PM Dec
    22nd from TweetDeck in reply to dpolitis
  • @samlevin Must be nice to be Tiger. I hope Nike gives $$ for 100 people
    that require plastic surgery and NEED the help.3:45 PM Dec
    22nd from TweetDeck in reply to samlevin
  • After breaking the #HP Data Vault beyond repair (software wise), I
    erased all drives and did a full Recovery3:41 PM Dec 22nd from Ping.fm
  • @caffination I’d get you one, but the shipping time would be horrendous
    and the PCS would be cold.1:48 PM Dec 22nd from TweetDeck in reply to
  • @TonyWalla Gotta love it, eh?1:48 PM Dec 22nd from TweetDeck in reply to
  • @caffination Ahh. Didn’t that storm happen a few days ago? What is
    taking so long?12:26 PM Dec 22nd from TweetDeck in reply to caffination
  • #Podcast starting in 30 minutes (Broadcasting live
    athttp://ustre.am/mD4)12:05 PM Dec 22nd from Ustream
  • Fun #POLL this week: Is a Snuggie an Ugly Sweater (for those Ugly
    Sweater Parties)? http://bit.ly/geekpoll11:36 AM Dec 22nd from Ping.fm
  • @caffination What’s wrong with Chinese food?11:24 AM Dec
    22nd from TweetDeck in reply to caffination
  • @CaliLewis I come up to a blank screen on your link9:36 AM Dec
    22nd from TweetDeck
  • I need the form of Holiday cheer in Coffee.9:25 AM Dec 22nd from Ping.fm
  • @iizLiz It’s not about that. It’s about time tested material. With the
    Snuggie, you pay $30 and you have an “ulgy sweater”.8:58 AM Dec
    22nd from TweetDeck in reply to iizLiz
  • @iizLiz It did get worn to one. I didn’t give bonus points. The way I
    see it, it’s like bringing a store bought cake to a bake-off.7:24 AM Dec
    22nd from TweetDeck in reply to iizLiz
  • Bing! Bang! Bust! TM! – Geekazine 2010 http://bit.ly/8gRM3e7:05 AM Dec
    22nd from TweetMeme
  • Day in Tech History Dec. 22 – the Euphonium – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/5Qd8vk7:05 AM Dec 22nd from TweetMeme
  • Is a snuggie concidered an ugly sweater?9:02 PM Dec 21st from Ping.fm
  • #CES Just sent out invites to the TechPodcast Coverage. Didn’t get an
    invite? Email me at geekazine at gmail dot com – Subject: CES
    coverage5:05 PM Dec 21st from TweetDeck
  • #CES #CES10 Making plans – who to interview. Want to be considered?
    Email me at [email protected] w/ subject CES10 & well talk8:44 AM Dec
    21st from TweetDeck
  • @kodakCB email me at [email protected] and I’ll put it in my event
    planner8:42 AM Dec 21st from TweetDeck
  • Posted ‘Happy Fricken Holidays’ to
    blip.tv: http://blip.tv/file/29975462:35 PM Dec 20th from blip.tv
  • RT @AngeloMandato: Blubrry PowerPress 1.0.4 is now released, time for
    dinner!1:59 AM Dec 20th from TweetDeck
  • @kodakCB We will be around with the video cameras. More important, we
    have a cool opportunity if you got some sweet stuff coming out.1:58 AM
    Dec 20th from TweetDeck in reply to kodakCB
  • Someone should buy the #psystar name. Theres’ gold in them
    hills.http://bit.ly/5XXncL1:52 AM Dec 20th from TweetDeck
  • #google Epic Fail: Were reporting about Mega Millions hitting $162
    Million, but brought up wrong story in news
    feeds.http://bit.ly/8HqDr71:51 AM Dec 20th from TweetDeck
  • @andrea_r I am not looking rt now but I know there is a companion
    htaccess file8:13 PM Dec 19th from TweetDeck
  • @andrea_r yes.4:09 PM Dec 19th from TweetDeck in reply to andrea_r
  • @andrea_r New site. Front page works fine. It’s all backend issues.3:48
    PM Dec 19th from TweetDeck in reply to andrea_r
  • problem with #Wordpress mu – cannot log into the child sites. Anyone
    know the answer?3:16 PM Dec 19th from TweetDeck
  • @caffination must be nice…. ;)3:15 PM Dec 19th from TweetDeck in reply
    to caffination
  • #wrongtime2tweet – I wrote this song on
    it http://bit.ly/twitintheshit12:38 PM Dec 19th from web
  • Thanks to those who signed up for Audible through Geekazine. Idon’t know
    who you are, but I appreciate it http://bit.ly/5szBNB12:34 PM Dec
    19th from Ping.fm
  • TPN Planning meeting for #CES. 18 more days!!9:22 AM Dec
    19th from TweetDeck
  • @TheJenATX ok. I’m tenatively planning sxsw anyway. See ya then!9:08 PM
    Dec 18th from TweetDeck
  • #ces10 looking for a multi core laptop or macbook b4 jan 4. MSG me
    [email protected]:07 PM Dec 18th from TweetDeck
  • @TheJenATX no! You should go. :(9:01 PM Dec 18th from TweetDeck
  • @TheJenATX I am the same way. More focused on ces so I can have a better
    Xmas next year8:58 PM Dec 18th from TweetDeck
  • Day in Tech History December 19 – Do it Yourself Altair Kit – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/5jfDBG8:30 PM Dec 18th from TweetMeme
  • suppose i better read up on it.RT @Showdown: Sunday 12/20 7PM talking
    with Jeffrey Powers abt Google Chrome OS.http://go.showdock.com/ss477:36
    PM Dec 18th from TweetDeck
  • Cybarwars – Geekazine 2010 http://bit.ly/8D8DyG10:46 AM Dec
    18th from TweetMeme
  • Day in Tech History Dec 18 – The Photon – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/7DQMc610:46 AM Dec 18th from TweetMeme
  • 5 Tech Things Ep 18 – From the New Geek Bar – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/69rnGJ10:46 AM Dec 18th from TweetMeme
  • @mgdell so if you get 4 monitors, will you be 4 times more
    productive?8:46 PM Dec 17th from TweetDeck
  • @ShaunaCausey ahhh! Clowns!! Get them away!! ;)8:45 PM Dec
    17th from TweetDeck
  • @CaliLewis silly.8:44 PM Dec 17th from TweetDeck
  • The most influential Twitter users http://bit.ly/5Dc1PQ8:43 PM Dec
    17th from TweetDeck
  • The Debut of the Geek Bar http://bit.ly/geekbar3:51 PM Dec
    17th from Ping.fm
  • Windows7 Tip #1 Processes and Compatibility Mode – Video Pod, Video Tech
    on Geekazine – Geekazine 2010 http://bit.ly/7dDOzN12:06 PM Dec
    17th from TweetMeme
  • #CES #CES10 any media outlets staying at the Monte Carlo? We might have
    an interesting opportunity if you are.11:20 AM Dec 17th from TweetDeck
  • #CES10 is 21 days away & we have awesome opportunities. If all is in
    line, will have most video coverage – Sponsorships still available!1:48
    AM Dec 17th from TweetDeck
  • @caffination Oh. O.K.1:21 AM Dec 17th from TweetDeck in reply to
  • @caffination Not a problem. What were we talking about? ;)2:02 PM Dec
    16th from TweetDeck in reply to caffination
  • @Litopia Thanks. Enjoying your show as well. I use Stitcher for most my
    podcasts – you should get your show on ithttp://bit.ly/stitchit9:04 AM
    Dec 16th from TweetDeck in reply to Litopia
  • #POLL Will you sign up for Comcast TV? http://bit.ly/geekpoll8:27 AM Dec
    16th from Ping.fm
  • Day in Tech History Dec 16- The Large Hadron Collider Gets Funded –
    Geekazine 2010 http://bit.ly/5XlhEc11:48 PM Dec 15th from TweetMeme
  • #Podcast Ep 117 – AT&T is Killing my Charter Connection! – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/5QPK7j7:20 PM Dec 15th from TweetMeme
  • @Umatter2ChtrG The rep wasn’t scheduling any call. She was sending to
    here so it could be looked at.6:10 PM Dec 15th from TweetDeck in reply
    to Umatter2ChtrG
  • @Umatter2ChtrG Why is a technician coming out here? This is not what I
    wanted. I am not happy with this.5:53 PM Dec 15th from TweetDeck in
    reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • @Umatter2ChtrG If I remove that filter, will it help?5:14 PM Dec
    15th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • @Umatter2ChtrG I believe it started again today.4:40 PM Dec
    15th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • #Podcast starting soon (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/mD4)4:01 PM
    Dec 15th from Ustream
  • @Umatter2ChtrG The problem is back. Tech found out last time it was AT&T
    feedback. I am getting 10 down, but .31 up. Internet choppy as heck4:00
    PM Dec 15th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • Are you gonna get the shot? @axmc: Finally made the H1N1 flu shot list
    now that it’s no longer cool. I see life story parallels8:39 AM Dec
    15th from TweetDeck
  • What We Still Need on Blu-ray (And What Should Never Go
    HD)http://gizmodo.com/5423518/ #lists #bluray7:34 AM Dec 15th from web
  • Day in Tech History December 15 – The Apple Superbowl Ad – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/7Q3EKp7:36 PM Dec 14th from TweetMeme
  • #Geekazine Wants to be on Your Show – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/6OKydo7:08 PM Dec 14th from TweetMeme
  • Hour 15 – 24 Hour Podcast Geekazine – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/8WX4Ry4:07 PM Dec 14th from TweetMeme
  • Facebook Privacy Settings – Geekazine 2010 http://bit.ly/6H2Xhu4:06 PM
    Dec 14th from TweetMeme
  • RT @intlCES @rkowalski7: CEA Webcast Tomorrow! “What the Content World
    Should Look for at the 2010 International #CES “http://bit.ly/8txuMU1:37
    PM Dec 14th from TweetDeck
  • RT @zaneology: RT @mattcutts: Google just announced goo.gl, our url
    shortener: http://goo.gl/l6MS For now, only for Google products
    (Too …12:56 PM Dec 14th from TweetDeck
  • MyPRGenie – Create your own Press Release Channel – Blogworld#BWE09 –
    Geekazine 2010 http://bit.ly/5Cn2pe12:56 PM Dec 14th from TweetMeme
  • Friday – Up 18 Hours Saturday – Up around 24 Hours. Sunday – Up 14
    hours. Time to sleep…12:40 AM Dec 14th from Ping.fm
  • Day in Tech History Dec 14 – The First Meeting of W3C – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/4VcQTI10:22 PM Dec 13th from web
  • RT @GeekNews: 24hr Podcast is still kicking join us if Awake!
    (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/lqL)1:27 AM Dec
    13th from TweetDeck
  • Day in Tech History December 13 – Getting Hacked – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/6MSnac7:47 PM Dec 12th from TweetMeme
  • @Norbtek Cookies? I’m coming over!!7:46 PM Dec 12th from TweetDeck in
    reply to Norbtek
  • @ustream is dropping the ball on the #podcastawards. Thanks guys.5:26 PM
    Dec 12th from TweetDeck
  • RT @GeekNews: Minutes away from the 5th Annual #PodcastAwards Ceremony
    (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/lqL)5:00 PM Dec
    12th from TweetDeck
  • RT @GeekNews: Talking Podcast Statistics, EC2, on the 24hr Podcast
    (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/lqL)4:02 PM Dec
    12th from TweetDeck
  • Open Discussion on
    24hr #Podcast @ustream http://ustre.am/[email protected]:48 AM Dec
    12th from TweetDeck
  • New Twitter to #Follow – @podcastmadness10:12 AM Dec 12th from Ping.fm
  • RT @GeekNews: 24Hr Podcast Starts in about 15 Minutes (3rd Annual 24hr
    Podcast Live live › http://ustre.am/lqL)8:15 AM Dec 12th from TweetDeck
  • When Green Doesn’t work – LED Lights in Green Bay – Geek News
    Central http://bit.ly/6YV4Sq10:30 PM Dec 11th from TweetMeme
  • Day in Tech History December 12 – Apple IPO – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/5YxQJ99:37 PM Dec 11th from TweetMeme
  • @johnobeto @chrismevans @nigelpoulton I’ve loaded#outlook2010 a couple
    times and really like it.7:46 PM Dec 11th from TweetDeck
  • I say wait to June for Outlook 2010 @johnobeto: I agree w/ Chris, ->
    @chrismevans @nigelpoulton Outlook 2007.1:31 PM Dec 11th from TweetDeck
  • RT @HillaryMoney: RT @BlueMicrophones: YETI IS OFFICIALLY IN THE WILD!
    Available today on the Apple online storehttp://tinyurl.com/yeb6zb59:33
    AM Dec 11th from TweetDeck
  • 5 Tech Things Ep 18 – La La – Video Pod on Geekazine – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/5F6vgJ1:18 AM Dec 11th from TweetMeme
  • O.K. I just set up #GoDaddy hosting for a new website. Used my own
    codes, too (Pod150).11:03 PM Dec 10th from Ping.fm
  • Day in Tech History December 11 – The Concorde – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/58KsJm8:04 PM Dec 10th from TweetMeme
  • @Bwana Good to see ya back.6:54 PM Dec 10th from TweetDeck in reply to
  • There’s a Man in the Clock http://bit.ly/8SP4GT (#Dorkazine)11:41 AM Dec
    10th from TweetMeme
  • Day in Tech History December 10 – DOOM – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/7iHw6Q9:14 PM Dec 9th from TweetMeme
  • Did the Geekazine 2009 Predictions Come True? – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/818z259:14 PM Dec 9th from TweetMeme
  • The Gingerbread Motherboard http://bit.ly/7bCIXZ7:57 PM Dec
    9th from TweetMeme
  • #Bitstrips – Creating Comics online – Screencast – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/8HBn7r7:11 PM Dec 9th from TweetMeme
  • Social Media – Christmas Shopping http://bit.ly/51fs9H4:41 PM Dec
    9th from TweetMeme
  • O.K. Finished the #screencast – Time for bed. Night1:59 AM Dec
    9th from TweetDeck
  • @GuruOfSales We should tell everyone #Baldisbeautiful6:01 PM Dec
    8th from TweetDeck in reply to GuruOfSales
  • #Podcast Ep 116 – A Day of Snow, the Truck is back and a sad situation
    in town – Geekazine 2010 http://bit.ly/8YlTD65:59 PM Dec
    8th from TweetMeme
  • Bing! Bang! Bust! In Real Time – Geekazine 2010http://bit.ly/7M12cw5:57
    PM Dec 8th from TweetMeme
  • #Podcast starting very soon… http://live.geekazine.com(Broadcasting
    live at http://ustre.am/mD4)4:02 PM Dec 8th from Ustream
  • #POLL Will you buy a #JooJoo ? http://bit.ly/geekpoll10:46 AM Dec
    8th from Ping.fm
  • Not APPlicable – Geekazine 2010 http://bit.ly/7TMHA510:36 AM Dec
    8th from TweetMeme
  • Prepping for the 24 hour Podcast – Geekazine
    2010http://bit.ly/5mPJ8p10:36 AM Dec 8th from TweetMeme
  • @GuruOfSales There is. The best part, on a cloudy day, enough of us in
    one room will be brighter than the sun itself…10:26 AM Dec
    8th from TweetDeck in reply to GuruOfSales
  • @GuruOfSales Good for you! Join the BSC – Beautiful scalp club9:55 AM
    Dec 8th from TweetDeck in reply to GuruOfSales
  • RT @lijit: Watch @pqboulder talk about Lijit
    at #blogworld09:http://bit.ly/8qYCZV (Thanks to @geekazine for the
    video!)9:55 AM Dec 8th from TweetDeck
  • Lijit – Search your content on your site- Blogworld #BWE09 – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/78w5s14:46 PM Dec 7th from TweetMeme
  • Day in Tech History December 7 – The Microsoft Picture – Geekazine
    2010 http://bit.ly/8FLlBz4:34 PM Dec 7th from TweetMeme
  • Put on a new pot of coffee. Funny People in the background. Getting
    ready for more Day in Tech History segments.11:14 AM Dec
    7th from Ping.fm
  • #CES really shaping up for TPN. Video interviews should double and show
    at #nbc universal. We still have sponsorships available.9:14 AM Dec
    7th from TweetDeck
  • @caffination fix away o holder of the sacred bean…7:04 AM Dec
    7th from TweetDeck
  • This is not right: RT @axmc: Just when you thought the idea of Twitter
    was not stupid http://bit.ly/8p7LBj6:16 PM Dec 6th from TweetDeck
  • #wordpress didn’t publish my Day in Tech History for yesterday. The
    dashboard says “Missed Schedule”. WTF?6:10 PM Dec 6th from TweetDeck
  • @karlwireless thanks, man. It should be fun to do some video from the
    bar.6:06 PM Dec 6th from TweetDeck in reply to karlwireless
  • new studio setup coming along. http://tweetphoto.com/59693772:06 PM Dec
    6th from TweetDeck
  • @GeekNews awesome!11:23 AM Dec 6th from TweetDeck
  • @pasties well I hear the water in Mexico is not that great, either7:41
    PM Dec 5th from TweetDeck
  • @pasties the unstupud him. It’s a health concern. He’s got to have
    another mantainence guy on call6:50 PM Dec 5th from TweetDeck
  • @pasties You could call the landlord…5:30 PM Dec 5th from TweetDeck in
    reply to pasties
  • Trying #truetwit by @gotruetwit – http://www.truetwit.com1:56 PM Dec
    5th from TweetDeck
  • Day in Tech History December 5 – The First Computer Science Degree –
    Geekazine.com http://bit.ly/4CFNDZ12:09 PM Dec 5th from TweetMeme
  • #geeks – What is the one Geek thing you want for the Holidays? I would
    like a #roku box myself.12:08 PM Dec 5th from TweetDeck
  • @saulgoodman My Best thing is being independent for the last 2 years.
    Working for myself rocks. How about yourself?12:03 PM Dec
    5th from TweetDeck
  • Laptop repair, web design and podcast creation today. Had to get a 320
    GB drive for the laptop. http://bit.ly/wd320hd10:57 AM Dec
    5th from Ping.fm
  • RT @techwatching: geek: Nokia to halve smartphone production in 2010
    $NOK – http://bit.ly/8Qp1vc7:34 PM Dec 4th from TweetDeck
  • #apb – silver gmc Arcadia – quad-homicide. Might not be in WI
    anymore. http://bit.ly/58AxlV please pass on7:28 PM Dec
    4th from TweetDeck
  • @brett wow. Really? ;)6:20 PM Dec 4th from TweetDeck
  • RT @GeekNews: Do you have something to share with the world? Be a guest
    on my 24hr Podcast http://bit.ly/7c3SVr charity event for @rmhc3:06 PM
    Dec 4th from TweetDeck
  • RT @Lobot1: Report: Computers With Blago Evidence
    Stolenhttp://bit.ly/5JA8OI3:05 PM Dec 4th from TweetDeck
  • You going to #CES10 – I set up
    a #Facebook eventhttp://bit.ly/ces_20102:44 PM Dec 4th from TweetDeck
  • @BigO More of the fact your doing apps is cool.2:43 PM Dec
    4th from TweetDeck in reply to BigO
  • @BigO You made an App? What is it? Interested… ;)1:28 PM Dec
    4th from TweetDeck in reply to BigO
  • If Star Wars had Facebook http://bit.ly/5aTPSq (#dorkazine)11:41 AM Dec
    4th from TweetMeme
  • RT @XShot: 20 Christmas Lights Photos – With a
    Twisthttp://bit.ly/7WrzpW La la la la la…9:43 AM Dec
    4th from TweetDeck
  • That would be @tferriss – Sorry on the miss8:29 AM Dec
    4th from TweetDeck
  • Listening to @tferris again on @audible. Free
    trial:http://bit.ly/audiblepod8:27 AM Dec 4th from TweetDeck
  • @shaggy_evin Not sure I agree with you on #Nerd. My Definition: They
    take it to a level that you would never think.7:48 AM Dec
    4th from TweetDeck in reply to shaggy_evin
  • #iPhone annoyance: If you have TOO MANY pictures/video, device will not
    show up in My Computer. Once I removed some I got it back.7:46 AM Dec
    4th from TweetDeck
  • 5 Tech Things Ep 17 – NBComcast, SLR iPhone and Hello Waterloo! –
    Geekazine.com http://bit.ly/58ZRcP11:37 PM Dec 3rd from TweetMeme
  • Day in Tech History December 4 – Cray X-MP/48 –
    Geekazine.comhttp://bit.ly/559lg611:19 PM Dec 3rd from TweetMeme
  • RT @LetheinVegas: Lapp: Drawing by Light http://bit.ly/8CnXWl7:32 PM Dec
    3rd from TweetDeck
  • Rt @shitmydadsays “I just want silence. Jesus, it doesn’t mean I don’t
    like you. It just means right now, I like silence more.”7:30 PM Dec
    3rd from TweetDeck
  • @Bwana sorry to hear. If you need anything, let me know.6:31 PM Dec
    3rd from TweetDeck
  • RT @caffination: Photo: Cat 5… Wall E h/t
    drawonthewalls:http://tumblr.com/xse4fj8yo ftw6:29 PM Dec
    3rd from TweetDeck
  • RT @MadisonSMC: the nominations are coming in… so stoked! if you want
    to be involved visit us at http://madisonsmc.org11:25 AM Dec
    3rd from TweetDeck
  • RT @caffination: Photo: Cat 5… Wall E h/t
    drawonthewalls:http://tumblr.com/xse4fj8yo11:24 AM Dec
    3rd from TweetDeck
  • RT @katharnavas: Make YouTube Light as a Feather: Google Tests Stripped
    Down Watch Pages http://bit.ly/6gO3OC11:24 AM Dec 3rd from TweetDeck
  • RT @geekami: This is Why I Don?t Use Public
    Transportation#geek http://bit.ly/8lcUEV11:18 AM Dec 3rd from TweetDeck
  • RT @cjwriter: Geek alert! Translate your tweets into
    Klingon:http://bit.ly/8o10F410:52 AM Dec 3rd from TweetDeck
  • Day in Tech History – Dec 3 – IBM Data Processing Division Disbands –
    Geekazine.com http://bit.ly/5gLerc9:52 AM Dec 3rd from TweetMeme
  • The Jabra Stone – Fashion to the Bluetooth Headset –
    Geekazine.com http://bit.ly/8eV3Tw9:52 AM Dec 3rd from TweetMeme
  • @sunspotwendy you missed a great time 😉 understandable, though. They’ll
    be others…8:46 PM Dec 2nd from TweetDeck
  • #Madison Tweetup going on (Broadcasting live athttp://ustre.am/mD4)5:27
    PM Dec 2nd from Ustream
  • Heading out for the #Madison #Tweetup http://bit.ly/madtweet4:39 PM Dec
    2nd from Ping.fm
  • RT @GeekNews: New blog post: McAffee: .cm Top Level Domains are the
    Worst http://bit.ly/83Dlpw11:05 AM Dec 2nd from TweetDeck
  • #Madison tweetup – TONIGHT Dec 2 – 7 pm. Dry bean. Prizes and live
    music. Need more gifts if you want to help out.9:53 AM Dec
    2nd from TweetDeck
  • #Podcast Ep 115 – Podcast Madness Winner –
    Geekazine.comhttp://bit.ly/6oiDEz3:34 PM Dec 1st from TweetMeme
  • Got more #prizes in the #Madison tweetup – wed Dec 2 – 7 pm. Dry bean.
    Live music by Frank Busch (MSB) http://bit.ly/madtweet3:33 PM Dec
    1st from TweetDeck
  • #Podcast starting shortly (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/mD4)1:38
    PM Dec 1st from Ustream
  • #POLL Chrome OS really going after Microsoft, or
    Apple?http://www.geekazine.com/polls/current-poll (#geekazine)10:23 AM
    Dec 1st from Ping.fm
  • A little Fire from MSB ? http://blip.fm/~h4y8e10:08 AM Dec
    1st from Blip.fm
  • Kinda weird intro with the heavy breathing, but It’s Bethee!
    ?http://blip.fm/~h4y5810:07 AM Dec 1st from Blip.fm
  • Slip out the Back Jack – Make a new Plan Stan
    ?http://blip.fm/~h4xuq10:01 AM Dec 1st from Blip.fm
  • Congrats to Susabelle – winner of the Artisan 810 printer –
    Geekazine.com http://bit.ly/58cjgR9:21 PM Nov 30th from TweetMeme
  • Day in Tech History December 1 – Business.com Sold –
    Geekazine.com http://bit.ly/5ffXXp9:20 PM Nov 30th from TweetMeme
  • More Prizes for the #Madison #Tweetup Thanks to Westfield comics,
    Pegasus games and various beer reps. More needed
    -http://bit.ly/madtweet7:41 PM Nov 30th from Ping.fm
  • Madison Tweetup – Dec 2nd – Geekazine.com http://bit.ly/6dmtIx3:39 PM
    Nov 30th from TweetMeme
  • I’m hosting “Madison Tweetup” on Dec 2nd. RSVP
    athttp://twvt.us/madtweet #MadisonTweetup #twvt12:45 PM Nov
    30th from TweetDeck
  • #Madison tweetup – wed Dec 2 – 7 pm. Dry bean. Prizes and live music.
    please pass this along7:43 AM Nov 30th from Ping.fm
  • The truck is finally in the shop. That only took a month…7:33 AM Nov
    30th from TweetDeck
  • You might get what your after ? http://blip.fm/~h1f4p11:00 AM Nov
    29th from Blip.fm
  • A little Gin and Juice for everyone… ? http://blip.fm/~h1ehf10:47 AM
    Nov 29th from Blip.fm
  • Flashing lights have hit the sky… ? http://blip.fm/~h1doj10:31 AM Nov
    29th from Blip.fm
  • Just me and my Buddy Wiser – It’s All I ever need
    ?http://blip.fm/~h1d8910:22 AM Nov 29th from Blip.fm
  • Day in Tech History November 29 – PONG! –
    Geekazine.comhttp://bit.ly/4BCqJ79:54 AM Nov 29th from TweetMeme
  • Just got a google wave invite. Yet I already am a part of wave…11:19
    PM Nov 28th from TweetDeck
  • RT @Scobleizer: Grrr. If you try TweetCloud it automatically sends a
    Tweet. I +hate+ services that do that. Very spammy.8:40 PM Nov
    28th from TweetDeck
  • Heading back down to Iowa – Mystique Casino – We play at 9:30.1:04 PM
    Nov 28th from TweetDeck
  • Redlasso Video Aggregator – Blogworld #BWE09http://bit.ly/8pqW3M12:30 PM
    Nov 28th from TweetMeme
  • Re-Gifting? Might want to take a few tips from the Moleskin pants White
    Elephant. http://bit.ly/4tJ6fM (#Dorkazine)11:20 AM Nov
    28th from TweetMeme
  • back on Video tracks. Completely forgot I still had Blogworld (#BWE09)
    coverage to get out…10:25 AM Nov 28th from TweetDeck
  • Do We Need Whiter Teeth and a Flatter Stomach That Bad? Why You Might
    Not Want to Click http://bit.ly/6SfIhk (#geekazine)11:33 AM Nov
    27th from TweetMeme
  • #Firefox was acting up. Switched to Google #Chrome for the day. That
    started acting up. The result – sometimes, it’s not the browser.9:10 AM
    Nov 27th from TweetDeck
  • My Black Friday deal is simply the Tazza Rican Coffee I am
    drinking….8:12 AM Nov 27th from TweetDeck
  • An Illustrated version of the Arlo Guthrie song.
    ?http://blip.fm/~gwwvu3:41 PM Nov 26th from Blip.fm
  • Pulled into Nazereth – Feeling about half past ten…
    ?http://blip.fm/~gwvwm3:15 PM Nov 26th from Blip.fm
  • Musical Thanks ? http://blip.fm/~gws081:44 PM Nov 26th from Blip.fm
  • Day in Tech History (#DITH) Nov 26
    – #Intel TeraHertzhttp://bit.ly/8jEcWL (#geekazine) – Happy Thanksgiving
    all3:22 PM Nov 25th from TweetMeme
  • Very stressful day today. I got the rental for this weekend. Lily the
    Zombie car stays home. Getting work finished, then goin up to the
    gig2:07 PM Nov 25th from Ping.fm
  • #DITH Nov 25 – Roxio Acquires
    Napster http://bit.ly/8C30mc(#geekazine)9:05 AM Nov 25th from TweetMeme
  • Last day of #Podcastmadness – FREE code – FAX – enter for an entry to
    the #epson artisan 810 #contest8:54 AM Nov 25th from TweetDeck
  • #Podcast Ep 114 – Smoking by my
    Macbook http://bit.ly/7Vvz4s(#geekazine)3:26 PM Nov 24th from TweetMeme
  • Greyhound track in Kenosha WI closing 12-31. 900 Greyhounds need
    adoption or they will be euthanized 262-612-8256 x15. Help spread the
    word1:46 PM Nov 24th from Identica
  • #Podcast starting now – http://live.geekazine.com (Broadcasting live
    at http://ustre.am/mD4)1:35 PM Nov 24th from Ustream
  • Free Code word on the #podcastmadness #contest – paper
    -http://bit.ly/podmad – You have until Wednesday to win
    the #epson#artisan 810!12:36 PM Nov 24th from Identica
  • My iPhone just crashed. Stuck on the apple logo for 5 min. It’s back up
    now. Anyone else see that happen?11:28 AM Nov 24th from TweetDeck
  • Valuemysite says Geekazine is worth $77,000.
    RAWK!http://www.valuatemysite.com10:06 AM Nov 24th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL Would you sell your Twitter, Facebook or other Social Network
    stream to ad.ly? bit.ly/geekpoll (#Geekazine)9:25 AM Nov
    24th from Ping.fm
  • #DITH Nov 24 – #Novell owns #UNIX –
    Geekazine.comhttp://bit.ly/4NfuhO (#geekazine)11:03 PM Nov
    23rd from TweetMeme
  • RT OMG @TheJenATX: I saw the same sign last week. Is there a Whopper
    shortage going around? http://bit.ly/8z3KZs8:16 PM Nov
    23rd from TweetDeck
  • Possible great news 4 #CES10 – This show may be small, but we are
    definitely going to have a big presence! Sponsorships still available
    too!7:24 PM Nov 23rd from TweetDeck
  • O.K. Made some Cheezy broccolli, but didn’t let it nuke long enough.
    Only a couple pieces are cold, though…4:19 PM Nov 23rd from TweetDeck
  • Tweetup: Madison Tweetup on Dec 2, 2009 RSVP
    here:http://twtvite.com/alkijc #madtweetup #twtvite2:42 PM Nov 23rd from
  • Playing with #drupal2:21 PM Nov 23rd from TweetDeck
  • #Madison folks! planning a #Tweetup for December 2nd. Establishment is
    picked. Looking for ppl to help out & prizes. geekazine at gmail9:47 AM
    Nov 23rd from TweetDeck
  • The Electric Guitar T-Shirt Rocks
    Out http://bit.ly/8aad5T(#Dorkazine)9:28 AM Nov 23rd from TweetMeme
  • RT @GeekNews: New blog post: Shut that Forum down (or clean it
    up) http://bit.ly/5rAfmC1:21 AM Nov 23rd from TweetDeck
  • #DITH Nov 23 – the first jukebox http://bit.ly/6Vi6uc (#geekazine)7:44
    PM Nov 22nd from TweetMeme
  • Unboxing the #Epson Artisan 810 http://bit.ly/66odN9 (#geekazine)7:41 PM
    Nov 22nd from TweetMeme
  • Setting up the #epson Artisan 810 for #podcastmadness #contest. Free
    codeword – paper. Enter at http://bit.ly/podmad1:18 PM Nov
    22nd from TweetDeck
  • #DITH Nov 22 -XBox 360, Sega Saturn is released
    -http://bit.ly/871Tcl (#geekazine)2:20 AM Nov 22nd from TweetMeme
  • @sunspot_mike @Ty2Runr I hope not, but if the Greyhounds don’t find
    homes 6 months or a year, what will happen to them?12:54 PM Nov
    21st from TweetDeck
  • RT @cinemin: Retweet this silliness to be entered to win a $300 pico
    projector… Set me free, oh sweet sweet #Cinemin Swivel!
    http://b …10:13 AM Nov 21st from web
  • Greyhound track in Kenosha WI closing 12-31. 900 Greyhounds need
    adoption or they will be euthanized 262-612-8256 x15. Help spread the
    word10:13 AM Nov 21st from Ping.fm
  • Free Code word on the #podcastmadness #contest – paper
    -http://bit.ly/podmad – You have until Wednesday to win
    the #epson#artisan 810!9:37 AM Nov 21st from Ping.fm
  • #Zemanta – Finding content for your blog –
    Blogworld #BWE09 -http://bit.ly/6Db3pW (#geekazine)1:09 AM Nov
    21st from TweetMeme
  • Cool stuff you can buy – a Transformer Learning
    Centerhttp://bit.ly/4EF0ug (#dorkazine)1:09 PM Nov 20th from TweetMeme
  • RT @cinemin: Day6 of “7 Days of #Cinemin”… An easy one for Friday:
    simply add @cinemin to your #followfriday to be entered.
    http://bit …10:45 AM Nov 20th from web
  • Divin in too deep… ? http://blip.fm/~gmge410:37 AM Nov
    20th from Blip.fm
  • Scientists made a phaser – sort
    of: http://bit.ly/13L10m (#dorkazine)7:29 AM Nov 20th from TweetMeme
  • Chop it down with the edge of my hand… ? http://blip.fm/~gm4vz7:01 AM
    Nov 20th from Blip.fm
  • I wish I had one of these right now. ? http://blip.fm/~gm4tc6:59 AM Nov
    20th from Blip.fm
  • A little Prog this morning, brought to you by Yes
    ?http://blip.fm/~gm4qy6:58 AM Nov 20th from Blip.fm
  • 5 Tech Things – Ep 16 – The Cats are iphone bound
    -http://cli.gs/4p3B2 (#geekazine)6:54 AM Nov 20th from TweetMeme
  • #Boot Shill – http://bit.ly/24GuWj (#Geekazine)6:54 AM Nov
    20th from TweetMeme
  • #DITH Nov 20 – Hacking defined, Windows 1.0 is released
    -http://bit.ly/4A5J2I (#geekazine)6:53 AM Nov 20th from TweetMeme
  • Congrats to the 7 that
    won #Google #Wave inviteshttp://www.geekazine.com10:27 AM Nov
    19th from TweetDeck
  • #syncmyridepodcast http://www.syncmyridepodcast.com/8:58 AM Nov
    19th from TweetDeck
  • #Joomla or #Drupal? Help me choose a new #CMS and win.
    -http://bit.ly/2kH9So (#geekazine)8:26 AM Nov 19th from TweetMeme
  • Happy World Toilet Day: Your Louvre wants
    cakehttp://bit.ly/1BTCvg (#dorkazine)7:47 AM Nov 19th from TweetMeme
  • Trying to figure out which cms to run. #drupal or #joomla. Discuss.9:22
    PM Nov 18th from TweetDeck
  • Last week of this months #podcastmadness #contest. Win an#Epson artisan
    810 http://bit.ly/podmad3:03 PM Nov 18th from TweetDeck
  • @axmc that would explain all those enzyte commercials… This is bob3:00
    PM Nov 18th from TweetDeck
  • Day in Tech History is scheduled. Talked to some companies about
    sponsorship for CES. Planning a local #tweetup. What else can I do
    today?1:40 PM Nov 18th from TweetDeck
  • Listening to @PRWeb Webinar about building an All Yeare Publicity
    Machine11:13 AM Nov 18th from TweetDeck
  • Resevoir Turtles http://bit.ly/2Lo1au (#dorkazine)8:54 AM Nov
    18th from TweetMeme
  • This Deer was a #Dork http://bit.ly/3mS0C9 (#dorkazine)8:37 AM Nov
    18th from TweetMeme
  • @cinemin I don’t like that explanation of a Twitter Celeb #cinemin. Many
    twitter celebs don’t hit 1k.A Celeb is one who makes a difference.8:28
    AM Nov 18th from web in reply to cinemin
  • #Outbrain – Related Content for your Blog –
    Blogworld #BWE09 -http://bit.ly/2F2RWi (#Geekazine)8:04 AM Nov
    18th from TweetMeme
  • Brush my teeth with a bottle of jack… ? http://blip.fm/~gis577:27 AM
    Nov 18th from Blip.fm
  • This is a great song. ? http://blip.fm/~gis1q7:25 AM Nov
    18th from Blip.fm
  • I’m awake. ? http://blip.fm/~girug7:21 AM Nov 18th from Blip.fm
  • #DITH Nov 18 – Calvin and Hobbes is
    Syndicatedhttp://bit.ly/2QnAnz (#geekazine)8:05 PM Nov 17th from mobile
  • @abraham feel free to drop me an #Orkut geekazine at gmail7:01 PM Nov
    17th from TweetDeck
  • #Podcast starting – http://live.geekazine.com4:21 PM Nov
    17th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL do you still have your MySpace
    profile? http://bit.ly/nH0Q4(#Geekazine)3:53 PM Nov 17th from TweetDeck
  • Getting ready to #Podcast Ep 113 of the show
    -http://live.geekazine.com (Broadcasting live
    at http://ustre.am/mD4)3:32 PM Nov 17th from Ustream
  • #Google #Wave crashes on my Firefox. Might have to use #chrometo surf
    the wave.1:58 PM Nov 17th from TweetDeck
  • @cinemin I am thinking about incorporating it into a video interview.
    How it could add video in the background like a LCD would#cinemin1:45 PM
    Nov 17th from TweetDeck
  • #bk Burger king on odana has no meat – only chicken or fish. And I was
    so looking toward a #whopper today11:07 AM Nov 17th from TweetDeck
  • #HP Data Vault – Installing #Apache, #PHP, #MySQL as a Sandbox
    – http://bit.ly/2hXbx5 (#Geekazine)8:29 AM Nov 17th from TweetMeme
  • The Myth of Computer/Television
    Synergy http://bit.ly/1T6Uo9(#geekazine)8:28 AM Nov 17th from TweetMeme
  • #DITH Nov 17 – Jerry Yang Steps
    down http://bit.ly/3jISey(#geekazine)11:04 PM Nov 16th from TweetMeme
  • How can someone not know about the wonder twins? Form of an elephant –
    shape of a glacier!7:54 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  • Woo hoo! Burrito came with chips and salsa! Chips and salsa! Gotta love
    the chips and salsa!6:33 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  • @cinemin Fujiya & Miyagi #cinemin10:53 AM Nov 16th from web in reply to
  • Cloud(y) Horizons http://bit.ly/10uOhK (#Geekazine)10:37 AM Nov
    16th from TweetMeme
  • @Norbtek Good point. But how about the #Storm2 ?10:22 AM Nov
    16th from TweetDeck in reply to Norbtek
  • You got until Wed to try for
    my #Google #Wave inviteshttp://bit.ly/waveme (#Geekazine)10:21 AM Nov
    16th from Ping.fm
  • Droid Smoid. Blah blah. @Norbtek: @mgdell – You suck (subtle jealous
    undertone)! Got one before me. Notify me of all cool apps ….7:40 AM
    Nov 16th from TweetDeck
  • @HillaryMoney Yeah. That was the best part of the game. big nail
    biter7:39 AM Nov 16th from TweetDeck in reply to HillaryMoney
  • #TechSmith – #Camtasia – #BWE09 http://bit.ly/3AMjr8(#Geekazine)10:13 PM
    Nov 15th from TweetMeme
  • This connection is killing me. 24 minutes to upload 151 KB?9:37 PM Nov
    15th from TweetDeck
  • #DITH Nov 16 – Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind
    -http://bit.ly/U3X8B (#Geekazine)6:47 PM Nov 15th from TweetMeme
  • Got more Day in tech history segments recorded. Starting on December.
    I’m ahead of schedule! Yay!http://www.dayintechhistory.com1:09 PM Nov
    15th from TweetDeck
  • RT @geeknews Sigh. I mean, Psystar – nice try. Apple wins. – Geek News
    Central http://bit.ly/LIm8M10:12 AM Nov 15th from TweetMeme
  • Crullers obtained, but not the ones I was hoping for. Coffee is
    good.9:06 AM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  • Need to find coffee… and Crullers…. and Peanut Butter…. oh yeah.
    STAT!!7:53 AM Nov 15th from TweetDeck
  • #DITH Nov 15 – the Intel 4004 http://bit.ly/IruHP (#geekazine)10:57 PM
    Nov 14th from TweetMeme
  • RT great article @brett: 5 Ways To Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog
    – http://bit.ly/45nPJk6:36 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  • Is it me or have all programs removed the ‘shake to refresh’ iphone
    option?5:53 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  • @Umatter2ChtrG Upload is back to erroring out. It seems to only do this
    in the evening.3:22 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • Collecting Tech History from December 2008. Trying to get ahead of the
    game. Anyone want to help?12:56 PM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  • @GeekNews That link is not working.11:26 AM Nov 14th from TweetDeck in
    reply to GeekNews
  • @Umatter2ChtrG the connexction is working fine again. Seems the problem
    occurs in the eve.10:18 AM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  • The #fullcompass video is almost complete. 1 more video down, lots to
    go.12:18 AM Nov 14th from TweetDeck
  • @Ty2Runr Doesn’t it, though? – @geekazine Whoa COMDEX – that takes me
    back10:01 PM Nov 13th from TweetDeck in reply to Ty2Runr
  • #DITH Nov 14 – When COMDEX ruled http://bit.ly/1A382s(#geekazine)9:52 PM
    Nov 13th from TweetMeme
  • @Umatter2ChtrG I said I wasn’t going to be home. I won’t be there til
    tomorrow6:29 PM Nov 13th from TweetDeck
  • @Umatter2ChtrG I will not be around at that time.2:22 PM Nov
    13th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • @Umatter2ChtrG Is the line still under db? I am leaving in 30
    minutes.1:53 PM Nov 13th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • @Umatter2ChtrG I can’t even upload the photo.1:49 PM Nov
    13th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • @Umatter2ChtrG Speedtest gave those numbers speedtest.charter.net is
    blank. Here is the results1:46 PM Nov 13th from TweetDeck in reply to
  • @Umatter2ChtrG Download 18.44 upload 0.021:41 PM Nov
    13th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • @Umatter2ChtrG I can’t upload and speedtest errors out.1:40 PM Nov
    13th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • @Umatter2ChtrG I am back to the exact same problem 24 hours later. The
    upload is failing.1:35 PM Nov 13th from TweetDeck in reply to
  • @Umatter2ChtrG #charter line getting fixed rt now9:46 AM Nov
    13th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • Just emailed – State of #Geekazine to everyone I have talked with in the
    last year. After writing it, I am getting excited for 20109:11 AM Nov
    13th from TweetDeck
  • I feel like dancing. ? http://blip.fm/~gag3i8:22 AM Nov
    13th from Blip.fm
  • #ff @norbtek and @CaffiNation because we’re ridin the Wave
    ?http://blip.fm/~gafk38:13 AM Nov 13th from Blip.fm
  • #ff Ty2Runr – thanks for the RT love. ? http://blip.fm/~gaevn8:00 AM Nov
    13th from Blip.fm
  • Want a #Google #Wave invite? http://cli.gs/mGh45 (#Geekazine)7:50 AM Nov
    13th from TweetMeme
  • #DITH Nov 13 – Google buys YouTube http://bit.ly/npxqK(#geekazine)8:30
    PM Nov 12th from mobile web
  • @caffination @Norbtek heh heh.6:50 PM Nov 12th from TweetDeck
  • @Umatter2ChtrG Always ASAP… 😉 I will be home tomorrow recording
    podcasts.5:44 PM Nov 12th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • @Umatter2ChtrG I had to head out. When I get back I’ll move the modem
    around the house to see if there is a difference. Go ahead on tech5:39
    PM Nov 12th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • 5 Tech Things – Ep 15 – The Clowns are
    Attackinghttp://bit.ly/3IbRgG (#geekazine)5:37 PM Nov
    12th from TweetMeme
  • @Umatter2ChtrG Just started this afternoon.4:34 PM Nov
    12th from TweetDeck in reply to Umatter2ChtrG
  • upload bandwidth not working. #Charter says it’s my Modem- I find that
    hard to believe. Support should stop shotgunning and look for
    answers4:20 PM Nov 12th from TweetDeck
  • For those that asked for #Google #Wave invite – Need ur email send to
    (geekazine gmail.com) ONLY IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN INVITED yet.1:11 PM Nov
    12th from TweetDeck
  • Just got 8 #Google #Wave invites. Anyone need one? If you are already
    invited by another, pls don’t double up.10:05 AM Nov 12th from TweetDeck
  • RT @GeekNews: New blog post: How I made Vista work
    better.http://bit.ly/1o4MfA9:54 AM Nov 12th from TweetDeck
  • @TCTPodcast remember – 6″ loops on corners when pulling Cat5e. Otherwise
    you could get data loss.9:54 AM Nov 12th from TweetDeck in reply to
  • @caffination I do have my laptop running to pull webpages up, but in
    recording the show, the majority of work is on #AMD Quad core
    machine.8:48 AM Nov 12th from TweetDeck
  • RT @GeekNews: The grammar police are out in force @grammargirl on my
    podcast report what say you :)http://bit.ly/1KhxUr10:44 PM Nov
    11th from TweetDeck
  • Eyes are crossed as I am tired. Just fixed a #Vista computer that was
    erroring out. You wouldn’t believe the answer to fix the problem.7:34 PM
    Nov 11th from TweetDeck
  • #DITH Nov 12 – Gary McKinnon is First
    Indicted http://bit.ly/2SuOtd(#Geekazine)7:31 PM Nov 11th from TweetMeme
  • @bwana The Panera up here has Internet limitations during busy hours6:03
    PM Nov 11th from TweetDeck
  • Santana in the evening… ? http://blip.fm/~g7si95:50 PM Nov
    11th from Blip.fm
  • Need some… ? http://blip.fm/~g7s865:43 PM Nov 11th from Blip.fm
  • Mood music. Something with a Cowbell. ? http://blip.fm/~g7rzl5:38 PM Nov
    11th from Blip.fm
  • #DITH Nov 11 – #Sony suspends CD copy
    protectionhttp://bit.ly/2foZkE (#Geekazine)7:20 PM Nov
    10th from TweetMeme
  • #Yubby – Video Agregator –
    Blogworld #BWE09http://bit.ly/2dToCp (#geekazine)6:24 PM Nov
    10th from TweetMeme
  • #Podcast Ep 112 – 11-11-09 – I hit a Deer, but the show must go on
    – http://bit.ly/1XXzTq (#geekazine)2:24 PM Nov 10th from TweetMeme
  • OK. Small failure. #Podcast is happening
    now.http://live.geekazine.com (Broadcasting live
    at http://ustre.am/mD4)1:01 PM Nov 10th from Ustream
  • Getting ready for #Podcast http://live.geekazine.com (Broadcasting live
    at http://ustre.am/mD4)12:46 PM Nov 10th from Ustream
  • My Alma Matters’ Fight song “On Wisconsin” is 100 years old today.7:50
    AM Nov 10th from TweetDeck
  • Time to put together the #Podcast. Anything you want me to talk about?
    Got 2 listener stories already.7:46 AM Nov 10th from TweetDeck
  • @SeanPKelley I am not sure what I am going to do yet. I am thinking of
    finding another solution to iTunes.7:22 PM Nov 9th from TweetDeck in
    reply to SeanPKelley
  • #DITH Nov 10 – At the height of
    Atari http://bit.ly/4qI6tU(#Geekazine)7:20 PM Nov 9th from TweetMeme
  • Not happy that #iPhone removed my apps upon 1st sync
    with#windows7 machine. Good thing I got a backup. Why
    is #Applemanipulating my data?4:20 PM Nov 9th from TweetDeck
  • Jaunty to Koala: Ubuntu Upgrade – Frank
    Bell http://bit.ly/2x54NW(#Geekazine)3:13 PM Nov 9th from TweetMeme
  • New #Contest in #Podcastmadness – win an #Epson Artisan 810 just by
    listening to participating #podcast http://bit.ly/podmad10:13 AM Nov
    9th from TweetDeck
  • #DITH Nov 9 – 5 Years of Firefox http://bit.ly/HTUvO (#geekazine)9:10 PM
    Nov 8th from TweetMeme
  • #DITH Nov 8 – Windows for Workgroups 3.11
    releasedhttp://bit.ly/4BUGkm (#Geekazine)5:02 PM Nov 8th from web
  • Football watchers have to be the best multitaskers. 4 games at a time,
    drinking beer & eating wings. Still time to talk abt the team
    history11:40 AM Nov 8th from TweetDeck
  • That would be http://bit.ly/TPNRT533:50 PM Nov 7th from TweetDeck
  • The Roundtable is over, but the replay goes on. bit.ly/TPNRT533:41 PM
    Nov 7th from TweetDeck
  • RT @GeekNews: Tech Podcast Round Table Starting in 10 Minutes feel free
    to join us http://www.techpodcasts.com12:53 PM Nov 7th from TweetDeck
  • Today – Badger Football – #TPN Roundtable at 4 PM EST – Playing tonight
    at Sugar River Lanes. Full day of rockin fun!9:34 AM Nov
    7th from TweetDeck
  • @DvinMsM Thanks for the props. Fun time in Vegas. There will be other
    events. Next for me is #CES109:33 AM Nov 7th from TweetDeck in reply to
  • 2 Years of Geekazine.com http://bit.ly/2FY75Z (#Geekazine)10:44 PM Nov
    6th from TweetMeme
  • What is with all the ads on web pages about white teeth? More important,
    when will this ad phase go away?8:49 PM Nov 6th from TweetDeck
  • Even though #hpdatavault says remote connection not working,
    @axmc helped me prove otherwise. Ready for #TPN roundtable tomorrow2:15
    PM Nov 6th from TweetDeck
  • RT @GeekNews: #ff @hope2forget30 Hero Federal Police Officer who shot
    the Gunman @ Fort Hood Yesterday12:34 PM Nov 6th from TweetDeck
  • @Bwana It goes through TPN, then Podtrac? Look at @axmc and his Podtrac
    linkthrough. It’s a lot different.12:34 PM Nov 6th from TweetDeck in
    reply to Bwana
  • Win a Kindle – http://bit.ly/winakindle10:48 AM Nov 6th from TweetDeck
  • @bwana hey – I can never seem to stream podcast via the iphone. I can
    download it but only on WiFi. The Server is not configured
    correctly10:43 AM Nov 6th from TweetDeck
  • New Mid-Season Show – Geico Eyes
    Pilot http://bit.ly/1u6OeG(#dorkazine)1:17 AM Nov 6th from TweetMeme
  • @zaneology So did you ever get that video uploaded?12:58 AM Nov
    6th from TweetDeck in reply to zaneology
  • 5 Tech Things – Apple vs. Hulu – Me vs. a
    Deerhttp://bit.ly/2C2R8u (#geekazine)8:56 PM Nov 5th from TweetMeme
  • #DITH Nov 6 – the Voodoo 3D
    accelerator http://bit.ly/1Nb0oG(#geekazine)8:55 PM Nov
    5th from TweetMeme
  • RT @AEVande: RT Are you following @SunChips? We are giving away a free
    case of SunChips tomorrow! Stay tuned!#FreeCaseFriday1:09 PM Nov
    5th from TweetDeck
  • @axmc @johnobeto Thanks for the concern. I’m ok.1:06 PM Nov
    5th from TweetDeck
  • At the body shop. Deer can really mess up a front end of a car10:36 AM
    Nov 5th from TweetDeck
  • #DITH Nov 5 – Microsoft Monopoly
    findings http://bit.ly/3rsacJ(#geekazine)1:10 AM Nov 5th from TweetMeme
  • Would like to find just 1 ounce of gold lying around. That would be
    cool.12:58 PM Nov 4th from TweetDeck
  • My whole computer is now backed up on
    the #HPdatavaulthttp://www.hp.com/go/datavault11:55 AM Nov
    4th from TweetDeck
  • BTW – #DITH stands for Day in Technology
    History.http://www.dayintechhistory.com11:40 AM Nov 4th from TweetDeck
  • Recording #DITH episodes11:39 AM Nov 4th from TweetDeck
  • #CES10 – The preparation begins http://bit.ly/1YscOO(#Geekazine)11:12 AM
    Nov 4th from TweetMeme
  • @caffination kewl. Thanks. And Guten Tag.8:29 AM Nov
    4th from TweetDeck in reply to caffination
  • #DITH Nov 4 – 25 Years of #Dell http://bit.ly/1bIsKS (#Geekazine)12:42
    AM Nov 4th from TweetMeme
  • RT @geeknews CES 2010 Two Months Away! http://bit.ly/1gjO2c12:38 AM Nov
    4th from TweetMeme
  • Need some late night work music. ? http://blip.fm/~fufk712:33 AM Nov
    4th from Blip.fm
  • Lol RT @caffination: dear mac os, itunes is not now nor has it ever been
    a critical update… stop asking me to fix it.6:43 PM Nov
    3rd from TweetDeck
  • #Podcast Ep 111 – I remembered what I was going to say
    -http://bit.ly/2XYKt2 (#Geekazine)5:59 PM Nov 3rd from TweetMeme
  • Podcast at the top of the hour – http://live.geekazine.com(Broadcasting
    live at http://ustre.am/mD4)3:50 PM Nov 3rd from Ustream
  • http://twitpic.com/o6hq0 got the #HP data vault. Installing now3:25 PM
    Nov 3rd from TweetDeck
  • Christopher Walken Prose of Lady Gaga’s Poker
    Facehttp://bit.ly/3UtRFk (#dorkazine)10:47 AM Nov 3rd from TweetMeme
  • #POLL – Would you buy a Twitter
    Gizmo? http://bit.ly/PrjuX(#Geekazine)10:40 AM Nov 3rd from TweetDeck
  • Almost finished with November Tech History. Couple more days to
    research, then it’s time to record. But first, the regular show
    tomorrow12:19 AM Nov 3rd from TweetDeck
  • @johnobeto Actually I loaded Win 7 on Friday.12:18 AM Nov
    3rd from TweetDeck in reply to johnobeto
  • First Weekend on Windows 7 http://bit.ly/4mZJDF (#geekazine)9:55 PM Nov
    2nd from TweetMeme
  • Wow. Virtual XP mode was easy to install. So far, no real problems with
    Windows 7 64 bit8:32 PM Nov 2nd from TweetDeck
  • Stopped watching football game: don’t care about Baseball (sorry, but BB
    in Nov? It’s not right). Home to test XP Mode & #DITH#podcast8:24 PM Nov
    2nd from TweetDeck
  • The Flying Monkeys are attacking. Punches
    manhttp://bit.ly/4csCgO (#Dorkazine)10:47 AM Nov 2nd from TweetMeme
  • I walked to the Coffee shop. The Goal – Coffee. The prize? Well –
    Coffee.10:28 AM Nov 2nd from TweetDeck
  • @LindsayG drooling….8:58 AM Nov 2nd from TweetDeck in reply to
  • National Podcast Post Month and #PodcastMadness = Winning month!
    – http://bit.ly/p1zH1 (#Geekazine)8:44 AM Nov 2nd from TweetMeme
  • I continually get upset with the video, yet I still do it. Does that
    make me sadistic?7:46 AM Nov 2nd from TweetDeck
  • Morning meeting with @axmc – #CES10 is only 98 days away.6:52 AM Nov
    2nd from TweetDeck
  • For Mr. David Mazzie, because for some reason, he has never heard this
    song before… ? http://blip.fm/~fr45g6:11 AM Nov 2nd from Blip.fm
  • Gotta love it. ? http://blip.fm/~fr3gt5:52 AM Nov 2nd from Blip.fm
  • Because I have a cool hat on my FB page ? http://blip.fm/~fr3b05:48 AM
    Nov 2nd from Blip.fm
  • #DITH Nov 2 – Neoprene http://bit.ly/4pdiEu (#Geekazine)6:42 PM Nov
    1st from TweetMeme
  • @GrammarGirl I’m getting a 404 on that link12:06 PM Nov
    1st from TweetDeck in reply to GrammarGirl
  • Today starts national #podcast post month. #natpodpo – if u don’t make
    em, listen to 1 a day http://napodpomo.ning.com12:05 PM Nov
    1st from TweetDeck
  • @zaneology Doing great. Just trying to catch up on stuff. Let me know
    when that vid is up.9:37 PM Oct 29th from TweetDeck in reply to
  • #DITH Oct 30 – The War of the
    Worlds http://bit.ly/2gAQin(#Geekazine)9:14 PM Oct 29th from TweetMeme
  • @sunspotwendy carry on my wayward iPhone cable. They’ll be syncing when
    we are done. Lay ur weary head to rest. I won’t cry no more..7:57 PM Oct
    29th from TweetDeck in reply to sunspotwendy
  • @zaneology is it me? 😉 blip.tv or facebook.7:54 PM Oct
    29th from TweetDeck in reply to zaneology
  • 5 Tech Things – Ep 13 – The bunnies attack on this
    Halloweenhttp://bit.ly/3JOMBL (#geekazine)5:03 PM Oct
    29th from TweetMeme
  • @DigitalAndy Hey Andy. It was great to talk with you, too. What’s
    happening across the pond?11:54 AM Oct 29th from TweetDeck in reply to
  • Vote for Sunspot on the Isthmus Band 2 Band Contest
    -http://tinyurl.com/yzbtk3z ? http://blip.fm/~fl4lg11:49 AM Oct
    29th from Blip.fm
  • #BWE09 Touring Zappos – http://bit.ly/1wRZqx (#geekazine)10:02 AM Oct
    29th from TweetMeme
  • Friend @mysticalprinces is at Animal Kingdom – a little mood music by
    Toto ? http://blip.fm/~fksdj8:28 AM Oct 29th from Blip.fm
  • Continuing the Video production of Zappos4:33 PM Oct 28th from TweetDeck
  • The Live version. Welcome to the Jungle, Baby. Wake up. Time to Die….
    ? http://blip.fm/~fiuov6:30 AM Oct 28th from Blip.fm
  • For Clownboy and his nickname question on Facebook. Me First and the
    Gimme Gimmes ? http://blip.fm/~fiuet6:25 AM Oct 28th from Blip.fm
  • #DITH Oct 28 – Happy Birthday Bill Gates
    – http://bit.ly/1bkasH(#Geekazine)6:15 AM Oct 28th from TweetMeme
  • #Podcast Ep 110 – The Best Podcast to
    Date http://bit.ly/1g5rsX(#geekazine)4:22 PM Oct 27th from TweetMeme
  • #Podcast live in 10 minutes. http://live.geekazine.com(Broadcasting live
    at http://ustre.am/mD4)10:13 AM Oct 27th from Ustream
  • The Band: Playing at Full Compass Grand Opening
    -http://bit.ly/1cDiqE (#Geekazine)10:07 PM Oct 26th from TweetMeme
  • #DITH Oct 27 – Dell Takes number 1 spot: How times have changed
    – http://bit.ly/aQZcj (#Geekazine)10:07 PM Oct 26th from TweetMeme
  • I got a mountain of Video that needs to be processed. Did about 1/5th of
    it already. More work later. @zappos tour on the way.4:34 PM Oct
    26th from TweetDeck
  • #BWE09 – the
    @blogworld @Fatburger Challengehttp://bit.ly/3dHNUW (#Geekazine)2:23 PM
    Oct 26th from TweetMeme
  • #DITH Oct 26 – Run by Thoughts http://bit.ly/1MC31w(#Geekazine)7:22 AM
    Oct 26th from TweetMeme
  • One of my top ten favorite songs – ? http://blip.fm/~ff6rh5:56 AM Oct
    26th from Blip.fm
  • The original version of Seven Bridges Road – ? http://blip.fm/~ff6985:43
    AM Oct 26th from Blip.fm
  • Let’s all do this – ? http://blip.fm/~ff62s5:38 AM Oct 26th from Blip.fm
  • Today is going to be a productive day. ? http://blip.fm/~ff5vh5:32 AM
    Oct 26th from Blip.fm
  • Took video for ‘thrill around the world’ the iPhone video was better
    than the ustream, but ustream is already out on the web. Crazy7:44 PM
    Oct 24th from TweetDeck
  • Song of the day – If you Leave me now – Chicago
    ?http://blip.fm/~fbypd8:20 AM Oct 24th from Blip.fm
  • @zaneology Not a prob.3:29 PM Oct 23rd from TweetDeck in reply to
  • We’re up next at Full Compass – http://bit.ly/2HlXxI3:02 PM Oct
    23rd from TweetDeck
  • Full Compass Grand Opening Weekend. Lots of great information. My band
    (Trailer Kings) plays at 5:30 PM CST – http://bit.ly/2HlXxI1:43 PM Oct
    23rd from TweetDeck
  • listening to “Zac Brown Band- Toes with lyrics”
    ? http://blip.fm/~faikl12:30 PM Oct 23rd from Blip.fm
  • listening to “Jack Johnson – Bubble Toes” ? http://blip.fm/~faijz12:30
    PM Oct 23rd from Blip.fm
  • listening to “John Mellencamp – ROCK in the USA”
    ?http://blip.fm/~fai7e12:24 PM Oct 23rd from Blip.fm
  • @dougvann Good point.12:20 PM Oct 23rd from TweetDeck in reply to
  • #followfriday @hup A song for his Vans ( http://bit.ly/hupvans )
    ?http://blip.fm/~fahwk12:19 PM Oct 23rd from Blip.fm
  • #followfriday @tctpodcast – Cool Kids Pump up the Volume
    ?http://blip.fm/~fahma12:15 PM Oct 23rd from Blip.fm
  • Gotta love the Dylan – Weird Al Style… ? http://blip.fm/~fahde12:11 PM
    Oct 23rd from Blip.fm
  • #followfriday @CaffiNation – Hope the hand gets better, man.
    ?http://blip.fm/~fa96n10:01 AM Oct 23rd from Blip.fm
  • #followfriday @zaneology – For the Bling iPhone case, here’s some Rob
    Thomas #bwe09 ? http://blip.fm/~fa8x29:57 AM Oct 23rd from Blip.fm
  • #followfriday – @NctrnlBst – The Photograph Man
    – #BWE09 ?http://blip.fm/~fa8qa9:54 AM Oct 23rd from Blip.fm
  • @TCTPodcast Wow. Those prices are out there. Also, would need more than
    one bed – It would have to be at least a 3 room suite.9:52 AM Oct
    23rd from TweetDeck in reply to TCTPodcast
  • You’re the only one. ? http://blip.fm/~fa89w9:47 AM Oct
    23rd from Blip.fm
  • listening to “Nelly – Must Be the Money” ? http://blip.fm/~fa7r29:39 AM
    Oct 23rd from Blip.fm
  • listening to “nelly – Ride With Me” ? http://blip.fm/~fa7fx9:34 AM Oct
    23rd from Blip.fm
  • #win7tour (via @GearLive)9:15 AM Oct 23rd from TweetDeck
  • #DITH Oct 22 – The Internet International Ad Hoc Committee is
    formed http://bit.ly/1Ln0yU (#Geekazine)7:07 AM Oct 22nd from TweetMeme
  • @TCTPodcast do you know of a timeshare?9:40 AM Oct
    20th from TweetDeck in reply to TCTPodcast
  • #bwe09 heading home. Closing & locking the door behind me. See some of
    you in January for #CES105:54 AM Oct 20th from TweetDeck
  • #Podcast Ep 109 – Last day in Vegas
    – http://bit.ly/2OSyBa(#Geekazine)11:41 PM Oct 19th from TweetMeme
  • Live show going on now – http://live.geekazine.com (Broadcasting live
    at http://ustre.am/mD4)7:52 PM Oct 19th from Ustream
  • Maybe Panasonic / LivinginHD should read their own
    ruleshttp://bit.ly/2uy53x (#geekazine)6:25 PM Oct 19th from TweetMeme
  • @zaneology safe journeys home.3:12 PM Oct 19th from TweetDeck in reply
    to zaneology
  • #bwe09 Anyone else here in Vegas? I am here until 6:30 AM Tomorrow.
    Let’s chat1:56 PM Oct 19th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 day 5: the unofficial post
    blogworld http://bit.ly/39YVeu(#geekazine)12:08 AM Oct
    19th from TweetMeme
  • RT @katebuckjr: We’re having our own #bwe09 after-panel me,
    @geekazine @waynesutton @nctrnlbst @Zaneology @[email protected]:46
    PM Oct 18th from TweetDeck
  • http://twitpic.com/m3hhu -9:41 PM Oct 18th from TwitPic
  • #DITH Oct 19 – Blockbuster opens http://bit.ly/f89O7 (#Geekazine)8:05 PM
    Oct 18th from TweetMeme
  • #bwe09 day 4 – anthony edwards first
    tweet http://bit.ly/2tYDS3(#Geekazine)8:04 PM Oct 18th from TweetMeme
  • @zaneology I’m at the mall. I know- weird. When u posting my vid?5:40 PM
    Oct 18th from TweetDeck in reply to zaneology
  • Took me 6 min to eat @fatburger Challenge with
    @[email protected] @micah @mikemayo & others @ #bwe09 Video
    processing.4:21 PM Oct 18th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 sorting through business cards. Not sure I like the idea of the
    mini business cards. Too hard to sort through.3:55 PM Oct
    18th from TweetDeck
  • @zaneology What you have in mind?3:38 PM Oct 18th from TweetDeck in
    reply to zaneology
  • @zaneology I’m still here, too.3:30 PM Oct 18th from TweetDeck in reply
    to zaneology
  • #bwe09 watching all the tweets about ppl going home from Blogworld. I am
    here until Tuesday. Anyone else stay to relax a bit? Let me know.12:01
    PM Oct 18th from TweetDeck
  • Wow. I’m fried. Thanks #bwe09 peeps for a great time. Now I
    collapse.1:08 AM Oct 18th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 the zombies are singing #techkaraoke in the middle of the star
    trek experience. Make it sooooooooooooohhhh10:28 PM Oct
    17th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 all the zombies are gathered by the pool7:41 PM Oct
    17th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 the zombies are attacking. Good thing I brought my shotgun. Take
    THAT you bastards!!6:29 PM Oct 17th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 this day went by too fast. Awesome keynote with guy kawasaki
    @kevinpollak @chadvader coming up.5:09 PM Oct 17th from TweetDeck
  • @sotomoto I’m hungry5:04 PM Oct 17th from TweetDeck in reply to sotomoto
  • #bwe09 @calilewis on video cameras http://twitpic.com/lwzb812:59 PM Oct
    17th from TweetDeck
  • Pictures of blogworld http://bit.ly/2y8QM1 (#geekazine)12:10 PM Oct
    17th from TweetMeme
  • Panel: Anthony Edwards, Robyn Antone, Mark Goss, and Jermaine Dupri moc:
    Brian Solis #bwe099:50 AM Oct 17th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 – anthony edwards, jermaine dupri http://twitpic.com/lw0a09:45 AM
    Oct 17th from TweetDeck
  • @jeffmacarthur sorry. Missed ur other tweet. Drinking ensued…8:57 AM
    Oct 17th from TweetDeck in reply to jeffmacarthur
  • @jeffmacarthur come on down! Were still partying at peppermill12:24 AM
    Oct 17th from TweetDeck in reply to jeffmacarthur
  • Peppermill for @blubrry http://twitpic.com/ltwqs (#bwe09)8:48 PM Oct
    16th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 amazing day. Off to dinner with @axmc then to @blubrryparty. Tons
    of video to sort through. Will be working on sunday6:59 PM Oct
    16th from TweetDeck
  • @Hup I am your video diva4:56 PM Oct 16th from TweetDeck in reply to Hup
  • @leolaporte getting ready for keynote
    at #bwe09http://twitpic.com/lsvj74:55 PM Oct 16th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 sound guy on the #keynote panel is annoying me. Low end feedback.
    Could be fixed if they Moved the Monitors so the panel can hear…10:05
    AM Oct 16th from TweetDeck
  • #ff #bwe09 @Brett – because he rocks. @blogworld – because it’s a fun
    show9:34 AM Oct 16th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 great keynote with @technorati reaffirmed my keyword to my job –
    passion. http://twitpic.com/lqxez9:31 AM Oct 16th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 “Put your Shy away” @chrisbrogan6:13 PM Oct 15th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 – #podcast people: November #contest at#podcastmadness now
    getting ready. Interested?http://bit.ly/podmad5:40 PM Oct
    15th from TweetDeck
  • What an awesome day at #bwe09. Am glad I went to #vegas.5:36 PM Oct
    15th from TweetDeck
  • @chrisbrogan #bwe09 -The Geek shall inherit the earth…5:31 PM Oct
    15th from TweetDeck
  • RT @axmc: “you don’t do Twitter in an hour a day. You do it all the
    time. You grout your day with Twitter” #bwe095:01 PM Oct
    15th from TweetDeck
  • RT @brett:
    @hup @geekazine @theoneinpink @ggdm @[email protected] @thinkmaya @d64levy (@
    Zappos HQ in Henderson)http://bit.ly/4jabMF #bwe095:00 PM Oct
    15th from TweetDeck
  • @Zappos_Service I had grapes and chocolate milk4:58 PM Oct
    15th from TweetDeck in reply to Zappos_Service
  • http://twitpic.com/lo43f jungle room at @zappos4:35 PM Oct
    15th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 I boarded a bus to see zappos2:27 PM Oct 15th from TweetDeck
  • #bwe09 met @Brett and d vin ideas2:21 PM Oct 15th from TweetDeck
  • Anyone at #bwe09 bring a guitar with them? I have an idea for a song and
    would love to strum some chords on it.2:14 PM Oct 15th from TweetDeck
  • @Norbtek what about a digeridoo?1:32 PM Oct 15th from TweetDeck in reply
    to Norbtek
  • @AmberCadabra I’m at #bwe09 south hall rt now. Definitely should
    talk12:42 PM Oct 15th from TweetDeck in reply to AmberCadabra
  • In strabucks checking out the bag swag for blogworld #bwe0912:34 PM Oct
    15th from TweetDeck
  • @beccataylor lv is great. Still have to wait til tonight, but I have
    gotten the jump on some videos12:31 PM Oct 15th from TweetDeck in reply
    to beccataylor
  • Still hanging at the tweetup at blogwold http://twitpic.com/ll16c10:29
    PM Oct 14th from TweetDeck
  • Was on a united flight experiencing turbulence when I listened to the
    onion podcast about the united pilot looking for turbulence. Irony?5:18
    PM Oct 14th from TweetDeck
  • Been sitting on the plane at o’hare for about 2 hours waiting for a
    part. I guess it could be worse…7:52 AM Oct 14th from TweetDeck
  • Someone broke the plane6:45 AM Oct 14th from TweetDeck
  • On the plane. #Vegas, @blogworld, here I come.3:23 AM Oct
    14th from TweetDeck
  • #Podcast Ep. 108 – Packing for Vegas and @blogworld New Media
    Expo http://bit.ly/1A11tm (#Geekazine)6:03 PM Oct 13th from TweetDeck
  • Podcast before Vegas starting
    now. http://live.geekazine.com(Broadcasting live
    at http://ustre.am/mD4)4:29 PM Oct 13th from Ustream
  • Getting ready to #podcast shortly. Then I’m packing for blogworld. t
    minus 19 hours…3:51 PM Oct 13th from TweetDeck
  • Wont go to fedex office (Kinkos) again. Will tell you why
    in #podcast9:02 AM Oct 13th from TweetDeck
  • Checking out http://bit.ly/t3YJq (#goby)11:22 PM Oct 12th from TweetDeck
  • Mozy is backing up pictures. All 116 GB. I think that’s going to take a
    while with 448 encryption. Time to put together a #podcast11:16 PM Oct
    12th from TweetDeck
  • DITH Oct 13 – Priceline sues
    Microsoft http://bit.ly/AXb0g(#Geekazine)8:33 PM Oct 12th from web
  • #Screencast – Preparing computer
    for #Windows7 installhttp://bit.ly/1a1SMt (#Geekazine)4:07 PM Oct
    12th from web
  • #podcastmadness #contest win 1 yr #mozy unlimited backup: use code
    blogtool at http://bit.ly/podmad9:29 AM Oct 12th from TweetDeck
  • Hopefully just fixed multiple cross posting, reposting prob. I think
    it’s#Friendfeed that’s looping back. We’ll see in this test
    @geekazine12:38 AM Oct 12th from TweetDeck
  • Where are the wifi hotspots at @blogworld? Assuming the hotel wifi will
    work in their usual horrible fashion http://ff.im/9E9AF9:21 PM Oct
    11th from FriendFeed
  • Where are the wifi hotspots at @blogworld? Assuming the hotel wifi will
    work in their usual horrible fashion9:20 PM Oct 11th from TweetDeck
  • DITH Oct 12 – NeXT Debuts http://ff.im/9DTfr7:32 PM Oct
    11th from FriendFeed
  • New song – @geekazine original –
    @Blogworld Boundhttp://bit.ly/blogworldbound http://ff.im/9ADcr8:18 PM
    Oct 10th from FriendFeed
  • New song – @geekazine original –
    @Blogworld Boundhttp://bit.ly/blogworldbound8:17 PM Oct 10th from web
  • RT @blogworld Have you heard about our 3 BlogWorld tickets in 3 days
    giveaway? Click here for details… http://ff.im/9xT3X1:12 AM Oct
    10th from FriendFeed
  • RT @blogworld Have you heard about our 3 BlogWorld tickets in 3 days
    giveaway? Click here for details http://bit.ly/rMHMa #bwe091:12 AM Oct
    10th from web
  • First kiss (at Dry Bean) http://bit.ly/pfmt2 http://ff.im/9wUST5:49 PM
    Oct 9th from FriendFeed
  • First kiss (at Dry Bean) http://bit.ly/pfmt25:49 PM Oct 9th from buzzd
  • barreling through 2 weeks of Day in Tech History (#DITH) so I can enjoy
    @blogworld. Oh yeah – also doing laundry. http://ff.im/9vDm310:00 AM Oct
    9th from FriendFeed
  • barreling through 2 weeks of Day in Tech History (#DITH) so I can enjoy
    @blogworld. Oh yeah – also doing laundry.10:00 AM Oct 9th from TweetDeck
  • Vegas is only 5 days away. @blogworld #NME – Excitement
    building…. http://ff.im/9vzfg9:40 AM Oct 9th from FriendFeed
  • Vegas is only 5 days away. @blogworld #NME – Excitement building….9:40
    AM Oct 9th from TweetDeck
  • @theOJG not a prob. http://ff.im/9tm9y7:52 PM Oct 8th from FriendFeed
  • @theOJG not a prob.7:51 PM Oct 8th from TweetDeck in reply to theOJG
  • @bwana – GL on the 1.5 million on Podcasting. I am rooting for
    ya!http://ff.im/9rSn610:24 AM Oct 8th from FriendFeed
  • @bwana – GL on the 1.5 million on Podcasting. I am rooting for ya!10:23
    AM Oct 8th from TweetDeck
  • @goldmedal: please RT: Have you heard about our 3 BlogWorld tickets in 3
    days giveaway? Click here for details… http://ff.im/9rPgA10:05 AM Oct
    8th from FriendFeed
  • @goldmedal: please RT: Have you heard about our 3 BlogWorld tickets in 3
    days giveaway? Click here for details http://bit.ly/rMHMa#bwe0910:05 AM
    Oct 8th from TweetDeck
  • @derekhalpern platinum? Not sure which plan that is. I got the weekend,
    if thats more and want to donate it, I’d be…http://ff.im/9pwPl6:55 PM
    Oct 7th from FriendFeed
  • @derekhalpern platinum? Not sure which plan that is. I got the weekend,
    if thats more and want to donate it, I’d be greatfull6:55 PM Oct
    7th from TweetDeck in reply to derekhalpern
  • #Wisconsin #podcast #blogger. Let me know if you are going
    to#blogworld. http://ff.im/9oaS810:35 AM Oct 7th from FriendFeed
  • #Wisconsin #podcast #blogger. Let me know if you are going
    to#blogworld.10:35 AM Oct 7th from TweetDeck
  • @derekhalpern are you looking to get rid of it? Is it for just the
    Expo? http://ff.im/9nQ7Q9:00 AM Oct 7th from FriendFeed
  • @derekhalpern are you looking to get rid of it? Is it for just the
    Expo?9:00 AM Oct 7th from TweetDeck in reply to derekhalpern
  • RT @geekazine Please Nominate Geekazine for Podcastawards 2009
    – http://bit.ly/1gyF1B (#Geekazine) http://ff.im/9nE2r8:02 AM Oct
    7th from FriendFeed
  • RT @geekazine Please Nominate Geekazine for Podcastawards 2009
    – http://bit.ly/1gyF1B (#Geekazine)8:01 AM Oct 7th from web
  • #podcastawards r live. Please nominate #Dayintechhistory for Pps choice,
    Best prod., Edu., Business, Gen. and… http://ff.im/9mjL111:34 PM Oct
    6th from FriendFeed
  • #podcastawards r live. Please nominate #Dayintechhistory for Pps choice,
    Best prod., Edu., Business, Gen. and Tech/scihttp://bit.ly/cg0Wo11:33 PM
    Oct 6th from TweetDeck
  • @caffination I’ll be the judge of that. Send them to
    mehttp://ff.im/9m5UK9:50 PM Oct 6th from FriendFeed
  • @caffination I’ll be the judge of that. Send them to me9:49 PM Oct
    6th from TweetDeck in reply to caffination
  • @caffination don’t blow up the garage http://ff.im/9m2g89:22 PM Oct
    6th from FriendFeed
  • @caffination don’t blow up the garage9:22 PM Oct 6th from TweetDeck in
    reply to caffination
  • @blogworld no I didn’t. Very cool. My #podcast will be done b4 I leave,
    but I will need to do my #vidcast on thurs. http://ff.im/9m2fc9:21 PM
    Oct 6th from FriendFeed
  • @blogworld no I didn’t. Very cool. My #podcast will be done b4 I leave,
    but I will need to do my #vidcast on thurs.9:21 PM Oct
    6th from TweetDeck in reply to blogworld
  • @beccataylor stop rubbing it in. http://ff.im/9lROr8:08 PM Oct
    6th from FriendFeed
  • @beccataylor stop rubbing it in.8:08 PM Oct 6th from TweetDeck in reply
    to beccataylor
  • #podcast people! Who’s going to @blogworld reply and we can
    chat. http://ff.im/9lRgG8:05 PM Oct 6th from FriendFeed
  • #podcast people! Who’s going to @blogworld reply and we can chat.8:04 PM
    Oct 6th from TweetDeck
  • Did you like our coverage of
    the #HPSuperdome event?http://ping.fm/G0khW (#Geekazine)8:16 AM Oct
    6th from Ping.fm
  • @beccataylor lol. Then you need to root for the underdogs6:17 PM Oct
    5th from TweetDeck in reply to beccataylor
  • @beccataylor have a great time the rest of theday. I GOts to watch
    football now. Ttfn5:26 PM Oct 5th from TweetDeck in reply to beccataylor
  • @beccataylor A mouse for a 128 processor server? Interesting idea…4:52
    PM Oct 5th from TweetDeck in reply to beccataylor
  • #HPSuperdome as a Mainframe computer – John Pickett, ESS Competitive
    Program Manager http://bit.ly/14ovo24:44 PM Oct 5th from TweetDeck
  • #HPSuperdome as a Mainframe computer – John Pickett, ESS Competitive
    Program Manager4:43 PM Oct 5th from TweetDeck
  • @beccataylor watch what your saying. Mic is on4:36 PM Oct
    5th from TweetDeck in reply to beccataylor
  • @beccataylor Just been talking to the group about the next presenter
    of #HPSuperdome4:35 PM Oct 5th from TweetDeck in reply to beccataylor
  • @GrammarGirl can’t wait to meet ya. …I’ll be at @blubrry party Fri
    night, Oct. 16….1:42 PM Oct 5th from TweetDeck
  • @HPSuperdome Jean Bozman of #IDC http://bit.ly/14ovo2(#Geekazine)1:24 PM
    Oct 5th from TweetDeck
  • More about #HPSuperdome http://bit.ly/VyYy212:20 PM Oct
    5th from TweetDeck
  • @shanepitman If you want, I can make you a Panelist
    on#coveritlive for #HPsuperdome. Just need ur address.11:02 AM Oct
    5th from TweetDeck
  • #HPSuperdome Tech Day is LIVE – http://ping.fm/kcW85(#Geekazine)8:58 AM
    Oct 5th from Ping.fm
  • Ready for the Midwest Malay tonight? I am guessing it will be the most
    watched #MNF since the switch to #ESPN – Go @packers8:14 AM Oct
    5th from Ping.fm
  • @Xshot I will be heading to @blogworld as well. The xshot was useful
    for #ces09 and #hptf as well as everyday use8:27 PM Oct
    4th from TweetDeck in reply to XShot
  • My Codes: #Mozy = ‘geek’ http://bit.ly/mozygeek #eastbay 15%
    =http://bit.ly/eastbay15 #eastbay 20% http://bit.ly/eastbay20 Lots of
    savings!2:21 PM Oct 4th from Ping.fm
  • Looks like #Facebook is going through a #hack right now. Everybody
    run!2:24 PM Oct 3rd from TweetDeck
  • RT @axmc: @HPIntegrity: #Superdome TechDay bloggers @osnews, @activewin,
    @axmc, @JohnObeto, @ShanePitman, @benr remote @Geekazine 4 SDRNews2:23
    PM Oct 3rd from TweetDeck
  • RT @rawvoice: New Media Expo (@Blogworld) Ann Party is going to be a lot
    of fun. Organized by some of our biggest fans.http://pic.gd/6fa3d210:19
    PM Oct 2nd from TweetDeck
  • RT @dave_blogworld: @guykawasaki keynote w/guests
    @KevinPollak @thebloggess and @chadvader at
    BlogWorld!http://bit.ly/179jFe #bwe097:27 PM Oct 2nd from TweetDeck
  • New #podcastmadness #contest starts Monday. You ready for
    it?Http://bit.ly/podmad5:16 PM Oct 2nd from Ping.fm
  • 12 days to #Vegas and @blogworld4:46 PM Oct 2nd from TweetDeck
  • @GeekNews wow. That is just not right.4:42 PM Oct 2nd from TweetDeck in
    reply to GeekNews
  • 5 Tech Things Ep 11 – This is the Craziest show I’ve ever
    seenhttp://bit.ly/fUk1f (#Geekazine)10:44 PM Oct 1st from web
  • #DITH Oct 2 – Worldcom outbids for MCI
    | #Geekazinehttp://bit.ly/4lKipr10:43 PM Oct 1st from web
  • All set for @blogworld will be in Vegas on the 14th. Join me for
    dinner?11:07 PM Sep 30th from TweetDeck
  • Day in Tech History – Oct 1 – 30 Years of Activision
    -http://ping.fm/iMIuD (#Geekazine)6:23 PM Sep 30th from Ping.fm
  • Web608 dinner – Photo: http://bkite.com/0cnMW5:56 PM Sep
    29th from Brightkite
  • @beccataylor sounded like you guys had a great time.5:31 PM Sep
    29th from TweetDeck in reply to beccataylor
  • #Podcast Ep 106 – Podcasting on a windy, cooler
    dayhttp://bit.ly/uz9nJ (#Geekazine)1:50 PM Sep 29th from Ping.fm
  • Some friends just launched Tweekhook http://tweethook.com11:17 AM Sep
    29th from Ping.fm
  • RT @johnobeto: Who would have thought that the true innovation (& value)
    in storage would be the software? LeftHand, IBRIX#hptechday9:48 AM Sep
    29th from TweetDeck
  • #POLL are #Apple rumors getting out of
    hand? http://bit.ly/geekpoll(#Geekazine)8:55 AM Sep 29th from Ping.fm
  • RT @IvyWorldwide: Day 2 of the awesome #HPtechday in Colorado
    Springs!8:09 AM Sep 29th from TweetDeck
  • RT @HPStorageGuy: RT @RickVanover: New blog post:#HPTechDay gives a peek
    into the future of storagehttp://bit.ly/KVl5y12:36 AM Sep
    29th from Seesmic
  • Nice records – Uh… T-shirt http://bit.ly/14BJoe (#Dorkazine)12:35 AM Sep
    29th from web
  • Dith Sept. 29 – Mac 10.1 “Puma” is
    released http://bit.ly/3hF0O4(#Geekazine)10:35 PM Sep 28th from web
  • Hey, It’s 9/29/2009 at 12:29. Just wait until 9:29….10:31 PM Sep
    28th from Ping.fm
  • RT @techpodcasts: New Podcast or hot News from Tech Podcast Network: TPN
    Weekly #24 – Recorded from the iPhonehttp://bit.ly/4432G45:07 PM Sep
    28th from Seesmic
  • RT @HPStorageGuy: John Spiers, former CTO for LeftHand mentioned demo at
    VMworld. video of that demo: http://bit.ly/3XFzMi#HPTechDay10:33 AM Sep
    28th from TweetDeck
  • RT @johnobeto: SAN/iQ Network RAID: Always-on storage#hptechday10:33 AM
    Sep 28th from TweetDeck
  • Text-Driving Big Trucks http://bit.ly/V6kdi (#Geekazine )10:30 AM Sep
    28th from web
  • Conduct like Bravo Gustavo on
    your #iPhone http://bit.ly/lqfNO(#dorkazine)10:08 AM Sep
    28th from Ping.fm
  • Happy “Ask a Stupid Question Day” – http://ping.fm/6D2F69:09 AM Sep
    28th from Ping.fm
  • Want to get more listeners to your #Podcast – Running a
    community #Contest http://ping.fm/0Ob3F Email if you want to
    participate9:01 AM Sep 28th from Ping.fm
  • Packer win: great game. Now It’s time to bear down and get 31 days of
    Tech History done. Goal is to be 90 days ahead. NEOne wanna help
    out?1:43 PM Sep 27th from Ping.fm
  • If you #Podcast we have a #Contest on #podcastmadness starting. You can
    participate by going to http://bit.ly/podmad11:50 AM Sep
    25th from Ping.fm
  • @bwana every time I try try to listen to #bwana radio without
    downloading on #iPhone, I get ‘Server not correctly
    configured’#podcast10:52 AM Sep 25th from TweetDeck
  • DITH – iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon http://bit.ly/BOlYD1:33 AM
    Sep 25th from Facebook
  • Gyros. Yum – Photo: http://bkite.com/0ccpw5:09 PM Sep
    24th from Brightkite
  • 5 Tech Things – Your iPhone buys the Starbucks coffee – Video Pod
    on http://retwt.me/g9cA (#Geekazine)4:25 PM Sep 24th from web
  • 5 Tech Things – Your iPhone wants to buy you Starbucks
    -…http://bit.ly/BJZDB4:24 PM Sep 24th from Facebook
  • Recording Podcasts. #DITH and Top 5 tech things you should know.11:43 AM
    Sep 24th from Ping.fm
  • Keith Moon on the Barber of Seville http://bit.ly/27JZu (#Dorkazine)9:51
    AM Sep 24th from web
  • @WaltRibeiro Interesting thoughts. RT I don’t realize how hard I hustle
    until I pass someone else who doesn’t9:21 AM Sep 24th from TweetDeck in
    reply to WaltRibeiro
  • @caffination @tctpodcast – Bowling shirt trumps coffee shirt. Coffee
    Bowling shirt would just be way too cool….8:54 AM Sep
    24th from TweetDeck in reply to caffination
  • @caffination think of it this way – your coffee felt that your fashion
    needed to be coffee based today.7:38 AM Sep 24th from TweetDeck in reply
    to caffination
  • Damn. #Gmail not working right on one email, but fine for another.7:37
    AM Sep 24th from TweetDeck
  • I need as many people to vote for my video as possible. This is really
    important for the future of the website:… http://bit.ly/oCLaE12:40 AM
    Sep 24th from Facebook
  • Need Help
    in #Panasonic #LivinginHD #Contest Entryhttp://bit.ly/VNRBn (#Geekazine)12:34
    AM Sep 24th from web
  • the Angry Kids vs. A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran (So Far
    Away)http://bit.ly/bMHAK (#Dorkazine)11:10 AM Sep 23rd from web
  • Upgrading #itunes to 9.01. Hopefully it will fix that silly “don’t send
    to#apple” message.10:19 PM Sep 22nd from Ping.fm
  • RT wow @DanTanner: 10 big companies veering toward
    Bankruptcy http://ping.fm/Zcwky8:43 PM Sep 22nd from TweetDeck
  • @alyankovic Internet Leaks http://bit.ly/1Xkea4 (#Dorkazine)6:27 PM Sep
    22nd from web
  • #Podcast – Ep 105 – It wasn’t H1N1 for I am fine today
    -http://ping.fm/W911k (#Geekazine)3:12 PM Sep 22nd from Ping.fm
  • @joshchandler Got another in the hopper, too. Thanks!10:01 AM Sep
    22nd from TweetDeck in reply to joshchandler
  • @CMSExpo Thanks!10:00 AM Sep 22nd from TweetDeck in reply to CMSExpo
  • New Sponsor – Mozy: Use code “Geek” for 10% off:http://bit.ly/2lYIZ29:38
    AM Sep 22nd from Facebook
  • #POLL Would you agree with Net Neutrality even if it slows down your
    Internet connection? http://ping.fm/xBWha (#Geekazine)8:57 AM Sep
    22nd from Ping.fm
  • #DITH Sept 22 $10 Million Maijuana auction on
    eBayhttp://bit.ly/20bKWq (#Geekazine)8:11 PM Sep 21st from web
  • Let me know if you like the new intro on the Day in Tech
    History:…http://bit.ly/3LsZFH7:30 PM Sep 20th from Facebook
  • #DITH Sept 21 – 15 Years of NT 3.5 http://bit.ly/12eZ7a(#Geekazine)7:11
    PM Sep 20th from web
  • Wo – zha – wa in the dells. Will be on stage in 25 –
    Photo:http://bkite.com/0c1i15:41 PM Sep 19th from Brightkite
  • RT @blogworld: Enter the MyAlltop contest for free admission to
    Blogworld Expo.12:29 PM Sep 19th from twhirl
  • #TSO – #Twitter #Search #Optimization and how it’s
    like #SEOhttp://ping.fm/ktGYr (#Geekazine)12:20 PM Sep 19th from Ping.fm
  • At golds gym grand opening – Photo: http://bkite.com/0c03t7:30 AM Sep
    19th from Brightkite
  • Your Day in Tech History #Podcast – #DITH Sept 19
    -http://bit.ly/3SpYQr (#Geekazine)6:42 AM Sep 19th from Ping.fm
  • RT @blogworld: RT @chrisbrogan: LinkedIn is giving away 50 FREE copies
    of Trust Agents. Want one? Contest starts now-http://bit.ly/3eHxyH10:47
    AM Sep 18th from TweetDeck
  • #DITH Sept 17 – Sarah Palin’s email was
    hacked http://bit.ly/hSTU1(#Geekazine)11:59 PM Sep 16th from web
  • #Podcast – The day that almost made me stop podcasting
    -http://ping.fm/zGnwF (#Geekazine)5:26 PM Sep 15th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL – Is ‘Visual Search’ the next
    level? http://ping.fm/jtgLv(#Geekazine)11:58 AM Sep 15th from Ping.fm
  • O.K. my #iphone showed 30%. I plugged it in and instantly it shot up to
    50%… WTH?8:44 AM Sep 14th from Ping.fm
  • Football!!! Everyone- stop tweeting…5:00 PM Sep 13th from Ping.fm
  • Don’t understand the Madden iPhone app. When I play season, the first
    game is fine, but the second game, all the… http://ff.im/80HGo11:12 AM
    Sep 12th from FriendFeed
  • #DITH Sept 11th – TiVO and RIM join
    forces http://bit.ly/JE2JN(#Geekazine)11:10 PM Sep 10th from web
  • 5 Tech Things – Ep 9 – Will this 3D trend be a
    fad?http://bit.ly/2NWWuy (#Geekazine)10:49 PM Sep 10th from web
  • I am hanging out with the most awesome person that I have ever met!6:07
    PM Sep 10th from NatsuLiphone
  • Chris Pirillo asks – Are you a Failure? Geekazine’s 1000th
    posthttp://bit.ly/Ajs3Z (#Geekazine)11:20 AM Sep 10th from web
  • @johnobeto that is a great book. I got it last week9:49 AM Sep
    10th from TweetDeck in reply to johnobeto
  • @johnobeto wish that would be better 4 you. Not to
    defend #ATTbut #apple made a ‘game changer’ phone.Were lucky it’s not
    being throttled9:46 AM Sep 10th from NatsuLiphone
  • @geekazine 999 on 9-09-09
    (technically) http://bit.ly/1erLOF(#Geekazine)10:36 PM Sep 9th from web
  • @johnobeto the play is just as impressive.8:51 PM Sep
    9th from NatsuLiphone
  • http://twitpic.com/h5bog – Really impressed with madden 10 for
    iphone6:40 PM Sep 9th from TwitPic
  • Updated iPhone to 3.1. Got one song that does the weirdest thing. Goes
    into a feedback loop. Move on, no issue. Back to song BAM same thing3:53
    PM Sep 9th from Identica
  • #iPhone updating to 3.1…3:25 PM Sep 9th from Ping.fm
  • @Scobleizer I found if you first set up your iPhone on another computer,
    or after reinstalling iTunes from scratch, updating can be a pain.2:38
    PM Sep 9th from twhirl in reply to Scobleizer
  • RT @geekazine DITH on 9-09-09 – The first Computer Bug is discovered |
    Geekazine.com http://bit.ly/9fDLY7:37 AM Sep 9th from web
  • Happy 9-09-09 at 9:09:09!!7:10 AM Sep 9th from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast – Ep 103 – 90909 Jam Packed edition
    -http://ping.fm/dkwuB (#Geekazine)4:14 PM Sep 8th from Ping.fm
  • Retweeting @GeekNews: New blog post: Want to see an Internet
    Oxymoron? http://bit.ly/C3rsc10:10 AM Sep 8th from twhirl
  • #podcast -day in tech history-beggining of
    google-http://ping.fm/a9A3G (#geekazine)9:51 AM Sep 7th from Ping.fm
  • If you run a WordPress site and haven’t updated to 2.8.4, then do so
    NOW. Major hack going on as we speak and your site will be at risk.11:04
    PM Sep 4th from Ping.fm
  • Just got done uploading TPNW for Tuesday – A great discussion
    on#CES 2010 with @geeknews and @axmc This #CES10, like#CES09 will
    RAWK!!7:46 PM Sep 4th from Ping.fm
  • @geekazine3:14 PM Sep 4th from Twitterrific
  • OK, I don’t know why, but I watched Glee on Hulu. I cannot believe how
    hilarious it was. A lot of Journey in it, too.11:01 AM Sep
    4th from Ping.fm
  • Just uploaded my first #librivox recording of a chapter to a book set in
    the Public domain. Pretty cool – http://www.librivox.org1:50 AM Sep
    4th from Ping.fm
  • 5 Tech Things – Twitter 101 – http://ping.fm/iaRNt (#Geekazine)6:06 PM
    Sep 3rd from Ping.fm
  • Just visited the new #fullcompass facility with @pcmacsmackdown11:19 AM
    Sep 3rd from Ping.fm
  • Notebook, Netbook or Smartphone – Which will replace the
    desktop? http://ping.fm/rUzkO (#Geekazine)2:46 PM Sep 2nd from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast Ep. 102 – Skype, NFL and Chrome
    – http://ping.fm/iGIqf(#Geekazine)6:02 PM Sep 1st from Ping.fm
  • Recording #PODCAST live now – http://ping.fm/BmHcp(#Geekazine)4:34 PM
    Sep 1st from Ping.fm
  • You can become a Fan of something on #Facebook, but I want to become an
    enemy. That would be kewler.10:43 AM Sep 1st from Ping.fm
  • #Poll – Do you have your personal information accessible on
    Facebook? http://ping.fm/kItiY (#Geekazine)9:56 AM Sep 1st from Ping.fm

  • Office Stuff. Mailing lots of loot.8:59 AM Aug 31st from web
  • @problogger GL on the surgery. Speedy recovery to you.9:33 PM Aug
    30th from Twitterrific in reply to problogger
  • @douglasawh dang it! Now I want chips and salsa.9:29 PM Aug
    30th from Twitterrific in reply to douglasawh
  • @TweetMeNews worked on the website, but as I went throught twitterrific,
    it gave error7:09 PM Aug 30th from Twitterrific in reply to TweetMeNews
  • Tried to sign up for tweetmenews. It keeps erroring out8:57 AM Aug
    30th from Ping.fm
  • #facebook updated their #iPhone app. I want the old version back…7:11
    PM Aug 29th from Ping.fm
  • Hit a milestone on my #techhistory segment. I now have recorded 365 days
    of #technology history on a daily format.6:00 PM Aug 29th from Ping.fm
  • #Techpodcast #Roundtable going on NOW! Amazon EC2,
    Artisteerhttp://ping.fm/DROqD1:10 PM Aug 29th from Ping.fm
  • Woofer – the 1400 character Twitter
    – http://ping.fm/ecfIj(#Geekazine)8:45 AM Aug 29th from Ping.fm
  • iPhone Unlocking has commercial software to unlock your 3G or 3GS
    – http://ping.fm/3K51h (#Geekazine)10:24 AM Aug 28th from Ping.fm
  • #Quickcast looking to interview tech companies
    -http://ping.fm/SncYa (#Geekazine)9:17 AM Aug 28th from Ping.fm
  • Haven’t been on Twitter much. Changing that. #Followfriday –
    @caffination because he’s got coffee. @sunspot_mike because the music
    rocks.9:09 AM Aug 28th from twhirl
  • 6 ways to Multitask better
    – #Quickcast http://ping.fm/1xph9(#Geekazine)5:18 PM Aug
    26th from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast – Ep. 101 – http://ping.fm/NNwMZ (#Geekazine)4:20 PM Aug
    25th from Ping.fm
  • #Poll – Do you think Wikipedia should tie down some of the
    site?http://ping.fm/DOG98 (#Geekazine)2:26 PM Aug 25th from Ping.fm
  • I have been avoiding life for a couple hours. Now back to your regularly
    scheduled program…1:27 PM Aug 25th from Ping.fm
  • Just cleaned up my #twitter. Added some new friends, got rid of profiles
    that haven’t been updated. I feel clean…11:10 PM Aug 24th from web
  • Day in Tech History – 8-24 – Windows 95 Launches
    -http://ping.fm/E1XgE (#Geekazine)1:27 AM Aug 24th from Ping.fm
  • 5 Tech Things – Albert Gonzalez Should Worry You
    -http://ping.fm/rqjNV (#Geekazine)11:19 AM Aug 21st from Ping.fm
  • Stoopid Video won’t load. Can this process be any more annoying?1:22 AM
    Aug 21st from TweetDeck
  • 100th #Podcast – http://ping.fm/EYeB1 (#Geekazine)7:01 PM Aug
    18th from Ping.fm
  • Come join us on @ustream for the #Geekazine 100th Podcast!! Happening
    now (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/mD4)4:02 PM Aug
    18th from Ustream
  • Show prep for 100th Podcast (Broadcasting live
    athttp://ustre.am/mD4)2:51 PM Aug 18th from Ustream
  • @sunspot_mike oh yeah. This is a lot better12:50 PM Aug
    18th from Twitterrific in reply to sunspot_mike
  • I don’t know if I like Tweekdeck anymore. What’s a better iPhone app for
    Twitter?10:23 AM Aug 18th from twhirl
  • #POLL – Are you an #Apple Die-Hard?
    – http://ping.fm/8dcA9(#Geekazine)9:50 AM Aug 18th from Ping.fm
  • At @thdrybean with @sunspotwendy1:18 PM Aug 15th from Ping.fm
  • Win a $50 gift card for 100th podcast episode. Check out ep. 99 on how
    – http://bit.ly/5SOe10:29 AM Aug 14th from TweetDeck
  • @mollywood great points on #tr.im I knew about but never even tried
    it.11:08 AM Aug 13th from TweetDeck
  • We PWNed the #iPhone Compass – http://ping.fm/eaxat(#Geekazine)4:28 AM
    Aug 13th from Identica
  • #Quickcast – Five things the #FTC should
    ask #Apple about#iphone http://ping.fm/7ZXAX (#Geekazine)2:22 AM Aug
    13th from Ping.fm
  • Day in Tech History #podcast – Datallegro, XPrime
    and #Microsofthttp://ping.fm/HUrkF (#Geekazine)9:07 PM Aug
    12th from Ping.fm
  • Did another update to the site – Please let me know if there are any
    problems – http://ping.fm/7FF1g (#Geekazine)1:32 PM Aug
    12th from Ping.fm
  • Day in tech history -ibm pc
    introduced http://ping.fm/UFMWx(#geekazine)9:42 PM Aug 11th from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast – Ep. 99 Tech Podcasts Floating on the
    Internethttp://ping.fm/zy1ez (#Geekazine)5:39 PM Aug 11th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL Do you think #Facebook / #Friendfeed is a good
    marriage?http://ping.fm/zpZE8 (#Geekazine)12:41 AM Aug 11th from Ping.fm
  • #Winners #summerofpodcasts #contest – http://ping.fm/7Goj5(#Geekazine)7:11
    PM Aug 10th from Ping.fm
  • #Summerofpodcasts #Finale. Who will win
    what?http://podcastcarnivale.com/5:54 PM Aug 10th from TweetDeck
  • #SummerofPodcasts #contest – We’ve given away a few prizes, more to
    come…5:25 PM Aug 10th from TweetDeck
  • #Summerofpodcasts #Contest comes to a close with #PodcastCarnivalle
    tonight at 7 PM EST – http://ping.fm/lJV5D1:11 PM Aug 10th from Ping.fm
  • RT @johnobeto: yes we do. Whatsup? (I wonder if @akmc, @geekazine, or
    @KKarsten do any live video streaming?)10:26 AM Aug 10th from TweetDeck
  • #WITH becomes #DITH – Day in #Tech #History #Podcast – Aug
    10th http://ping.fm/J4qzG (#Geekazine)8:22 AM Aug 10th from Ping.fm
  • @dougvann that sounds like fun.8:23 AM Aug 9th from TweetDeck in reply
    to dougvann
  • New #podcast project in the works. More details to come…1:05 AM Aug
    8th from Identica
  • Need some #help in testing functionality of my website – especially
    mobile phone users. http://ping.fm/lwkqv (#geekazine). Thx.3:08 PM Aug
    7th from Identica
  • Wow. I only touch 0.0333333333… of the #twitter universe.3:02 PM Aug
    7th from Identica
  • Just entered the CreditLoan Visa Giftcard Giveaway. You can win by
    following @creditloan and retweeting.http://creditloan.com/twcontest1:02
    PM Aug 7th from TweetDeck
  • @SeanPKelley Sweet. Thanks.12:56 PM Aug 7th from TweetDeck in reply to
  • @caffination lol. As a friend said last night – Can I have a new world?
    I’m tired of this one. #Twitterverse is just that place.12:10 PM Aug
    7th from web in reply to caffination
  • Need some #help in testing functionality of my website – especially
    mobile phone users. http://ping.fm/lwkqv (#geekazine). Thx.11:45 AM Aug
    7th from Ping.fm
  • Wow. I only touch 0.0333333333… of the #twitter universe.10:35 AM Aug
    7th from Ping.fm
  • RT @GeekNews: New blog post: GNC-2009-08-07 #500 The Big
    One! http://bit.ly/vCzzx1:28 AM Aug 7th from TweetDeck
  • Favorite #johnhughesquotes mike thinks I’m a dork – mike IS a dork9:29
    PM Aug 6th from mobile web
  • #Podcast Ep 98 – The Update at
    my #iPhone – http://ping.fm/zlRe4(#Geekazine)5:34 PM Aug
    4th from Ping.fm
  • After #iphone update 3.0.1 froze and restore froze twice, I finally got
    it updated and re-syncing. I hope I didn’t loose too much data…3:06 PM
    Aug 4th from Ping.fm
  • Now the #iphone is restoring software…. Hopefully that fixes it.1:23
    PM Aug 4th from twhirl
  • Someone let me know if they did an #iphone update to 3.0.1 and how long
    it took them. It’s been on the verifying stage for about half hour.12:49
    PM Aug 4th from twhirl
  • This iPhone update is taking longer than I expected. ACK!12:37 PM Aug
    4th from Ping.fm
  • ONE MORE #FREE Code! Use
    ‘lastminute’ http://ping.fm/B4FEI(#summerofpodcasts) – #contest closes
    tomorrow!9:30 AM Aug 4th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL – Is #Google waging too many
    wars? http://ping.fm/204Hg(#Geekazine)12:18 AM Aug 4th from Identica
  • #POLL – Is #Google waging too many
    wars? http://ping.fm/204Hg(#Geekazine) – http://bkite.com/0amcY12:18 AM
    Aug 4th from Brightkite
  • #POLL – Is #Google waging too many
    wars? http://ping.fm/204Hg(#Geekazine)12:18 AM Aug 4th from Ping.fm
  • RT @Bwana: Check out TPN Weekly #16 – I host this week’s episode:
    “Playstation 3 Special” http://bit.ly/apK8F7:28 PM Aug
    3rd from TweetDeck
  • @Geektastic01 that was expected.7:26 PM Aug 3rd from TweetDeck in reply
    to Geektastic01
  • @johnobeto lol6:42 PM Aug 3rd from TweetDeck in reply to johnobeto
  • #Quickcast #WITH – Time Warner and AOL Announce Split
    -http://ping.fm/HPkjT (#Geekazine) – http://bkite.com/0alBH5:02 PM Aug
    3rd from Brightkite
  • #Quickcast #WITH – Time Warner and AOL Announce Split
    -http://ping.fm/HPkjT (#Geekazine)5:02 PM Aug 3rd from Ping.fm
  • turning the old desk into a workbench at ryans’ place… –
    Photo:http://bkite.com/0al0K11:44 AM Aug 3rd from Brightkite
  • no AT&T unless I go to the other side of the mountain. thank god 4 wifi
    – http://bkite.com/0ajzO7:02 PM Aug 2nd from Brightkite
  • Merrimac ferry – Photo: http://bkite.com/0ajmz4:55 PM Aug
    2nd from Brightkite
  • back at the baja – Photo: http://bkite.com/0ahjq6:37 PM Aug
    1st from Brightkite
  • @johnobeto SUE! SUE! SUE!12:08 PM Aug 1st from TweetDeck in reply to
  • #PHOTO – #Geeks from the Rear View
    – http://ping.fm/twz7e(#Geekazine)11:48 AM Jul 31st from Ping.fm
  • #VIDEO #5Things – Don’t #Binghoo While you Drive
    -http://ping.fm/YWqbi (#Geekazine)8:35 PM Jul 30th from Ping.fm
  • @jsmith1017 good point.7:35 PM Jul 30th from TweetDeck in reply to
  • @aewadi lol7:34 PM Jul 30th from TweetDeck in reply to aewadi
  • If I continue to make videos, I am going to have to get a better
    machine. Anyone want to help out?7:29 PM Jul 30th from Ping.fm
  • PLEASE someone tell me how you can patent the term “podcast”? Good thing
    I also have a quickcast.3:54 PM Jul 30th from Ping.fm
  • @ChasenSkinner I thought so, too. More important, it took 2 years to
    figure out? What does this guy do for a living?3:51 PM Jul
    30th from TweetDeck in reply to ChasenSkinner
  • @GeekNews I am learning about e-books. Maybe that’s the way to go…9:32
    AM Jul 30th from TweetDeck in reply to GeekNews
  • RT @weirdnews: Oops! Neighbor stored ‘stolen’ car for 2
    yearshttp://is.gd/1UCho9:30 AM Jul 30th from TweetDeck
  • @SeanPKelley #microsoft only bought the #search. #email will still
    be #yahoo POC. You should use #gmail anyway.9:57 AM Jul
    29th from TweetDeck in reply to SeanPKelley
  • #Podcast Ep 97 – 4 more codes
    in #summerofpodcasts #contesthttp://ping.fm/Ot2c6 (#Geekazine)4:04 PM
    Jul 28th from Ping.fm
  • http://talkshowtips.com/ what are you working on? BOOYAH!11:01 AM Jul
    28th from Booyah
  • Our Stance on “Rumor Mill” items like Apple Tablets
    -http://ping.fm/QsjSo (#Geekazine)10:21 AM Jul 28th from Identica
  • Dood! Ninja Assassin looks Friggin awesome -http://ping.fm/XQYRT9:47 AM
    Jul 28th from Ping.fm
  • RT #Mpora and win a #Macbook Pro #contest7:55 AM Jul 28th from TweetDeck
  • trying the BOOYAH! App for iphone6:50 AM Jul 28th from Booyah
  • #POLL How do you watch TV at a
    Hotel? http://ping.fm/fqLZg(#Geekazine)6:39 AM Jul 28th from Ping.fm
  • Believe it or not, I am making an early night of it. Say ‘Gnight Gracy’.
    Gnight Gracy.8:56 PM Jul 27th from Ping.fm
  • Because of unforeseen circumstances, #Summerofpodcasts#contest drawing
    and #Podcastcarnivale have been postponed until Aug 10 – 7 PM EST1:02 PM
    Jul 27th from Ping.fm
  • Week in Tech History – Yahoo Shareholders Meeting
    -http://ping.fm/VQGEi (#Geekazine)2:14 AM Jul 27th from Ping.fm
  • Why does every new program I install need to install “Alert Sounds”?
    ARGH! Off with the Stupid sounds!!4:01 PM Jul 25th from Ping.fm
  • Good times, great drinks and tons of fun6:39 PM Jul 24th from Ping.fm
  • @sunspotwendy maybe… Where r u?12:09 PM Jul 24th from TweetDeck in
    reply to sunspotwendy
  • #happyhour what u drinking? http://twitpic.com/bgxuc11:36 AM Jul
    24th from TweetDeck
  • 5 Tech Things you should know – Ep.2 – Get Laid
    Offhttp://ping.fm/30o5p (#Geekazine)8:47 PM Jul 23rd from Ping.fm
  • #Video is almost done. Still not happy with lighting though.8:10 PM Jul
    23rd from Ping.fm
  • Morning Coffee: Then and Now
    – #Bitstrips http://ping.fm/u8GJh(#Geekazine)1:03 PM Jul
    23rd from Ping.fm
  • Gonna give you 1 free entry into
    the http://ping.fm/9qNqX(#summerofpodcasts) #contest. The Code word is
    ‘FREE’. Go ahead & RT12:01 AM Jul 23rd from Identica
  • @johnobeto yep. That is why I said it ssounds like fun.8:14 PM Jul
    22nd from TweetDeck in reply to johnobeto
  • @johnobeto sounds like fun6:45 PM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck in reply to
  • #Podcast – The Late Edition, #Apple, #Yahoo Q2
    results.http://ping.fm/wY4Wb (#Geekazine)2:11 PM Jul 22nd from Ping.fm
  • RT @AngeloMandato: Blubrry PowerPress 0.9.1 released, this version is
    solid folks! includes something for everyone too!1:29 PM Jul
    22nd from TweetDeck
  • @GeekNews Remember the Antenna Booster? http://bit.ly/Hx7x5They should
    make one for iPhone….11:10 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck in reply to
  • #summerofpodcasts #Contest – Week 4 on now!9:03 AM Jul
    22nd from TweetDeck
  • @jsmith1017 the iPhone also learns as u go- in a way. So if u used that
    word allready…9:02 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck in reply to jsmith1017
  • The dang #podcast machine is acting up again. Ack! Guess I finish the
    show tmrw. Grr.1:36 AM Jul 22nd from Ping.fm
  • @osxdude try it now10:52 PM Jul 21st from TweetDeck in reply to osxdude
  • @jsmith1017 where Am I suppose to type it in? I’m getting nothing.10:50
    PM Jul 21st from TweetDeck in reply to jsmith1017
  • Apparently, the site had an issue that I could not see. I have sacked
    the problem. http://ping.fm/1fNWk (#Geekazine)8:39 PM Jul
    21st from Ping.fm
  • Is #AT&T really to blame for
    spotty #3G coverage?http://ping.fm/46z9L (#Geekazine)8:03 PM Jul
    21st from Ping.fm
  • http://ping.fm/p/MvxgZ – The Spellcheck said What?8:01 PM Jul
    21st from Ping.fm
  • Is there anyone that can give me a camtweet invite?6:42 PM Jul
    20th from TweetDeck
  • Even Music Videos like Black Eyed Peas can be
    Dorkyhttp://ping.fm/aCutu (#Dorkazine)10:43 AM Jul 20th from Ping.fm
  • #WITH (Week in Tech History) – #Google #Knol Debuts
    -http://ping.fm/Sb0jU (#Geekazine)2:23 AM Jul 20th from Ping.fm
  • Looking at Website Stats and noticed a big decline in this weekend. Is
    everyone out and about or something?9:01 PM Jul 19th from Ping.fm
  • @johnobeto figured as much. I think you hit a keyword there, too.11:11
    AM Jul 18th from TweetDeck in reply to johnobeto
  • @johnobeto don’t listen to pat buchanon9:47 AM Jul
    18th from TweetDeck in reply to johnobeto
  • working on an update to the site. Big project. Have to wait for server
    comp. to get back so I can cont.2:04 AM Jul 18th from Ping.fm
  • Klytus, I’m bored. What play thing can you offer me today?6:09 PM Jul
    17th from Ping.fm
  • #sociable tell me what you are drinking right now. For me, it’s a diet
    coke4:10 PM Jul 17th from Ping.fm
  • Tried the fix so I can sync up iPhone with desktop and notebook. It
    messed up all the apps. At least it syncs…2:42 PM Jul
    17th from Ping.fm
  • #Video – 5 Tech Things you Should know Ep.1
    -http://ping.fm/8JXVy (#Geekazine)10:46 AM Jul 17th from Ping.fm
  • One #video uploading, another processing. Good thing I have
    the#iPhone to surf3:51 PM Jul 16th from Ping.fm
  • Win7 comp. acting funny. Said I had an illegal copy. Then I realized it
    thought it was 2010.1:14 PM Jul 16th from Ping.fm
  • @AngeloMandato it’s just an example. Nothing to take litterally.12:23 PM
    Jul 16th from TweetDeck in reply to AngeloMandato
  • #summerofpodcasts #Contest – Call for #Tech #Podcasters for special
    @ustream event #Podcastcarnivale on Aug. 9th. Prize Giveaways and
    more!8:58 AM Jul 16th from TweetDeck
  • @AngeloMandato If I can do , that would help
    out immensely.8:55 AM Jul 16th from TweetDeck in reply to AngeloMandato
  • @blubrry @angelomandato #Shortcodes – yes. That would solve my problem
    of Sub-#podcasts not showing up on posts.7:49 AM Jul
    16th from TweetDeck in reply to blubrry
  • #Podcast Ep 95 – The Kittens Take
    Over http://ping.fm/Ze4fl(#Geekazine)11:25 PM Jul 14th from Ping.fm
  • Lost 200 followers on twitter from the bot clean. Goodbye to
    the#bots9:37 PM Jul 14th from Ping.fm
  • At a Client site – #Podcast will be a little delayed tonight.4:33 PM Jul
    14th from Ping.fm
  • Just listened to @kevinpollak #podcast with @thatkevinsmith. What a wild
    show. Lots of swearing. Hey, can I be on sometime?1:58 PM Jul
    14th from TweetDeck
  • Website Collage Shows How Private Your History
    Ishttp://ping.fm/87CgW (#Dorkazine)12:03 AM Jul 14th from Ping.fm
  • @clintthayer thanks for the mention6:18 PM Jul 13th from TweetDeck in
    reply to clintthayer
  • RT @kriskkd: RT @tankriot @abraham Podcasts in
    Madison:http://bit.ly/WpuXN mentions @ksquire and @geekazine to name a
    few4:27 PM Jul 13th from TweetDeck
  • RT @mgkimsal: #Summerofpodcasts going on now
    -http://tinyurl.com/ko7eky (via @webdevradio)5:41 PM Jul
    12th from TweetDeck
  • @robl27 I just turned it off. No thing for me.5:41 PM Jul
    12th from TweetDeck in reply to robl27
  • Wow. #DTV signal on all channels is breaking up. Can’t seem to watch a
    show. Doesn’t matter – TV’s only on for noise.4:12 PM Jul
    12th from Ping.fm
  • Just found out Ryan renolds will be playing green lantern. I think this
    is a great choice.12:09 PM Jul 12th from TweetDeck
  • These #mobile #apps are nice, but I think I like the full versions on my
    pc / mac better3:24 PM Jul 11th from TweetDeck
  • Tomorrow is kilbourn city hawks semi pro ball8:21 PM Jul
    10th from TweetDeck
  • RT @axmc: #HPTF Watch Andy and Jeffrey saying goodbye from Las
    Vegas http://bit.ly/sv33a4:05 PM Jul 10th from TweetDeck
  • #followfriday that matters – @allgood2 for organizing community
    events11:09 AM Jul 10th from TweetDeck
  • @allgood2 raffle9:09 AM Jul 10th from TweetDeck in reply to allgood2
  • @allgood2 if you do, I’ll donate something8:31 AM Jul
    10th from TweetDeck in reply to allgood2
  • RT @LGatCEA: CEA’s research library: Did you know the average game
    player age is 35 and 25% of gamers are over 50?http://bit.ly/Uxiwx7:28
    AM Jul 10th from TweetDeck
  • @abraham hey, if I got a free android, I wouldve used it9:29 PM Jul
    9th from TweetDeck in reply to abraham
  • @brandonstuff85 thanks. I am glad you enjoyed it9:28 PM Jul
    9th from TweetDeck in reply to brandonstuff85
  • Day 1 – the iPhone – http://ping.fm/zdBBs (#Geekazine)6:49 PM Jul
    9th from Ping.fm
  • David Coursey is getting a new hole ripped into him on this
    article:http://ping.fm/BNNwZ (#pcworld)11:44 AM Jul 9th from Ping.fm
  • Goodbye old phone. #iphone, here I come.9:54 AM Jul 9th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination Wait! I Know! An Index finger with a little rubber on
    it!#MUHUHAHAHA9:21 AM Jul 9th from TweetDeck in reply to caffination
  • @caffination A Pinky? #MUHUHAHAHA9:20 AM Jul 9th from TweetDeck in reply
    to caffination
  • Podcasts from Madison, WI – Interview with the Isthmus
    -http://ping.fm/6nhLe (#Geekazine)9:07 AM Jul 9th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination I got coffee, but no paperwork. #MUHUHAHAHA!7:33 AM Jul
    9th from TweetDeck in reply to caffination
  • Should Alpha, Beta and RC Standardizations be
    Set?http://ping.fm/BMsq3 (#Geekazine)5:40 AM Jul 9th from Ping.fm
  • #Google 5 year beta – Why we should regulate the terms
    -http://ping.fm/BIeQM (#Geekazine)11:29 PM Jul 8th from Identica
  • #Twitter #CSS seems to be messed up. Not just my machine, either.5:31 PM
    Jul 8th from Ping.fm
  • @kaitfoley Why, are you applying?4:04 PM Jul 8th from TweetDeck in reply
    to kaitfoley
  • RT @kaitfoley: Playboy is hiring an executive assistant.1:15 PM Jul
    8th from TweetDeck
  • Oscar Mayer Passes away. He was 95. Everybody sing – I wish I was an
    Oscar Mayer Weiner… http://ping.fm/IVyOX1:14 PM Jul 8th from Ping.fm
  • Powerhouse POD – #HPTF – http://ping.fm/MnOSl (#Geekazine)8:56 AM Jul
    8th from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast Ep 94 – Winner of Summer of
    Geekazine #Contesthttp://ping.fm/bNTnG (#Geekazine)5:06 PM Jul
    7th from Ping.fm
  • @txa1265 And for that tweet, you have won the#SummerofGeekazine contest
    – the Artisan 700. Please send your details. Thanks.4:31 PM Jul
    7th from TweetDeck
  • Getting ready to
    do #podcast – http://ping.fm/cfMfY(#live.geekazine.com)3:22 PM Jul
    7th from Ping.fm
  • lol. Is Justin nearby? RT @AndruEdwards: How awkward a moment would it
    be if Janet flashed a boob about now? (via @Akula).12:46 PM Jul
    7th from TweetDeck
  • It’s not that I forgot @LGatCEA from that list, it’s that when I went
    searching for her twitter, #tweetdeck decided to post my tweet.12:43 PM
    Jul 7th from TweetDeck
  • Thanks to @axmc, @rkowalski7 and @taradunion for a great
    discussion.12:40 PM Jul 7th from TweetDeck
  • RT @GeekNews: show number 491 listen to win big prizes next week & end
    of month. http://www.blogurl.net/68990/#summerofpodcasts #Contest10:53
    PM Jul 6th from TweetDeck
  • @SeanPKelley Thanks. Once the lighting gets adjusted, it should be a lot
    better.9:34 PM Jul 6th from TweetDeck in reply to SeanPKelley
  • Video Test 1 – the Green Screen – http://ping.fm/jfa7o (#Geekazine)6:28
    PM Jul 6th from Ping.fm
  • TX to @johnobeto: RT Met @AXMC, @Kkarsten, and @Geekazineat #hptf.
    Seeing them approach stuff in a professional way was really cool.6:22 PM
    Jul 6th from TweetDeck
  • @EpicOnline nope. Tomorrow. Today was work in the new studio day.6:22 PM
    Jul 6th from TweetDeck in reply to Memtech
  • I think I shall run for the border now….12:20 PM Jul 6th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh LOL. I might have a new one all ready to go. But I have more
    than one, so let me know what “Cheap” is…12:18 PM Jul
    6th from TweetDeck in reply to douglasawh
  • #summerofpodcasts #contest remember 3 shows to listen to this week
    – http://ping.fm/8IQxW12:17 PM Jul 6th from Ping.fm
  • #WITH – Major DNS Issues – http://ping.fm/JJJ4z (#Geekazine)10:41 AM Jul
    6th from Ping.fm
  • The computer won’t handle my new webcam. Time for a new computer?3:04 PM
    Jul 4th from Ping.fm
  • Celebrate 10 years of Moonfruit and win a MacBook
    Prohttp://bit.ly/96bxC #moonfruit5:07 PM Jul 3rd from web
  • #POLL Was the decision to reverse the MySpace Mom sentence
    just? http://ping.fm/RVOqi (#Geekazine)10:51 AM Jul 3rd from Ping.fm

  • I like the Twitter updates. Makes administration better. Could use a few
    more updates, like a sort feature. Nonetheless, progress is good.12:00
    AM Jul 3rd from web
  • Day…. not…. going… too….. well….. http://ff.im/4IIGI10:20 AM
    Jul 2nd from FriendFeed
  • How is it that Paypal has mantainance during the day when they close at
    night? Shouldn’t you run mantainance then?8:30 AM Jul 2nd from Ping.fm
  • Just found out that instead of Paypal sending money to my bank account,
    they took money. Now I’m overdrawn. Not a happy camper…12:03 AM Jul
    2nd from Ping.fm
  • #Summerofpodcasts #Contest is Underway. 3 shows to catch this week for
    the codewords. http://ping.fm/DMlcg12:13 AM Jul 1st from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast Ep 93
    – #Summerofpodcasts edition http://ping.fm/Y9zx9(#Geekazine)6:27 PM Jun
    30th from Ping.fm
  • Going live with the #Podcast in 10
    min http://ping.fm/S2ehx(#Geekazine)4:44 PM Jun 30th from Ping.fm
  • @ShanePitman you going to blogworld NME?3:04 PM Jun 30th from TweetDeck
  • Thank you for the RT @MummaBear – You RAWK!2:25 PM Jun
    30th from TweetDeck
  • 16 Tech Innovations that didn’t Quite
    Stick http://ping.fm/sJXkC(#Geekazine)12:38 PM Jun 30th from Ping.fm
  • In the last week I’ve noticed whenever I use #Google, it takes a long
    time to load. Today I did 20 #bing searches to Googles’ 1. Problems?6:29
    AM Jun 30th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL – Do you think Universal Chargers are a good
    thing?http://ping.fm/eKnaP (#Geekazine)10:56 PM Jun 29th from Ping.fm
  • Tomorrow starts the #summerofpodcasts #contest. 3 shows to get codes
    from.10:18 PM Jun 29th from Ping.fm
  • Week in Tech History – Ask.com buys Dictionary.com
    -http://ping.fm/EgykP (#Geekazine)1:35 PM Jun 29th from Ping.fm
  • Ramblings – Where’d the Week Go? http://ping.fm/0eyuw(#Geekazine)9:57 AM
    Jun 28th from Ping.fm
  • RT @Norbtek: Billy Mays, age 50, the Oxy Clean guy, found dead at home
    in Tampa, Fl. Celebrities are dropping like flies!9:44 AM Jun
    28th from TwitterGadget
  • Catching up on #Podcasts @Bwana @axmc and @geeknews.9:29 AM Jun
    28th from Ping.fm
  • @johnobeto Thanks for the props John11:24 PM Jun 27th from TweetDeck in
    reply to johnobeto
  • @GuruOfSales I didn’t hear about Ed until later. I must’ve missed
    it…11:23 PM Jun 27th from TweetDeck in reply to GuruOfSales
  • Only 5 more days before the start
    of #SummerofPodcast #Contest -http://ping.fm/nqAmA11:57 AM Jun
    26th from Identica
  • @JasonCalacanis I don’t like feeling out of control. Demerol would prob.
    drive me crazy.11:49 AM Jun 26th from twhirl in reply to Jason
  • @HillaryMoney hey, it’s Friday. ;)11:48 AM Jun 26th from twhirl in reply
    to HillaryMoney
  • Only 5 more days before the start
    of #SummerofPodcast #Contest -http://ping.fm/nqAmA10:41 AM Jun
    26th from Ping.fm
  • #Fretlight Guitar- Video review: http://ping.fm/4jeH9 (#Geekazine)10:30
    AM Jun 26th from Ping.fm
  • @GuruOfSales RIP MJ and FF only begs for the Trifecta to complete. Who
    will be the 3rd? Abe Vigoda?3:48 AM Jun 26th from web in reply to
  • 15 Dumb Laws – http://ping.fm/0dD1P (#Dorkazine)3:16 AM Jun
    26th from Ping.fm
  • POD Datacenter – #HPTF http://ping.fm/gn2TD (#Geekazine)2:02 AM Jun
    26th from Ping.fm
  • Guest Appearance on PC/Mac
    Smackdown http://ping.fm/Q7mKB(#Geekazine)1:23 AM Jun 26th from Ping.fm
  • I just got a $0.01 payment on Paypal. WTFC?1:18 PM Jun 25th from Ping.fm
  • #Fluxbox on #Debian – http://ping.fm/08kLN (#Geekazine)1:06 PM Jun
    25th from Ping.fm
  • #summerofpodcasts and #podcastcarnivale announcements:http://ping.fm/Jognv (#Geekazine)1:01
    PM Jun 25th from Ping.fm
  • DTV Conversion in US is Over. Now is it Time for Digital
    Radio?http://ping.fm/OPFXo (#Geekazine)9:24 PM Jun 24th from Ping.fm
  • On http://ping.fm/oFuuF (#PCMACSMACKDOWN) right now.6:51 PM Jun
    24th from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast Ep 92 – #Contests Galore http://ping.fm/5iu6W(#Geekazine)8:18
    PM Jun 23rd from Ping.fm
  • @ninabuik It was my pleasure. BTW – How did your session go?5:23 PM Jun
    23rd from TweetDeck in reply to ninabuik
  • What? I am suppose to do a #Podcast tonight? Um… I think I have a bit
    too much on my plate rt now. But I love mashed potatoes…5:00 PM Jun
    23rd from Ping.fm
  • @LGatCEA Confessions of a Shopoholic? I laughed once in the movie. It
    was the worst flight I ever had.4:52 PM Jun 23rd from twhirl in reply to
  • Only a few days left on the Summer of Geekazine Contest
    -http://ping.fm/Pn2Jv (#Geekazine)11:36 AM Jun 23rd from Ping.fm
  • #summerofpodcasts #contest is coming. More info tomorrow.11:16 AM Jun
    23rd from Identica
  • Finally took apart the video camera. Trying to figure out how to replace
    the crappy internal microphone.8:01 AM Jun 22nd from Ping.fm
  • Week in Tech History – Bill Gates Steps Down
    from #Microsofthttp://ping.fm/lyC3u (#Geekazine)7:19 PM Jun
    21st from Ping.fm
  • Want to get me to watch ‘confessions of a shopaholic?’ just stick me on
    a plane for 3 hrs in the middle of the night.3:32 AM Jun
    19th from Ping.fm
  • From being on a sandy beach in the middle of a hotel to the local
    airport. Goodbye, #vegas.10:23 PM Jun 18th from Ping.fm
  • One more song then its the beach boys #hptf9:09 PM Jun 18th from Ping.fm
  • @johnobeto You should have been here for the Keynote. We had to stop
    recording when Dr Michael Kaku came up. What a great presentation7:07 PM
    Jun 18th from TweetDeck in reply to johnobeto
  • Day 4 – #HPTF Wrap Up – http://ping.fm/XE8Vr (#Geekazine)6:55 PM Jun
    18th from Ping.fm
  • Wow. I’m #2 on this list: http://ping.fm/6bNXE (#Tweetreach)3:27 PM Jun
    18th from Ping.fm
  • #HPTF have to go dark for Dr. Michael Kaku – Live blog on Geekazine.com
    (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/mD4)2:37 PM Jun 18th from web
  • #HPTF Rob Helm – Closing Keynote (Broadcasting live
    athttp://ustre.am/mD4)2:02 PM Jun 18th from web
  • @HPTechForum2009 Whoops. I meant 31451:47 PM Jun 18th from TwitterGadget
  • @HPTechForum2009 I say 81451:46 PM Jun 18th from TwitterGadget
  • #HPTF Closing Keynote LIVE Blog – http://ping.fm/0sPWm(#Geekazine)1:32
    PM Jun 18th from Ping.fm
  • #HPTF Closing Keynotes (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/mD4)1:25 PM
    Jun 18th from web
  • #HPTF Day 4 Floor (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/mD4)11:00 AM Jun
    18th from web
  • All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go – but my plane doesn’t leave
    until 11:30 tonight. Will get an hour to see the Beach Boys at#HPTF9:13
    AM Jun 18th from Ping.fm
  • Gwen Kept the #HPTF feed going all night. (Broadcasting live
    athttp://ustre.am/mD4)8:14 AM Jun 18th from web
  • breakfast!7:45 AM Jun 18th from Ping.fm
  • Day 3 Wrap Up – #HPTF http://ping.fm/YdK2f (#Geekazine)10:49 PM Jun
    17th from Ping.fm
  • #hptf staff getting hall ready for evening reception. (Broadcasting live
    at http://ustre.am/mD4)5:26 PM Jun 17th from web
  • Day 2 Wrap UP #HPTF – http://ping.fm/ctePI (#Geekazine)2:01 PM Jun
    17th from Ping.fm
  • #HPTF Show Floor (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/mD4)11:31 AM Jun
    17th from web
  • #HPTF interviewing HP Storage Chris McCall and Brian Ignomirello
    (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/mD4)10:49 AM Jun 17th from web
  • #HPTF Day 3 LIVE (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/mD4)10:10 AM Jun
    17th from web
  • #Podcast – Live from #HPTF http://ping.fm/wAZ5m (#Geekazine)8:09 PM Jun
    16th from Ping.fm
  • Podcast LIVE NOW from #HPTF – http://ping.fm/ObEfB(#Geekazine)7:02 PM
    Jun 16th from Ping.fm
  • #HPTF Wrap Up Video (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/mD4)6:14 PM
    Jun 16th from web
  • I am coining the term CADD – computer attention defecit disorder.4:52 PM
    Jun 16th from Ping.fm
  • #HPTF Expo Hall LIVE (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/mD4)1:44 PM
    Jun 16th from web
  • #HPTF Day 1 – http://ping.fm/atoHb (#Geekazine)1:59 AM Jun
    16th from Ping.fm
  • Quickcast – #HPTF Keynote http://ping.fm/q1BWZ (#Geekazine)9:40 PM Jun
    15th from Ping.fm
  • Showing @halleyclaire who the Speed Reader was on#GreatSpaceCoaster9:25
    PM Jun 15th from Ping.fm
  • RT @johnobeto: #hptf tweetup
    @chasenskinner @[email protected] @shanepitman @sspearson @[email protected] @ninabuick9:19
    PM Jun 15th from twhirl
  • #HPTF me, @axmc and @kkarsten are the only ones left in the hall.
    Personal concert, too.6:28 PM Jun 15th from twhirl
  • #HPTF Prith Banerjee5:44 PM Jun 15th from Ping.fm
  • #HPTF Paul Miller5:14 PM Jun 15th from Ping.fm
  • #HPTF Ann Livermore4:52 PM Jun 15th from Ping.fm
  • #HPTF Keynote Intro Tom Iaonotti4:41 PM Jun 15th from Ping.fm
  • Live Blog of the HP Tech Forum
    Keynote #HPTFhttp://ping.fm/2ogiZ (#Geekazine)4:29 PM Jun
    15th from Ping.fm
  • Small jaunt over to #fryes for extras.3:10 PM Jun 15th from Ping.fm
    of #HPTF – http://ping.fm/NAX87(#live.geekazine.com) #Geekazine12:00 PM
    Jun 15th from Ping.fm
  • Day 1 – #HPTF http://ping.fm/OgMvW (#Geekazine)10:40 AM Jun
    15th from Ping.fm
  • #HPTF tour with @hpstorageguy10:33 AM Jun 15th from Ping.fm
  • #hptf with
    @axmc @johnobeto @shanepitman @[email protected] @augenthaler on
    the ‘unofficial’ tour.9:29 AM Jun 15th from Ping.fm
  • Hello #vegas. I missed you.11:25 PM Jun 14th from Ping.fm
  • Great. I have the william shatner seat. Theres… Something… on the…
    wing…7:20 PM Jun 14th from Ping.fm
  • Minneapolis MN for the next hour…5:51 PM Jun 14th from Ping.fm
  • Off to MN on way to #hptf and #lasvegas baby! Just like #ces09 all over
    again!4:52 PM Jun 14th from Ping.fm
  • At the gate gotta wait for the plane to arrive. Bags in line waitin for
    the time to get to vegas at 11:05.3:23 PM Jun 14th from Ping.fm
  • The Friendfeed live update is going too fast to read at times.
    ACK!http://ff.im/3YeFj10:39 AM Jun 14th from FriendFeed
  • Still time to get in the Summer
    of #Geekazine Contesthttp://bit.ly/17Zcc910:27 AM Jun 14th from web
  • Week In Tech History – 6-15-09 – FireFox 3
    Debutshttp://ping.fm/cwu1V (#Geekazine)9:33 AM Jun 14th from Ping.fm
  • Less than 12 hours away from being on a plane to Vegas for#HPTF with
    @axmc and @kkarsten. Yeah. I’m a little excited.6:54 AM Jun
    14th from Ping.fm
  • @HP_Connect: RT @NinaBuik: Definitely. Fun will be had by all in Vegas
    for #HPTF1:29 PM Jun 13th from twhirl
  • OK. I set my Facebook username – JeffreyPowers if you want to find me on
    Facebook.8:31 AM Jun 13th from Ping.fm
  • 2 more days and I’m off to #HPTF with @axmc and @kkarsten1:39 PM Jun
    12th from Ping.fm
  • @EpicOnline Spike strips….12:00 PM Jun 11th from twhirl in reply to
  • I just can’t think today.11:54 AM Jun 11th from Ping.fm
  • #HPTF talking with @axmc and @kkarsten10:25 AM Jun 11th from twhirl
  • @ninabuik: LUAU at #HPTF? You know I am there for that!
    @[email protected]:58 AM Jun 11th from twhirl
  • Internet is now installed again at the house. RAWK!8:03 AM Jun
    11th from Ping.fm
  • @bwana you gonna be at #HPTF in Vegas?10:30 AM Jun 10th from twhirl
  • Podcast Ep. 90 – Back in Madison,
    WI http://ping.fm/2t403(#Geekazine)7:04 PM Jun 9th from Ping.fm
  • Just got word: I’m going back to Vegas for the HP Tech Forum and Expo.
    RAWK!7:51 AM Jun 9th from Ping.fm
  • Week in Tech History – Proxy Battle On; Microsoft’s Last
    Bidhttp://ping.fm/LrhK3 (#Geekazine)3:47 PM Jun 8th from Ping.fm
  • Pickup Lines for the #Dork in all of us
    – http://ping.fm/kChW8(#Dorkazine)11:16 PM Jun 5th from Ping.fm
  • Let the Phone Wars Begin
    – #Bitstrips http://ping.fm/FCEL6(#Geekazine)10:07 PM Jun
    4th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL palm pre or iPhone? http://ping.fm/eLHBr (#Geekazine)10:07 PM Jun
    4th from Ping.fm
  • @nebben Yeah. I was on their site and did not expect that to happen… I
    am not happy about that.1:35 PM Jun 4th from twhirl in reply to nebben
  • Retweeting @the_gman: The History Of Social Mediahttp://bit.ly/GWjhN1:30
    PM Jun 4th from twhirl
  • Retweeting @la_loquita: Q: Sir, what is your IQ? A: Well, I can see
    pretty well, I think.12:27 PM Jun 4th from twhirl
  • Literal Version Video: Total Eclipse of the Heart
    -http://ping.fm/cjRFk (#Dorkazine)12:09 PM Jun 4th from Ping.fm
  • @la_loquita Food….11:56 AM Jun 4th from twhirl in reply to la_loquita
  • WOW you can get hundreds of followers a day
    athttp://twittertrain.net10:20 AM Jun 4th from web
  • @garlin I think those signs are silly. Why announce these things –
    especially in a high accident – risk job?10:11 AM Jun 4th from twhirl in
    reply to garlin
  • Goodbye David Carridine – http://ping.fm/wR5Md8:52 AM Jun
    4th from Ping.fm

  • I finish moving one pile and the next one is right behind it…6:47 PM
    Jun 1st from web

  • I got too many drumsets…1:16 PM Jun 1st from web

  • Trailer king go to white castle…10:40 AM May 31st from web
  • #billbord otd – affordabe bankruptcy8:40 AM May 31st from web
  • @douglasawh Made for a interesting conundrum…1:21 PM May
    30th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • @douglasawh We were trying to find a hotel, the street is new, so Tom
    Tom didn’t have it in the DB. They DID have the hotel though.1:20 PM May
    30th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • @mgdell Band is playing a wedding.1:20 PM May 30th from twhirl in reply
    to mgdell
  • Believe it or not, these beds at the Country Inn & Sweets East in Grand
    Rapids MI is actually really comfortable.10:57 AM May 30th from Ping.fm
  • Got to Grand Rapids Michigan. At the Hotel. Setup the desk with the
    computers.1:33 AM May 30th from Ping.fm
  • Gary indiana smells nice this time of year…9:44 PM May
    29th from Ping.fm
  • In chicago. Used a tomtom for the first time. Very annoying…9:23 PM
    May 29th from Ping.fm
  • Main computer will be going offline for a couple days. Good thing I have
    the laptops….1:21 AM May 29th from Ping.fm
  • #VIDEO Installing Windows 7 on Ubuntu 9.04
    – #TVazinehttp://ping.fm/KP8Qk (#Geekazine)6:42 PM May 28th from Ping.fm
  • @nebben kewl5:28 PM May 28th from twhirl in reply to nebben
  • Hey folks. I will be in Grand Rapids Michigan for the weekend. Playing a
    wedding. Let me know if your out and about.5:26 PM May 28th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination I would like to see you “Cook” your podcast
    MUWHAHAHAHAHA!!5:24 PM May 28th from twhirl in reply to caffination
  • Bought a Handi bundler at a garage sale a couple weeks ago. Got to use
    it for the first time today. It rocked.5:23 PM May 28th from Ping.fm
  • Been messing around with something that should have been done hours ago.
    AUGH! WHY WON’T YOU WORK!?!11:52 AM May 28th from Ping.fm
  • Katos cajun for lunch. Yummy, yummy!9:49 AM May 28th from Ping.fm
  • All of my computers are either processing or uploading something. I
    think ill go get some coffe and lunch.9:40 AM May 28th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination A little early to be thinking about dinner, don’t you
    think?8:25 AM May 28th from twhirl in reply to caffination
  • #Facebook Data Cost: 20 Million
    – #Quickcasthttp://ping.fm/GCwML (#Geekazine)8:36 PM May
    27th from Ping.fm
  • Just sent off the #dell recall battery. New bat is workin like a
    champ!12:25 PM May 27th from Ping.fm
  • My #Geekchart – http://ping.fm/py7if (#Geekazine)11:05 AM May
    27th from Ping.fm
  • Win an Epson Artisan 700 – Summer of Geekazine
    Contesthttp://ping.fm/2bwNL (#Geekazine)10:55 AM May 27th from Ping.fm
  • #TVazine needs a logo. Anyone want to try their hand at it? Email me at
    Geekazine – #gmail10:16 AM May 27th from Ping.fm
  • A lot of changes in last month on #Podcast. If u haven’t heard it, pls
    take a listen & give feedback. http://is.gd/H5yf (#Geekazine)9:28 AM May
    27th from twhirl
  • #Podcast Ep 88 – Last Week Here http://ping.fm/zclsq (#Geekazine)4:22 PM
    May 26th from Ping.fm
  • Twitter Bots need to be Stopped – http://ping.fm/CUGU7(#Geekazine)9:51
    AM May 26th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL – Do you have or will you get a
    Netbook?http://ping.fm/OK7nW (#Geekazine)9:02 AM May 26th from Ping.fm
  • I think I’m on a Halfway point when it comes to packing. Should have
    everything packed tomorrow after Podcast. As long as I stay on
    track.12:56 AM May 26th from Ping.fm
  • Geekazine Partners with @Mevio –
    Launches #TVazine -http://ping.fm/6Ecv4 (#Geekazine)12:57 PM May
    25th from Ping.fm
  • Awkward Family Photos – http://ping.fm/m5Si7 (#Dorkazine)12:52 PM May
    25th from Ping.fm
  • Week in Tech History – Comcast
    Hacked: http://ping.fm/Nngiq(#Geekazine)12:35 AM May 25th from Ping.fm
  • @AndruEdwards Love the Famous Dave’s. Haven’t been there in a while.
    Which one u at?6:14 PM May 24th from twhirl in reply to AndruEdwards
  • @sunspotwendy Break a head….6:13 PM May 24th from twhirl in reply to
  • @MattBlaisdell Good point. Since the search is really basic, I might
    have taken out a follower or two that I shouldn’t have.6:13 PM May
    24th from twhirl in reply to MattBlaisdell
  • Cleaned up Dead profiles I was Following on Twitter. PLEASE @twitter – I
    would love a better listing of following/followed. Thank you.5:20 PM May
    24th from Ping.fm
  • Playing at 2:20 on stage 2 at #bratfest11:52 AM May 23rd from Ping.fm
  • #bratfest damon fowler. Kewl.5:05 PM May 22nd from Ping.fm
  • At #bratfest. Friend lisa wants a martini. I want a steakatini. Mmmm..
    Steak.11:48 AM May 22nd from Ping.fm
  • Going to #Bratfest for a while. Yes – we have a weekend where all we do
    is sit and eat Brats. HOO-HA!9:56 AM May 22nd from Ping.fm
  • #followfriday podcasts – @caffination for coffee.
    @pcmacsmackdown because cal is cool. @axmc for SDR News and @norbtek for
    the cool tech.9:35 AM May 22nd from twhirl
  • @caffination Now, that wouldn’t be too hard. I would just fry up the
    fish with some onions and chips on the side….9:06 AM May
    22nd from twhirl in reply to caffination
  • Moving – #Bitstrips Style http://ping.fm/U8JS5 (#Geekazine)6:00 PM May
    21st from Ping.fm
  • @Bwana Congrats on the 5 year plan.5:58 PM May 21st from web in reply to
  • @caffination Still, you say the word and I’ll ship the fish to ya…
    ;)3:35 PM May 21st from twhirl in reply to caffination
  • @caffination would you like a cichlid? They are somewhat vicious, but
    don’t bite like a piranha…6:10 AM May 21st from twhirl
  • @DedRyzing I am still searching for the first. I’m a die-hard that
    way…5:48 AM May 21st from twhirl in reply to DedRyzing
  • Coffee needs me5:35 AM May 21st from Ping.fm
  • @ScottSkiba a collective groan comes across the crowd…4:06 PM May
    20th from twhirl in reply to ScottSkiba
  • #listen2podcast todays shows: @bwana and @sdrnews10:15 AM May
    20th from twhirl
  • @jeffpower Why hello there, me!9:59 AM May 20th from twhirl in reply to
  • #WolframAlpha results for http://ping.fm/bshqq (#Geekazine)9:39 AM May
    19th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL Who do you use to search? http://ping.fm/YSBut(#Geekazine)9:28 AM
    May 19th from Ping.fm
  • At #GMCC learning about Truss structure7:45 AM May 19th from Ping.fm
  • Week in Tech History – 5-18-09 – ebay
    baby http://ping.fm/mdAhi(#Geekazine)5:07 PM May 18th from Ping.fm
  • Spending money I don’t really have… Client purchases.9:02 AM May
    18th from Ping.fm
  • @ontask Sorry. Was in the Dells last night.10:30 AM May
    17th from twhirl in reply to ontask
  • And now it’s time for #RockstarSaturdayNight3:36 PM May
    16th from Ping.fm
  • @nebben: #SleepInSaturday means I get to stay in
    bed.#SleepingSaturday means I can do it anywhere.7:40 AM May
    16th from twhirl
  • Can today be #SleepingSaturday ?6:45 AM May 16th from Ping.fm
  • #Followfriday Etiquitte http://ping.fm/Wjk5M (#Geeknewscentral)11:16 AM
    May 15th from Ping.fm
  • @AndruEdwards All of my music? Otherwise I always blast Ants Marching
    @DaveMatthewsB or Hook by Blues Traveller10:59 AM May
    15th from twhirl in reply to AndruEdwards
  • Duke Nukem – #Bitstrips Style http://ping.fm/fvbtz (#Geekazine)7:05 PM
    May 14th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination Zombie Ants? I love it…12:37 PM May 14th from twhirl
  • Broadcasting Hour 2 local area music writers at the #Livingmusicchannel
    (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/2YbJ)7:43 PM May 13th from web
  • Broadcasting local area music writers at the #Livingmusic channel
    (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/2YbJ)6:28 PM May 13th from web
  • Getting ready to run BIG Contest in June. If you would like to donate
    (consumer tech related), pls contact http://ping.fm/waDtO4:17 PM May
    13th from Ping.fm
  • @Bwana Is Blackberry chipping in on the Sling content?10:27 AM May
    13th from twhirl in reply to Bwana
  • Installing #Skype 4.09:58 AM May 13th from Ping.fm
  • @bwana correction – AT&T, not Apple.9:44 AM May 13th from twhirl
  • @bwana not in agreement on your #Slingbox soapbox. Why should Apple pay
    for Sling content?9:43 AM May 13th from twhirl
  • 1 box ready for new cables, 1 box going to Goodwill.9:24 AM May
    13th from Ping.fm
  • Pulled out the good ole cable box. separating antiquated cables to make
    room for new stuff. I don’t need token ring cables anymore9:03 AM May
    13th from Ping.fm
  • @robl27: Did you mean @Geeknews – @geekazine applaud you, can reach
    chats via IRC. http://tinyurl.com/c262wh forgot one thing 7 min
    delay!5:49 PM May 12th from twhirl
  • #Podcast Ep. 86 – Now on Stitcher – http://ping.fm/9Fqsd(#Geekazine)5:48
    PM May 12th from Ping.fm
  • @gearlive is running a contest for a #Pantech smartphone
    -http://ping.fm/XeDLo (#Gearlive)11:10 AM May 12th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh Is it not going over to #identi.ca?9:49 AM May
    11th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • @benpulley Did you win?8:57 AM May 11th from twhirl in reply to
  • #POLL What was the last thing you just
    did? http://ping.fm/oAiew(#Geekazine)8:11 AM May 11th from Ping.fm
  • Week In Tech History – The Icahn Proxy Fight
    – http://ping.fm/TwvzF(#Geekazine)12:55 AM May 11th from Ping.fm
  • #startrek – wow.2:52 PM May 10th from Ping.fm
  • Movie theaters ruined the nachos. Used to love getting them. Now they
    look plastic. Oh well.11:53 AM May 10th from Ping.fm
  • Well, after winning Unique song, all was messed up. Congrats to my
    friends in Gladstone, Lucas Cates for their wins.11:41 PM May
    9th from Ping.fm
  • Sorry. I lost a couple #mamas awards because I just won unique song oty
    with art paul schlosser..6:05 PM May 9th from Ping.fm
  • #mamas blues song oty – fedora5:42 PM May 9th from Ping.fm
  • #mamas gladstone – new band oty.5:38 PM May 9th from Ping.fm
  • At the 2009 #mamas (madison area music awards). Up for 3
    nominations.5:31 PM May 9th from Ping.fm
  • Why Can’t We Be Friends – http://ping.fm/9PrAr (#Dorkazine)10:14 AM May
    9th from Ping.fm
  • Twitter Day? http://ping.fm/cWbjT (#Geekazine)9:53 AM May
    9th from Ping.fm
  • Installing Windows7 in a very special way…1:06 PM May 8th from Ping.fm
  • The 10 Commandments of iPhone
    – #Bitstrips – http://ping.fm/IAaNc(#Geekazine)2:26 AM May
    8th from Ping.fm
  • @nebben A very common occurrence. Batteries get made in different locs.
    In years of working on laptops, I only came across 3 times5:50 PM May
    7th from twhirl in reply to nebben
  • @nebben Dell D6005:44 PM May 7th from twhirl in reply to nebben
  • Installed #Ubuntu 9.04 on Dell. It informed me I had a recall battery.
    Worked well up til this time…3:00 PM May 7th from Ping.fm
  • @Bwana: RT chrispirillo: Community Member Missing – Your Help
    Needed http://bit.ly/12g3mT http://ff.im/-2GQlE2:35 PM May
    7th from twhirl
  • 3 times I have tried to download Windows 7 and all 3 have ended in
    corrupt versions. WTFC?2:32 PM May 7th from Ping.fm
  • Dear cs – please call back. Ty.7:57 AM May 7th from Ping.fm
  • Beardyman – Human Beatbox with Human
    Fluteboxhttp://ping.fm/Pd710 (#Dorkazine)10:13 PM May 6th from Ping.fm
  • Beardyman – Human Beatbox with Human
    Fluteboxhttp://ping.fm/Pd710 (#Dorkazine)10:13 PM May 6th from Ping.fm
  • #Quickcast – What Does YouTube need to do to cover costs
    -http://ping.fm/Yi1sO (#Geekazine)5:42 PM May 6th from Ping.fm
  • I lost sound from the computer sound system. Hopefully it didn’t
    die….5:12 PM May 6th from Ping.fm
  • I have 50 people of the same name following me on twitter. I
    smell#SPAM9:22 AM May 6th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh Are you not in Verona anymore? Where do you live?8:37 AM May
    6th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • @douglasawh These are the things I want to talk about. Let’s sit down
    and get it hashed out.3:33 PM May 5th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • The Firewire on the new podcast machine will make the computer freeze. I
    used it to listen to the recordings. I have a workaround though.2:50 PM
    May 5th from Ping.fm
  • Ready to start #Podcast for the week. Check it out live
    -http://ping.fm/19yIq (#Geekazine)1:05 PM May 5th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh Sorry – but June 1 is not possible for me. Really want to
    sit down and talk about this before we do anything.9:52 AM May
    5th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • Dom DeLuise passes – http://ping.fm/Doxes (#MTV)9:32 AM May
    5th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL Would you Install Ubuntu if it had Virtual XP on
    it?http://ping.fm/3pLAh (#Geekazine)8:56 AM May 5th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh Got it. Thanks. As for new site, we need to sit down and
    talk about it.10:28 PM May 4th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • OK, updating system videos. Why does this program only want MPEG-2?10:26
    PM May 4th from Ping.fm
  • Week in Tech History – 5-04-09 – TorrentSpy Pays
    -http://ping.fm/lfi4z (#Geekazine)11:11 AM May 4th from Ping.fm
  • @ontask Sorry I couldn’t stay. I was just popping in for a minute since
    all last week I was in Chicago.9:29 AM May 4th from twhirl in reply to
  • Blue Snowball USB Mic – http://ping.fm/0Ckhi (#Geekazine Review)8:40 AM
    May 4th from Ping.fm
  • Updating some boxes to #Ubuntu 9.047:45 AM May 4th from Ping.fm
  • I will be starting to build a Joomla site. Anyone want to help?11:35 AM
    May 3rd from twhirl
  • Avoid Swine Flu – Clean Your Keyboard /
    Mousehttp://ping.fm/jE4dy (#Geekazine)9:58 AM May 3rd from Ping.fm
  • @raster Which video is it?7:18 AM May 3rd from twhirl in reply to raster
  • Want to know about me? Just txt ‘Geekazine’ to 505004:03 PM May
    2nd from Ping.fm
  • Change of plans. #milw to #bucketworks for #photocampmilwaulkee10:27 AM
    May 2nd from Ping.fm
  • All packed up. Heading home. This week of #CMSX was fun.9:30 AM May
    2nd from Ping.fm
  • #CMSX The Joomla Song (Finally
    uploaded) http://ping.fm/a41RI(#Geekazine)8:10 AM May 2nd from Ping.fm
  • Having chicago pizza at giordanos6:34 PM May 1st from Ping.fm
  • #cmsx Just won #joomla 1.5 a users guide by barrie north. I was sitting
    next to barrie4:23 PM May 1st from Ping.fm
  • #Followfriday – part of the panel of
    @CMSExpo @[email protected] @RobertJacobi @v8x @eaton @TheRealCrell #CMSX3:27
    PM May 1st from Ping.fm
  • RT axmc #cmsx moving to Q&A session and Final Remarks (Broadcasting live
    at http://ustre.am/1t6N)3:05 PM May 1st from Ping.fm
  • Hour and a half in a #Joomla session without my Coffee. At least I had
    an ice cream bar…12:49 PM May 1st from Ping.fm
  • #CMSX Joomla Template Design (Broadcasting live
    athttp://ustre.am/mD4)11:13 AM May 1st from web
  • #CMX Lunch KeynoteJerod Gringas (Broadcasting live
    athttp://ustre.am/mD4)10:38 AM May 1st from web
  • #CMSX Lunchen (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/mD4)10:16 AM May
    1st from web
  • #CMSX Mitch Pirtle – Microblogging with Content
    Managementhttp://ping.fm/4Eeyc (#Geekazine)9:26 AM May 1st from Ping.fm
  • Why are people RT #Followfriday posts? Please let me know WHY I should
    follow if you do this.9:10 AM May 1st from twhirl
  • #CMSX Day 2.5:58 AM May 1st from Ping.fm
  • #CMSX They kicked us out of the Hotel Orrington Bar.9:27 PM Apr
    30th from Ping.fm
  • @PCFirestorm Yeah, but the #Joomla Song didn’t have me on the Harp….
    ;)7:59 PM Apr 30th from twhirl in reply to stevetrullinger
  • @douglasawh What do you want to know about #netbooks?7:57 PM Apr
    30th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • #cmsx they just did a #joomla song. Not as good as the #drupalsong.5:23
    PM Apr 30th from Ping.fm
  • #cmsx doug vann on drupal12:46 PM Apr 30th from Ping.fm
  • #cmsx nancy garrity – alfresco10:45 AM Apr 30th from Identica
  • #cmsx bryan house – acquia on hosting for the enterprise9:09 AM Apr
    30th from Ping.fm
  • #cmsx merav knafo – usability testing8:56 AM Apr 30th from Ping.fm
  • #cmsx – ken wasetis8:46 AM Apr 30th from Ping.fm
  • #cmsx david west – dotcomm8:41 AM Apr 30th from Ping.fm
  • #CMSX Wilco Jansen – Open Source Project
    – http://ping.fm/af4w2(#Geekazine)7:13 AM Apr 30th from Ping.fm
  • #cmsx Opening keynote – matt asay – #alfresco7:07 AM Apr
    30th from Ping.fm
  • #Quickcast – Twitter – I Don’t Get it
    – http://ping.fm/Rjb2X(#Geekazine)11:43 PM Apr 29th from Ping.fm
  • #cmsx I just heard the #drupal song.7:32 PM Apr 29th from Ping.fm
  • #CMSX – Kendall Cabe – CoachingPro http://ping.fm/s7Ucf(#Geekazine)4:33
    PM Apr 29th from Ping.fm
  • #CMSX Ellen Martin – CoachingPro http://ping.fm/RDNWd(#Geekazine)3:38 PM
    Apr 29th from Ping.fm
  • #CMSX Tiffany Farriss Palanir – http://ping.fm/OgnpL2:18 PM Apr
    29th from Ping.fm
  • #cmsx jen kramer mckibben of 4web http://ping.fm/mfjTd1:59 PM Apr
    29th from Ping.fm
  • #cmsx george demet of palantir1:39 PM Apr 29th from Ping.fm
  • #cmsx steve fisher from idea mart interview1:07 PM Apr 29th from Ping.fm
  • #CMSX CMS Expo Chicago 2009 Live
    Feed http://ping.fm/aQjKP(#Geekazine)12:30 PM Apr 29th from Ping.fm
  • Back from breakfast. Setting up #cmsx for interviews.8:57 AM Apr
    29th from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast Ep 84 – On the Road to CMS Expo
    – http://ping.fm/09j3L(#Geekazine)2:02 AM Apr 29th from Ping.fm
  • Getting disconnected from #uStream. Not a great hotel connection 4
    streaming I guess. Still, got to get the podcast out. @axmc here 2
    help8:08 PM Apr 28th from Ping.fm
  • On LIVE Now – http://ping.fm/GCZzA from Evanston Il for #CMSX5:22 PM Apr
    28th from Ping.fm
  • On LIVE now from the Hotel Room. Getting Podcast ready…4:42 PM Apr
    28th from Ping.fm
  • Got 2 major tasks today, then finish getting ready for Chicago and the
    CMS Expo #CMSX8:23 AM Apr 28th from Ping.fm
  • Packing for #CMSX 4 fun filled days in Chicago!10:23 PM Apr
    27th from Ping.fm
  • Guest Host on TPN Weekly http://ping.fm/kbkor (#Geekazine)10:14 PM Apr
    27th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh sounds good. I am swamped right now getting ready
    for #CMSX this week, so we should talk next week8:58 PM Apr
    27th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • @douglasawh I got the ogg feed to go. Use http://tinyurl.com/d2zllg8:40
    PM Apr 27th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • @douglasawh Could it be that they are using feedburner? Go to my site
    and try subscribing to my podcast. it’s itunes compliant.8:26 PM Apr
    27th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • @AndruEdwards That #Expotv site is missing the design. CSS issues?2:25
    PM Apr 27th from twhirl in reply to AndruEdwards
  • @gadgetboy: That RAWKS – RT – $5.99 App Turns iPhone Into Pro Audio
    Field Recorder http://ff.im/-2pbGz2:19 PM Apr 27th from twhirl
  • @Joey_Smith Is it a GOOD monday joke?1:10 PM Apr 27th from twhirl in
    reply to Joey_Smith
  • Making #Flash files and breaking down videos all day. Also preparing
    for #CMSX with @axmc and @kkarsten I’m in a groove, baby!12:22 PM Apr
    27th from Ping.fm
  • @RoyMorejon: Don’t know if it’s the Worst Logo Ever, but it does not
    look good for the church: http://bit.ly/Rwyi510:46 AM Apr
    27th from twhirl
  • @DeciderMadison LOL – the perils of Followers…10:40 AM Apr
    27th from twhirl in reply to AVClubMadison
  • @AndruEdwards Awesome.9:31 AM Apr 27th from twhirl in reply to
  • @technibble Thanks RT: http://tr.im/jOGc9:30 AM Apr 27th from twhirl in
    reply to technibble
  • Got a great idea for an #iPhone App. I wish that the Dev was available
    for Windows, though. Time to see if the #Mac can handle the Dev…8:58
    AM Apr 27th from Ping.fm
  • @jerell 500 GB Discs? That Rawks!6:19 AM Apr 27th from twhirl in reply
    to jerell
  • @gadgetboy Interesting.6:18 AM Apr 27th from twhirl in reply to
  • Week In Tech History 4-27-09 – iTunes Store
    Launcheshttp://ping.fm/i4Ksg (#Geekazine)3:25 PM Apr 26th from Ping.fm
  • #Video – MP3 FM Transmitters – http://ping.fm/4FEwW(#Geekazine)9:39 AM
    Apr 26th from Ping.fm
  • This day has been horribly long. But I got a lot of work done. Yay!8:31
    PM Apr 25th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL Do you Like the New Site
    Look? http://ping.fm/CEx9Y(#Geekazine)5:31 PM Apr 25th from Ping.fm
  • Long arse day today. I am just running around like a Chicken with head
    cut off. Expected to be back here an hour ago…1:23 PM Apr
    24th from Ping.fm
  • The New Look of http://ping.fm/95k4l (#Geekazine)8:55 AM Apr
    24th from Ping.fm
  • Was workin out some tunes on the Guitar. Part of Relax time.2:53 PM Apr
    23rd from Ping.fm
  • Thanks to @Sunspotwendy I am trying #Launchy9:21 AM Apr
    23rd from Ping.fm
  • How I Made it – #Bitstrips – http://ping.fm/wnm8d (#Geekazine)9:00 AM
    Apr 23rd from Ping.fm
  • C is for Coffee, that’s good enough for me…8:18 AM Apr
    23rd from Ping.fm
  • #Quickcast – The Post Office Should Offer an Email
    Solutionhttp://ping.fm/AkkJ1 (#Geekazine)6:29 PM Apr 22nd from Ping.fm
  • Goin to #Chicago next week for the #CMSExpo with @axmc and @kkarsten to
    video the event.11:52 AM Apr 22nd from Ping.fm
  • Websites look funny on #ie69:42 PM Apr 21st from Ping.fm
  • @mrvinux It’s very possible. Gotta watch how I send stuff, I guess4:57
    PM Apr 21st from twhirl in reply to mrvinux
  • #Podcast Ep 83 http://ping.fm/oLKIp (#Geekazine)4:02 PM Apr
    21st from Ping.fm
  • Link with hashtag http://ping.fm/Ctoi0 (#Geekazine)3:57 PM Apr
    21st from Ping.fm
  • link http://ping.fm/7sKGW3:56 PM Apr 21st from Ping.fm
  • #hashtag3:55 PM Apr 21st from Ping.fm
  • @mrvinux What is more annoying is Ping.fm says “Message was sent”3:52 PM
    Apr 21st from twhirl in reply to mrvinux
  • @mrvinux I think it has to do with links or hashtags. If I just put in
    text, it pushes through.3:51 PM Apr 21st from twhirl in reply to mrvinux
  • Anybody else notice ping has been dropping messages? This has been over
    a few days now.3:39 PM Apr 21st from Ping.fm
  • For those that don’t know- eating straight from the stores salad bar is
    a form of STEALING. Its also disgusting 2 watch.10:45 AM Apr
    21st from Ping.fm
  • @uwbci Congrats on the news. I will also be including on the show notes.
    GO BADGERS!8:08 AM Apr 21st from twhirl in reply to uwbci
  • We Didn’t Start the Flame War – http://ping.fm/8LNl1 (#Dorkazine)7:57 AM
    Apr 21st from Ping.fm
  • #POLL Do You Agree with Pirate Bay
    Decision?http://ping.fm/TKUKk (#Geekazine)6:46 AM Apr 21st from Ping.fm
  • I’ve been tired all day. Now I am wide awake.8:06 PM Apr
    20th from Ping.fm
  • http://ping.fm/p/1Y2Ep – Saw these at Goodwill. $4.99.11:50 AM Apr
    20th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawhsport Had to shelf til now due to site issues. Also making a
    cross platform design. We should get together and talk about site.9:11
    AM Apr 20th from twhirl in reply to douglasawhsport
  • #WITH – Do You Yahoo? http://ping.fm/T7ZBz (#Geekazine)11:34 PM Apr
    19th from Ping.fm
  • #Quickcast Week In Tech History is being produced and will be out a
    little later tonight.8:05 PM Apr 19th from Ping.fm
  • @TechCrusader Thanks, but it was @miketechshow that did
    the#Glaryutilities presentation2:18 PM Apr 19th from twhirl in reply to
  • Sorry guys about #openeverything. My schedule just didn’t allow it.7:51
    AM Apr 19th from Ping.fm
  • #TPN #Roundtable Happening shortly
    – http://ping.fm/5SAiJ(#Geekazine)12:53 PM Apr 18th from Ping.fm
  • Another Task done for the new site design. Slowly but surely it’s
    getting there. And don’t call me Shirley.12:27 AM Apr 18th from Ping.fm
  • Ya know – If you are gonna #Followfriday, why not give a reason why I
    should follow them instead of just putting a bunch of @ on the
    page.12:33 PM Apr 17th from twhirl
  • Finally got some code cleaned up on the new look of #Geekazine. Thinking
    next week will be the launch week…11:38 AM Apr 17th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh Ummmm… Call me.11:33 AM Apr 17th from twhirl in reply to
  • @[email protected] and @Oprah – Breaking Glass
    Ceilingshttp://ping.fm/dUzif (#Geekazine)8:46 AM Apr 17th from Ping.fm
  • Just got a #Sharp XG-C55x Projector. Needs bulb. Anyone got an extra one
    they want to donate?7:45 AM Apr 17th from Ping.fm
  • Bandwidth Caps – #Bitstrips http://ping.fm/4rFAN (#Geekazine)4:26 PM Apr
    16th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh I figure you would like that one…12:54 PM Apr
    16th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • Why #Apple Should
    Make #OSX for #PC http://ping.fm/V2drHhttp://ping.fm/THJt0 (#Geekazine)12:25
    PM Apr 16th from Ping.fm
  • #Quickcast – Why #Apple should
    Make #OSX for #PC -http://ping.fm/V2drH http://ping.fm/THJt0 (#Geekazine)12:21
    PM Apr 16th from Ping.fm
  • Paper Spaceships – Wing Commander – http://ping.fm/1bFlt(#Dorkazine)8:43
    AM Apr 16th from Ping.fm
  • Just got a #WOW account Investigation notice. Email tells me to log into
    my account – a tinyurl link. I don’t think so. don’t even play WOW.6:53
    AM Apr 16th from Ping.fm
  • Seven minute wait at the drive thru. Where’s #weirdal when you need
    him?3:28 PM Apr 15th from Ping.fm
  • Did my taxes so I can file the extension. What a crazy thought….12:14
    AM Apr 15th from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast Ep 82 – How Much Would You
    Pay? http://ping.fm/GxEce(#Geekazine)9:30 PM Apr 14th from Ping.fm
  • The new 500 GB #Seagate drive is getting a workout today as I backup,
    zip and move files.3:00 PM Apr 14th from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast LIVE in 5 – http://ping.fm/dF0jc (#Geekazine)12:36 PM Apr
    14th from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast Notes ready – Maybe the show will go live on #ustream in the
    next hour?10:41 AM Apr 14th from Ping.fm
  • @Bwana Fired for giving a review? BAH!10:55 PM Apr 13th from twhirl in
    reply to Bwana
  • @douglasawh No go. Sorry I haven’t been able to get to it.3:40 PM Apr
    13th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • When Dorky Shows it’s stuff – Susan Boyle
    Singshttp://ping.fm/9UxBz (#Dorkazine)3:00 PM Apr 13th from Ping.fm
  • @ggw_bach Then it would be .5 TB. Still, it’s something I can use.1:51
    PM Apr 13th from twhirl in reply to ggw_bach
  • I guess I won a 500 GB #Seagate FreeAgent drive. Cool – I needed one,
    too.10:49 AM Apr 13th from Ping.fm
  • Week in Tech History – #Psystar Debuts
    – http://ping.fm/P8uR8(#Geekazine)7:49 PM Apr 12th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh Not yet. How’s it look?12:22 PM Apr 12th from twhirl in
    reply to douglasawh
  • Just saw #twilight. Good movie.10:14 PM Apr 11th from Ping.fm
  • At huhot! Mongolian food.6:35 PM Apr 11th from Ping.fm
  • Reading this weeks’ #Ramblings might explain
    the #Secret Page…http://ping.fm/2lUZJ (#Geekazine)2:56 PM Apr
    11th from Ping.fm
  • Just for Easter – Here is an Easter
    Egg! http://ping.fm/m1CVO(#Geekazine)2:44 PM Apr 11th from Ping.fm
  • Wait – answered my own Question. With #DroboShare, you can connect
    2 #DroboPro for 32TB. Wow!12:47 AM Apr 11th from twhirl
  • @AndruEdwards So I could hook up more than
    1 #DroboPro using#Firewire and Space it up 16TB at a time, right? Just a
    thought ;)12:44 AM Apr 11th from twhirl in reply to AndruEdwards
  • @Bwana I was using #TPN. I reloaded at that time and it still did the
    same thing. However now I am able to get the rest. Interesting…3:39 PM
    Apr 10th from twhirl in reply to Bwana
  • @bwana did you know your show goes 18 minutes and cuts off? It’s
    happened a few past shows, too.10:33 AM Apr 10th from twhirl
  • @miketechshow Great show mike. Hey, hope you don’t mind, but I used you
    in my latest Video Podcast – http://ping.fm/DRDaT8:36 AM Apr
    10th from twhirl in reply to miketechshow
  • @mrvinux Maybe #GM will send me a test model….8:11 AM Apr
    10th from twhirl in reply to mrvinux
  • #Video – #Castgrabber –
    Standalone #Podcast Downloaderhttp://ping.fm/DRDaT (#Geekazine)9:38 PM
    Apr 9th from Ping.fm
  • My new #GM #Segway – #Bitstrips http://ping.fm/DjraR(#Geekazine)9:01 PM
    Apr 9th from Ping.fm
  • @norbtek Chicken Nuggets and Chocolate shake. Yum.9:40 AM Apr
    9th from twhirl
  • ILUVTOFU – Where the Love of Tofu
    Fails http://ping.fm/Meee7(#Dorkazine)9:14 AM Apr 9th from Ping.fm
  • Superman and the Dark Knight http://ping.fm/HeSqP (#Dorkazine)7:20 AM
    Apr 9th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination dming you8:05 PM Apr 8th from twhirl in reply to
  • @caffination @Norbtek – sorry guys. We started recording but then the
    system crashed. We talked about a lot though.7:21 PM Apr 8th from twhirl
  • M*A*S*H* – You are and Always Will be
    King http://ping.fm/wMPSQ(#Geekazine)7:01 PM Apr 8th from Ping.fm
  • @Bwana nice. Can I do that, too;)12:35 PM Apr 8th from twhirl in reply
    to Bwana
  • Anyone a #SMF expert? I need to rebuild my forum.11:45 AM Apr
    8th from Ping.fm
  • @Bwana What – 32 at 64kbps?That is 2 M. You must have a good pipe. At
    least better than mine…11:44 AM Apr 8th from twhirl in reply to Bwana
  • Site is being worked on. #mySQL issues. Might be up and down from time
    to time. Twiddle, Twiddle…11:41 AM Apr 8th from Ping.fm
  • #Sirius #XM Headed for Toaster – http://ping.fm/y7SXC(#Geekazine)11:10
    AM Apr 8th from Ping.fm
  • Check out the #Geeks group – http://ping.fm/ZuVCM (#Blellow)9:01 AM Apr
    8th from Ping.fm
  • Might have to reinstall a Forum. ICK. http://ff.im/1ZH8J8:08 AM Apr
    8th from FriendFeed
  • @bwana Your #Shoutcasting? Hows the bandwidth on your system?7:38 AM Apr
    8th from twhirl
  • I am getting more 403 errors. Sorry for the inconvenience. Site should
    be up soon.7:25 AM Apr 8th from Ping.fm
  • 19 Dorky T-Shirts http://ping.fm/KLrvU (#Dorkazine)10:35 PM Apr
    7th from Ping.fm
  • Finally sitting down to the new #Friendfeed look. Crazy
    shtuff.http://ff.im/1Z6tH8:49 PM Apr 7th from FriendFeed
  • #Podcast Ep 81 – 31 Days of
    Blogging http://ping.fm/srCrH(#Geekazine)8:44 PM Apr 7th from Ping.fm
  • 10 Songs I Listen to Before Podcasting
    – http://ping.fm/bh9Hb(#Geekazine)5:58 PM Apr 7th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL – Will you use #iTunes now that
    it’s #DRM free?http://ping.fm/mwbeP (#Geekazine)4:30 PM Apr
    7th from Ping.fm
  • ACK! Media server is down. Need to upload the podcast. Oh well. Called
    support, they know & are fixing. Twiddle thumbs time…2:40 PM Apr
    7th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh I took it offline for a bit. Will be working on it l8r6:35
    AM Apr 7th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • @mrvinux the 403’s came from the host. It’s all fixeded now.1:56 PM Apr
    6th from twhirl in reply to mrvinux
  • @douglasawh No time to think on the PC meeting. I have been swamped with
    another project.1:55 PM Apr 6th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • Just as I post – I get fixed. Silly .htaccess
    file. #Geekazine and#Dorkazine back up.12:18 PM Apr 6th from Ping.fm
  • GAH! Websites are down right now. Working on it…12:15 PM Apr
    6th from Ping.fm
  • Week in Tech History – 40609 – Jobs, Woz and
    Wayne?http://ping.fm/AsQ4v (#Geekazine)10:55 PM Apr 5th from Ping.fm
  • @mrvinux Do you want to code some for me, too?4:09 PM Apr
    5th from twhirl in reply to mrvinux
  • Spent most of the day off-line. Now I’ve got to get WITH ready.1:52 PM
    Apr 5th from Ping.fm
  • Ramblings – Crafting on Mountain
    Dew http://ping.fm/NnPPY(#Geekazine)2:59 PM Apr 4th from Ping.fm
  • Watching Last Ep. of #ER on #HULU. Guess John Stamos is out of a job
    again.11:06 AM Apr 4th from Ping.fm
  • #Pogoplug – Major Announcement – http://ping.fm/KdFpS(#Geekazine)9:16 AM
    Apr 4th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination Did you get a Lego fish? Bacon Fish? ;)7:25 AM Apr
    4th from twhirl in reply to caffination
  • #AIPTEK – Video
    – #CES09 – #Backchannel http://ping.fm/M2a6k(#Geekazine)7:18 AM Apr
    4th from Ping.fm
  • Whoops. Guess it’s @ustreamTV – What’s a flix flugin? (spelling error on
    the interface?)11:45 AM Apr 3rd from twhirl
  • Hey @ustream – what’s a flix flugin? (spelling error on the
    interface?)11:39 AM Apr 3rd from Ping.fm
  • Playing on ustream with #Snowball mic
    and #Logitech Camhttp://ping.fm/dF0jc (live.geekazine.com)11:35 AM Apr
    3rd from Ping.fm
  • Installing #Firefox on #Windows7 It wouldn’t let me at first
    because#IE8 security settings were too high to permit.11:01 AM Apr
    3rd from Ping.fm
  • @skydiver Romeo and Juliet10:37 AM Apr 3rd from twhirl in reply to
  • @skydiver career criminal10:29 AM Apr 3rd from twhirl in reply to
  • @skydiver character in oliver twist10:28 AM Apr 3rd from twhirl in reply
    to skydiver
  • One thing I Would Change About a Website – Reader
    Responsehttp://ping.fm/rl1Im (#Geekazine)9:50 AM Apr 3rd from Ping.fm
  • @skydiver Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the
    Bomb8:03 AM Apr 3rd from twhirl in reply to skydiver
  • @mrvinux Haven’t done a live show in a while. Just haven’t had time.
    Might be doing more LIVE podcasts soon.8:00 AM Apr 3rd from twhirl in
    reply to mrvinux
  • @skydiver You realized you just asked a guy question on a prize for
    women.7:59 AM Apr 3rd from twhirl
  • @skydiver That’s what I like about twhirl. I can individually single you
    out and refresh on my own7:44 AM Apr 3rd from twhirl in reply to
  • Sorry – Small annoyance, but it’s #CONFICKER, not Conflicker or
    Conflickter.7:07 AM Apr 3rd from Ping.fm
  • @skydiver yesterday6:34 AM Apr 3rd from twhirl in reply to skydiver
  • #followfriday @skydiver – he’s giving away prizes! @caffinationbecause I
    need coffee and @om because it’s the juiciest in insider news.6:24 AM
    Apr 3rd from twhirl
  • #Video Review – the #WebAround – http://ping.fm/sOXqK(#Geekazine)9:29 PM
    Apr 2nd from Ping.fm
  • 1st Review should be up soon. Have to wait because #YouTube is still
    processing. Might have to re-upload the video…5:38 PM Apr
    2nd from Ping.fm
  • @caffination We did scripts. I am not a big script guy because I always
    seem to mess up and have to backtrack, but this worked really well.5:37
    PM Apr 2nd from twhirl in reply to caffination
  • @djgreetings France3:40 PM Apr 2nd from twhirl in reply to djgreetings
  • @caffination I agree. It was interesting the difference between my raw
    audio and his.3:31 PM Apr 2nd from twhirl in reply to caffination
  • @alroker1 Didn’t see the bkground. Met @accarrino at #CES09and in seeing
    his designs, I bet it’s got a cool look3:24 PM Apr 2nd from twhirl in
    reply to alroker
  • Old Ideas Meet New – #Bitstrips – http://ping.fm/ATBbV(#Geekazine)3:20
    PM Apr 2nd from Ping.fm
  • #POLL Were We too Concerned over the Conficker
    Virus?http://ping.fm/mwbeP (#Geekazine)9:18 AM Apr 2nd from Ping.fm
  • At the first #qsl bike nite of the year.4:10 PM Apr 1st from Ping.fm
  • http://ping.fm/7HeNe (#Geekazine) April Fooleries2:49 PM Apr
    1st from Ping.fm
  • We Slept through April 1st Due to Similar Idea
    -http://ping.fm/Vm8vs (#Dorkazine)1:41 PM Apr 1st from Ping.fm
  • @mrvinux Thanks.12:17 PM Apr 1st from twhirl in reply to mrvinux
  • #Geekazine is looking for #PR email me if interested.10:23 AM Apr
    1st from Ping.fm
  • Musical turrets – whenever I wake up at ‘4 in the morning’ I get that
    night ranger song in my head. It was their worst album1:09 AM Apr
    1st from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast Ep 80 – Using
    the #Snowball Mic http://ping.fm/H1Ttv(#Geekazine) PS thanks @axmc9:17
    PM Mar 31st from Ping.fm
  • #Photo – These Barbies Don’t Look Right
    – http://ping.fm/YAGNV(#Dorkazine)2:15 PM Mar 31st from Ping.fm
  • Getting #Podcast together. Should be a good show.12:26 PM Mar
    31st from Ping.fm
  • Future Shock Win7 Style –
    from #SDRNEWS http://ping.fm/LIPUy(#Geekazine)9:08 AM Mar
    31st from Ping.fm
  • The Old, The New,
    The #Podcasts Go #Blue #Snowballhttp://ping.fm/3fgrk (#Geekazine)6:48 PM
    Mar 30th from Ping.fm
  • The Lidwig Claw – A useful Clamp http://ping.fm/4D5oP(#Dorkazine)4:13 PM
    Mar 30th from Ping.fm
  • @wilw I hope you have your Robot insurance up to date.1:01 PM Mar
    30th from twhirl in reply to wilw
  • @garyvee It does go well with Pork Chops….1:00 PM Mar
    30th from twhirl in reply to garyvee
  • @txa1265 ack! That’s not good.12:36 PM Mar 30th from twhirl in reply to
  • I entered to win a Seagate FreeAgent Go drive from the Gadget Stimulus
    Plan http://tinyurl.com/cykchg thx! @Seagate#GadgetStimulus1012:25 PM
    Mar 30th from twhirl
  • My Coffee is cold…11:05 AM Mar 30th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh no plans for one. Been too swamped with other things9:26 PM
    Mar 29th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • @jvanse No worries. Hows the iPod treatin ya?9:26 PM Mar
    29th from twhirl in reply to jvanse
  • Week In Tech History – Pizza.com Sold for 2.6
    Millionhttp://ping.fm/Q57np (#Geekazine)9:19 PM Mar 29th from Ping.fm
  • Mom? Can I have an #OfficePod ? http://ping.fm/5Eqqg(#Dorkazine)4:13 PM
    Mar 29th from Ping.fm
  • The #Conficker Worm – Do we need to
    worry? http://ping.fm/s44Bg(#Geekazine)3:20 PM Mar 29th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh Sorry. I completely spaced out this meeting.11:59 AM Mar
    29th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • My Music side – Nominated for 3 categories at @themamasincluding Unique
    song with Art Paul Schlosser and Cover Band with Trailer Kings11:56 AM
    Mar 29th from Ping.fm
  • OK, Still snowing. I am beat from recording. Time for bed. Night
    all!12:22 AM Mar 29th from Ping.fm
  • After recording #WITH I found out everything encoded in 8kbps. ACK!
    Luckily, I could pull .wav from the Cache folder to recode and
    publish12:12 AM Mar 29th from Ping.fm
  • Finishing up #WITH – Will be recording shortly.10:02 PM Mar
    28th from Ping.fm
  • Snow is coming down. But its ok. I just had steak.5:34 PM Mar
    28th from Ping.fm
  • Ramblings – 3-28-09 – http://ping.fm/l25ST (#Geekazine)2:24 PM Mar
    28th from Ping.fm
  • #Roland – #BOSS Micro BR
    – #CES09 #Backchannelhttp://ping.fm/EJ7g7 (#Geekazine)6:50 AM Mar
    28th from Ping.fm
  • Listening to #ComputerAmerica with guest @miketechshow6:21 PM Mar
    27th from Ping.fm
  • Special News comming Tuesday. Also, another website is in the
    works….11:31 AM Mar 27th from Ping.fm
  • Musical Turrets of the day – Zac Brown Band – Chickenfried.6:41 AM Mar
    27th from Ping.fm
  • Big announcement on Tuesday
    regarding #Geekazine -http://ping.fm/ZWZyd9:53 PM Mar 26th from Ping.fm
  • Just launched a friends #Magic website
    – http://ping.fm/p7eJw(#questionwhatsreality)12:08 PM Mar
    26th from Ping.fm
  • Love the frozen Pizza when it comes from a Pizza Oven. RAWK!9:55 AM Mar
    26th from Ping.fm
  • #Poll – Would you like to go out into
    Space? http://ping.fm/mwbeP(#Geekazine)8:42 AM Mar 26th from Ping.fm
  • Just recorded some video on new system. Let’s see how it worked…6:16
    PM Mar 25th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh live where?12:57 PM Mar 25th from twhirl in reply to
  • #Podcast Ep 79 – Back on Schedule – http://ping.fm/E7pLJ(#Geekazine)6:03
    PM Mar 24th from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast – Going on now LIVE http://ping.fm/dF0jc (#Geekazine)10:55 AM
    Mar 24th from Ping.fm
  • I am almost back to 100% healthy. Going to really hit this next 30 days
    hard. New ideas and more work.7:25 AM Mar 24th from Ping.fm
  • Apple or PC – Everyday Readers Chime in
    – http://ping.fm/vMTu5(#Geekazine)9:09 PM Mar 23rd from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh Not sure. That is a ways away. Set a date and I’ll let you
    know if I’m available11:35 AM Mar 23rd from twhirl in reply to
  • @douglasawh can do.11:00 AM Mar 23rd from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • @jimmyfallon Saw your show on Friday. Needs salt.7:29 AM Mar
    22nd from twhirl in reply to jimmyfallon
  • March #TPN #Roundtable happening at the top of the hour
    -http://ping.fm/Lw6sj (#geekazine)11:58 AM Mar 21st from Ping.fm
  • #POLL – Will you watch March Madness on the iPhone
    -http://ping.fm/mwbeP (#Geekazine)8:07 AM Mar 21st from Ping.fm
  • Wow. That was a long week. Now to catch up on work…6:54 AM Mar
    21st from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast Ep 78 – Flu Knocks Me Down http://ping.fm/oNlMN(#Geekazine)6:21
    PM Mar 18th from Ping.fm
  • @nebben Thanks, but that’s just a photoshop picture. If the event
    happened, it would be interesting.6:19 PM Mar 18th from twhirl in reply
    to nebben
  • Havent worn glasses in 4 years. I get Night & Day contacts. Every 30
    days old out, new in. Been a good plan so far. My glasses -15 years
    old7:20 AM Mar 18th from Ping.fm
  • Reminder – no #Podcast tonight due to illness. Planning show for
    tomorrow if I am feeling better.8:24 PM Mar 17th from Ping.fm
  • #Blue – USB Microphone – #CES09 http://ping.fm/FykZy(#Geekazine)9:36 AM
    Mar 17th from Ping.fm
  • #Sony – #Webbie HD – #CES09 http://ping.fm/iVcwS (#Geekazine)9:36 AM Mar
    17th from Ping.fm
  • The Weather Channel has the best Elevator music around. “Find your way
    back”…9:11 AM Mar 17th from Ping.fm
  • @Norbtek yep, got it. Not sure if I’m doing a podcast tomorrow or
    waiting another day for this bug to subside.5:36 PM Mar
    16th from twhirl in reply to Norbtek
  • The flu has set in. No week in tech history right now. Podcast in
    questio. We’ll see9:06 AM Mar 16th from Ping.fm
  • #sling – mobile apps – #ces09 http://ping.fm/nku4p (#geekazine)3:08 PM
    Mar 13th from Ping.fm
  • @robl27 Thanks. I am actually a lot better now – throat still sore, but
    drinkin lots of fluids.8:48 AM Mar 13th from twhirl in reply to robl27
  • #Roland – TD20 S V-Drums – #CES09 http://ping.fm/nHRoE(#Geekazine)6:51
    AM Mar 13th from Ping.fm
  • Spent last 12 hours offline. I had 102 degree fever, chills and throat
    was sore. A lot better now, but now I am ready to sleep some more.9:49
    PM Mar 12th from Ping.fm
  • #Zune – New Features – #CES09 http://ping.fm/zXpKm(#Geekazine)3:52 PM
    Mar 12th from Ping.fm
  • @GeekMommy Sorry. I Wang Chunged last night…8:23 AM Mar
    12th from twhirl in reply to GeekMommy
  • @caffination – Nooka lives on the second floor…7:48 AM Mar
    12th from twhirl
  • #Beamz – Laser Light Music – #CES09 http://ping.fm/tGZWY(#Geekazine)7:02
    AM Mar 12th from Ping.fm
  • #Gibson – Self Tuning Guitar
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/xUBkO(#Geekazine)3:08 PM Mar 11th from Ping.fm
  • Most Interesting Erro in Going to
    Hulu http://ping.fm/Tbt5G(#Geekazine)1:22 PM Mar 11th from Ping.fm
  • All #CES material is scheduled to post. Last video will run on Monday.
    Sad to see end, but also a lot of hard work is done.10:52 PM Mar
    10th from Ping.fm
  • #Intel – Providing Utilities
    to #Overclock – #CES09http://ping.fm/0uTjV (#Geekazine)9:42 PM Mar
    10th from Ping.fm
  • #podcast ep.77 weve been duped
    by #yahoo http://ping.fm/YhUWz(#geekazine)6:31 PM Mar 10th from Ping.fm
  • @PizzaBabe I will be at the Wilderness for the Chris Coswell Benefit – 6
    PM7:37 AM Mar 10th from twhirl in reply to PizzaBabe
  • #LOK8U #GPS #GSM Watches – #CES09 http://ping.fm/2uxoR(#Geekazine)7:12
    AM Mar 10th from Ping.fm
  • @paulyhart AT&T5:01 PM Mar 9th from twhirl in reply to paulyhart
  • #AT&T Cruisecast Satellite TV In the Car
    – #CES09http://ping.fm/ljxDX (#Geekazine)3:06 PM Mar 9th from Ping.fm
  • It’s officially Pothole season!9:31 AM Mar 9th from Ping.fm
  • Bloody Shower anyone? http://ping.fm/8fYbt (#Dorkazine)8:04 AM Mar
    9th from Ping.fm
  • AUGH! #Firefox Crashed!!7:58 AM Mar 9th from twhirl
  • #Hyundai / #KIA – PC in the Car – http://ping.fm/OHBlU(#Geekazine)5:00
    AM Mar 9th from Ping.fm
  • Week in Tech History – 3-09-09 –
    The #Zuckerberg #SXSWInterview http://ping.fm/PkseN (#Geekazine)3:34 AM
    Mar 9th from Ping.fm
  • It’s 6:30.. er… 5:30… er…. Coffee time!3:32 AM Mar
    9th from Ping.fm
  • @ruraltech Email me [email protected] and we’ll talk4:38 PM Mar
    8th from twhirl in reply to ruraltech
  • #POLL – Will You
    Uninstall #IE8 from #Windows7?http://ping.fm/mwbeP (#Geekazine)4:22 PM
    Mar 8th from Ping.fm
  • #FLIR – Thermal Imaging – #CES09 http://ping.fm/u0bRc(#Geekazine)3:12 PM
    Mar 8th from Ping.fm
  • @ruraltech: @poseurtech Yep. Video can be a part of podcasting and we
    will be covering it.3:10 PM Mar 8th from twhirl
  • #LG – Blu-ray Player with Streaming Access
    – #CES09http://ping.fm/B2VTm (#Geekazine)8:02 AM Mar 8th from Ping.fm
  • Ramblings 3-07-09 – Sundance Theater
    Editionhttp://ping.fm/QoGMx (#Geekazine)3:36 PM Mar 7th from Ping.fm
  • At #Sundance608. #Wifi looks good here. So does the coffee. Yum!3:06 PM
    Mar 7th from Ping.fm
  • @CaliLewis I agree.10:18 AM Mar 7th from twhirl in reply to CaliLewis

  • Heading over to Club Tavern for Youth Center Benefit, then playing
    tonight at Devils Head Resort. It’s Hawaiian night. Chow!10:17 AM Mar
    7th from web
  • #Tablo – Turn PC into a Tablet
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/qcieu(#Geekazine)10:06 AM Mar 7th from Ping.fm
  • The Offbeat – Unusual Names do not make
    Facebookhttp://ping.fm/35AwW (#Geekazine)9:41 AM Mar 7th from Ping.fm
  • Blogger Lounge
    – #CES09 – #Backchannel http://ping.fm/m8oyX(#Geekazine)12:25 AM Mar
    7th from Ping.fm
  • #Casio – Dynamic Photo – #CES09 http://ping.fm/gEKS4(#Geekazine)4:55 PM
    Mar 6th from Ping.fm
  • #Followfriday almost forgot @CES0912:53 PM Mar 6th from twhirl
  • #followfriday Afternoon
    @chrisheuer @matmurray @[email protected] @BoingBoing @ScottSkiba @[email protected]:53
    PM Mar 6th from twhirl in reply to chrisheuer
  • Dorkazine on the Rails – Madison Model Railroad
    Showhttp://ping.fm/xczyG (#Dorkazine)12:50 PM Mar 6th from Ping.fm
  • World for Sale – $100 a Pop – http://ping.fm/sAlmh (#Geekazine)6:57 AM
    Mar 6th from Ping.fm
  • #followfriday @bwana @caffination @axmc @jowang @gadgetboy6:28 AM Mar
    6th from twhirl
  • #IOGEAR – Wireless #USB to VGA
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/BFxeC(#Geekazine)6:23 AM Mar 6th from Ping.fm
  • Hosting a Podcast – Madison Podcaster Group – 3-03-09
    -http://ping.fm/fPyl7 (#Geekazine)6:22 AM Mar 6th from Ping.fm
  • #Kodak #ZX1 Video Camera – #CES09 http://ping.fm/gMMks(#Geekazine)2:48
    PM Mar 5th from Ping.fm
  • @jamescollier Don’t go toward the light!!! The kool-aid is
    bitter…10:38 AM Mar 5th from twhirl in reply to jamescollier
  • Urban Camouflage http://ping.fm/eUesw (#Dorkazine)10:14 AM Mar
    5th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination or in Sigfried and Roy’s case – a head…9:51 AM Mar
    5th from twhirl in reply to caffination
  • @ponzarelli Then again, maybe I should just hitch-hike down there and be
    on the camera. 😉 OK. I’ll watch…9:50 AM Mar 5th from twhirl in reply
    to ponzarelli
  • Windows 7 and Netbooks http://ping.fm/smnA5 (#Geekazine)9:49 AM Mar
    5th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination Say: “It’s somewhere close and right now you are BURNIN UP
    BABY!!”8:46 AM Mar 5th from twhirl in reply to caffination
  • @Laforge129 I didn’t realize I wasn’t following you. You’ll have to
    thank @caffination for that one…8:40 AM Mar 5th from twhirl in reply
    to Laforge129
  • @ponzarelli Would love to go to SXSW – but fundage say no…8:10 AM Mar
    5th from twhirl in reply to ponzarelli
  • @nbcuni & #Sharp – @accarrino and
    @junglerock -#CES09http://ping.fm/7b01B (#Geekazine)7:46 AM Mar
    5th from Ping.fm
  • Amazon on iPhone – Giving Up the White
    Whale?http://ping.fm/JzGKI (#Geekazine)5:17 PM Mar 4th from Ping.fm
  • HP Media Smart Server – #CES09 http://ping.fm/96VLS(#Geekazine)2:31 PM
    Mar 4th from Ping.fm
  • Finishing the #CES09 videos. @accarrino – yours and @nbcunivwill be up
    tomorrow1:26 PM Mar 4th from web
  • Hello 911? My McNugget is Attacking
    Me. http://ping.fm/bPRWv(#Dorkazine)12:06 PM Mar 4th from Ping.fm
  • Brother HD Sewing Machine – Watch Football and Sew
    – #CES09http://ping.fm/Rzyoc (#Geekazine)8:34 AM Mar 4th from Ping.fm

  • Thanks to everyone that is following me and welcome to all the new
    followers.10:46 PM Mar 3rd from web
  • #Podcast – Ep 76 – 3-04-09 http://ping.fm/j4Oy2 (#Geekazine)7:18 PM Mar
    3rd from Ping.fm
  • @MoCheeks That would be interesting. Maybe some kind of photo hunt game
    or something…5:28 PM Mar 3rd from twhirl in reply to MoCheeks
  • @accarrino Lucky….4:07 PM Mar 3rd from twhirl in reply to accarrino
  • #MadisonPodcaster Meeting – 7:30 PM at #Epic Systems – Check
    @Web608 Group for info or http://ping.fm/OH9lL4:05 PM Mar
    3rd from Ping.fm
  • @poseurtech MadCasters is cool. However, Madison Podcasters shows no
    doubt of what this group is.3:40 PM Mar 3rd from twhirl in reply to
  • @douglasawh Hey, what time can I get out there?3:37 PM Mar
    3rd from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • Whoops. Meant to say #Mac #Mini3:12 PM Mar 3rd from Ping.fm
  • Price of a new #iMac – $599. Price of an #HP Home Server? $599. Hmmm…
    Which one should I get?3:09 PM Mar 3rd from Ping.fm
  • #NEC – Widescreen Monitor – #CES09 http://ping.fm/UjkPu(#Geekazine)3:07
    PM Mar 3rd from Ping.fm
  • @Stampgal Where is @axmc #backchannel stuff?9:49 AM Mar
    3rd from twhirl in reply to Stampgal
  • Back In A Flash – USB Backup Solution
    – #CES09http://ping.fm/qkv13 (#Geekazine)5:59 AM Mar 3rd from Ping.fm
  • #ooma – #VoIP Solution – #CES09 http://ping.fm/XVoqf(#Geekazine)2:33 PM
    Mar 2nd from Ping.fm
  • Replacing a Drive in a Desktop http://ping.fm/onVxI (#Geekazine)5:43 AM
    Mar 2nd from Ping.fm
  • #ncomputing – Turn 1 machine into 30
    – #CES09http://ping.fm/3Z9Wj (#Geekazine)6:57 AM Mar 2nd from Ping.fm
  • Week in Tech History3-02-09 – Silly Putty and
    Monopolyhttp://ping.fm/DZUN0 (#Geekazine)11:42 PM Mar 1st from Ping.fm
  • AUGH! Podcast computer is down. #WITH will have to wait until
    tomorrow.6:41 PM Mar 1st from Ping.fm
  • #Gyration – Mouse Remote – #CES09 http://ping.fm/AW0yv(#Geekazine)4:31
    PM Mar 1st from Ping.fm
  • United Plastics Corp – Sound Suppression
    – #CES09http://ping.fm/96Mfc (#Geekazine)2:23 PM Mar 1st from Ping.fm
  • #MVixUSA – Home Server – #CES09 http://ping.fm/QNllS(#Geekazine)2:22 PM
    Mar 1st from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh I see it now. I am not sure what my schedule is right now.
    Will need a week.2:36 PM Feb 28th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • They make an 80 hour energy spray? That would be pure cocaine,
    right?1:26 PM Feb 28th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh What event is on March 17th? Do you know that is also St.
    Patricks day?1:13 PM Feb 28th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • Playing music LIVE & surfin the internet. Good times!!12:00 PM Feb
    28th from Ping.fm
  • Goodbye #SITEL – http://ping.fm/ObKVe (#Geekazine)9:14 AM Feb
    28th from Ping.fm
  • @brownmiester listening to Todd’s show – Have fun in Hawaii.8:29 AM Feb
    28th from twhirl in reply to brownmiester
  • Off the Bus at South Hall – Day 2
    – #CES09 #Backchannelhttp://ping.fm/axikS (#Geekazine)6:56 AM Feb
    28th from Ping.fm
  • @PizzaBabe Understandable. It just really sucks you make a major move
    like that for a company, then the company dissipates.9:09 PM Feb
    27th from twhirl in reply to PizzaBabe
  • @JimGleeson Yeppers. Was on it today. Not Pownce – Plurk9:08 PM Feb
    27th from twhirl in reply to JimGleeson
  • My Twitmunity grows. Welcome new twitterers. Sorry Plurk. Need a good
    API.6:17 PM Feb 27th from Ping.fm
  • @DedRyzing Ok. DRINK!5:35 PM Feb 27th from web in reply to DedRyzing
  • @PizzaBabe Just heard about the hub’s news. How’s things going?5:16 PM
    Feb 27th from twhirl in reply to PizzaBabe
  • @douglasawh Got it. I think we’ll be using the room if available.5:07 PM
    Feb 27th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • @axmc Huh? Oh. Hello.5:07 PM Feb 27th from twhirl in reply to axmc
  • Ambient Devices – 7 Day Forcaster
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/Q22bF(#Geekazine)5:06 PM Feb 27th from Ping.fm
  • Helping out with #JessicaAndrews show at the Bean at Noon.9:00 AM Feb
    27th from Ping.fm
  • #Defender – Video Surveillance
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/gnEsb(#Geekazine)6:41 AM Feb 27th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL -Even though #Psion doesn’t use the #TM, should they get to Keep &
    update it? http://ping.fm/mwbeP (#Geekazine)5:34 PM Feb
    26th from Ping.fm
  • Nyrius – Travel Translator Phrasebook
    – #CES09http://ping.fm/Ul4bF (#Geekazine)4:19 PM Feb 26th from Ping.fm
  • Is Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle) the Next Huey Lewis or is he SNL
    bound? http://ping.fm/6pUdV (#Dorkazine10:40 AM Feb 26th from Ping.fm
  • #Cablestogo – Cables for the Rest of us
    – #CES09http://ping.fm/5Zw1R (#Geekazine)6:59 AM Feb 26th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh I didn’t do one on Debian – Frank Bell did one on Debian.
    Not sure why he picked that flavor of linux6:56 AM Feb
    26th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • #D-Box – Live the Cinema – #CES09 http://ping.fm/JTqE7(#Geekazine)3:08
    PM Feb 25th from Ping.fm

  • The WHOIS feature is nice, but is not working the way I want it
    to…10:50 AM Feb 25th from web
  • I’d Like My Duct Tape in Nuclear Grade,
    Pleasehttp://ping.fm/XQCHg (#Dorkazine)10:29 AM Feb 25th from Ping.fm
  • 3M – PICO Projector – #CES09 http://ping.fm/RhI5N (#Geekazine)8:05 AM
    Feb 25th from Ping.fm
  • UClick Has Garfield minus Garfield App for
    iPhonehttp://ping.fm/LjWfl (#Geekazine)10:58 PM Feb 24th from Ping.fm
  • Podcast – 2-25-09 – Mardi Gras Edition
    – http://ping.fm/jSS2Z(#Geekazine)8:01 PM Feb 24th from Ping.fm
  • Schlage – Locks that Do More
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/CoOoe(#Geekazine)8:57 AM Feb 24th from Ping.fm
  • GoTV – Complete Mobile Media
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/E65Kw(#Geekazine)6:35 PM Feb 23rd from Ping.fm
  • Well I went, I sat, I was part of a jury, but didn’t get picked. That
    wasn’t too bad.1:52 PM Feb 23rd from Ping.fm
  • @caffination i agree – coffee shouldn’t be too expensive. only exception
    if i am working at the shop – then im paying 4 wifi9:31 AM Feb
    23rd from mobile web
  • @norbtek I don’t see any email from you. Can u re-send?9:26 AM Feb
    23rd from txt
  • Back in the pool.9:03 AM Feb 23rd from Ping.fm
  • In the jury pool. Taking the advantage to read up on a couple books
    collecting dust.7:13 AM Feb 23rd from Ping.fm
  • Newber – 2nd Phone Line – #CES09 http://ping.fm/Cg6PR(#Geekazine)5:31 AM
    Feb 23rd from Ping.fm
  • After seeing the academy awards – If they do a bob dylan movie, ben
    stiller should be cast for it.6:37 PM Feb 22nd from Ping.fm
  • #Podcast Ep 74 – 2-23-09 – Special ‘Jury Duty’
    Editionhttp://ping.fm/Jp0jv (#Geekazine)6:02 PM Feb 22nd from Ping.fm
  • Week In Tech History – 2-23-09 – Newton is
    Discontinuedhttp://ping.fm/KFguo (#Geekazine)5:31 PM Feb
    22nd from Ping.fm
  • MuVee – Home Movie Creation
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/VlUFP(#Geekazine)6:58 AM Feb 22nd from Ping.fm
  • Hughesnet – Faster Speeds & Pricing
    – #CES09http://ping.fm/CZh4e (#Geekazine)2:46 PM Feb 21st from Ping.fm
  • Break Dancing at M-Audio
    – #CES09 #Backchannelhttp://ping.fm/04lny (#Geekazine)7:49 AM Feb
    21st from Ping.fm
  • Usagi Yojimbo: Building a Ronin
    on #Bitstrips http://ping.fm/Whoti(#Dorkazine)4:08 PM Feb
    20th from Ping.fm
  • #Vocus Announces it’s Growing their Workforce
    -http://ping.fm/kFfKi (#Geekazine)3:54 PM Feb 20th from Ping.fm
  • Rand McNally – More Roads – #CES09 http://ping.fm/vhqBq(#Geekazine)3:34
    PM Feb 20th from Ping.fm
  • @robl27 It wouldn’t be much of a anti-virus if it didn’t do that…11:31
    AM Feb 20th from twhirl in reply to robl27
  • Shapeways – Building Your Ideas
    – #CES09 #Showstoppershttp://ping.fm/kZpeZ (#Geekazine)5:40 AM Feb
    20th from Ping.fm
  • @robl27 Good question. Avast is still free, though.8:36 PM Feb
    19th from twhirl in reply to robl27
  • Sunbelt – VIPRE Anti-Virus – #CES09 http://ping.fm/Bv9Rj(#Geekazine)6:14
    PM Feb 19th from Ping.fm
  • Old, New (Netbook), Apple and a Blue
    (Microphone)http://ping.fm/VqDZY (#Geekazine)8:27 AM Feb
    19th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination Anytime, dude.8:06 AM Feb 19th from twhirl in reply to
  • Drew Carey Explains #Twitter – http://ping.fm/uXErO (#Dorkazine)8:05 AM
    Feb 19th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination You need to talk to this guy about your love of
    LEGOS: http://is.gd/eHcY7:20 AM Feb 19th from twhirl
  • Autonet – Mobile Connectivity
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/QPdxS(#Geekazine)6:51 AM Feb 19th from Ping.fm
  • I said #Geekazine and I meant #Dorkazine. Silly me.9:28 PM Feb
    18th from Ping.fm
  • I want a Bookcase, And a Place to Sit
    – http://ping.fm/7kKyF(#Geekazine)9:27 PM Feb 18th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL – Should Facebook keep Your Data After
    Cancelling?http://ping.fm/mwbeP (#Geekazine)8:11 PM Feb
    18th from Ping.fm
  • IOLO System Mechanic – #CES09 http://ping.fm/hB29A(#Geekazine)2:56 PM
    Feb 18th from Ping.fm
  • Phooey. I need Adobe Director to run this Open Source Script. I suppose
    there is not an open source alternative. Silly programs!1:11 PM Feb
    18th from Ping.fm
  • TikiTag – Now TouchaTag – RFID Tagging
    – #CES09http://ping.fm/rKZXB (#Geekazine)5:29 AM Feb 18th from Ping.fm
  • @skydiver p-hooey. I don’t have that channel…5:26 AM Feb
    18th from twhirl in reply to skydiver
  • @skydiver I’ll be watchin.5:21 AM Feb 18th from twhirl in reply to
  • Geekazine Podcast – Ep 73 – 2-18-09 – Mobile Phone
    Editionhttp://ping.fm/RMJCk (#Geekazine)7:08 PM Feb 17th from Ping.fm
  • SPOT – GPS Tracker – #CES09 http://ping.fm/3vbBR (#Geekazine)7:06 PM Feb
    17th from Ping.fm
  • HP – Computers – #CES09 http://ping.fm/eksLf (#Geekazine)8:11 AM Feb
    17th from Ping.fm
  • #Quickcast Week in Tech History – Who Owns iPhone – Cisco or
    Apple? http://ping.fm/riadI (#Geekazine)2:34 PM Feb 16th from Ping.fm
  • Schwinn – 50 MPH Bikes – #CES09 http://ping.fm/IEgmp(#Geekazine)7:31 AM
    Feb 16th from Ping.fm
  • Turn Your Blog Post Into A Podcast http://ping.fm/DDlE7(#Geekazine)2:25
    PM Feb 15th from Ping.fm
  • Holy Guacamole! – Han Solo Dip
    Tray http://ping.fm/H2Oop(#Dorkazine)10:01 AM Feb 15th from Ping.fm
  • Minoru – 3-D Webcam – #CES09 http://ping.fm/daUX0 (#Geekazine)6:52 AM
    Feb 15th from Ping.fm
  • @LindsayG Wasn’t that on “Clash of the Titans”?2:25 PM Feb
    14th from twhirl in reply to LindsayG
  • @Norbtek Thanks for the info. I also saw something. I have contacted
    those who need to do the sacking.2:21 PM Feb 14th from web
  • Ramblings – 2-14-09 – Happy Valentines
    Day http://ping.fm/FzBC4(#Geekazine)2:12 PM Feb 14th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL – Would You Pay to Twitter?
    – http://ping.fm/mwbeP(#Geekazine)12:43 PM Feb 14th from Ping.fm
  • Just tried the “GoLean” cereal. It’s like if you mix Sugar Smacks with
    Granola. Dig Em!12:26 PM Feb 14th from Ping.fm
  • Crackberry.com Crew
    – #CES09 – #Backchannelhttp://ping.fm/ALnu3 (#Geekazine)9:04 AM Feb
    14th from Ping.fm
  • @JimGleeson Yes and no. There are some applications that you don’t want
    to have the glasses on.4:13 PM Feb 13th from twhirl in reply to
  • Vuzix – Watch while you Walk
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/Dk3qa(#Geekazine)4:10 PM Feb 13th from Ping.fm
  • @mistygirlph sweet5:32 AM Feb 13th from twhirl in reply to mistygirlph
  • C. Crane – LED Lightbulbs – #CES09 http://ping.fm/9aRSy(#Geekazine)5:05
    AM Feb 13th from Ping.fm
  • BigC – Digital Handheld Microscopes
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/fTfT8(#Geekazine)8:11 PM Feb 12th from Ping.fm
  • Foxit Software – PDF Reader
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/fZMri(#Geekazine)6:49 AM Feb 11th from Ping.fm
  • Geekazine Podcast Ep 72 – 2-11-09 – IE, Firefox and
    EUhttp://ping.fm/JhAwM (#Geekazine)7:15 PM Feb 10th from Ping.fm
  • Anybots – Robots to Help You – CES
    2009 http://ping.fm/sIW6W(#Geekazine)7:14 PM Feb 10th from Ping.fm
  • Geekazine #Podcast Ep. 1 on Internet Archive
    -http://ping.fm/nW5s3 (#Geekazine)10:09 AM Feb 10th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination – http://is.gd/j3HQ #LEGO my #USB9:28 AM Feb
    10th from twhirl
  • Liquid Image – Underwater Cameras
    – #ces09 http://ping.fm/XdW7P(#Geekazine)8:36 AM Feb 10th from Ping.fm
  • My First #Podcast is archived here
    – http://ping.fm/V4zIc(#Geekazine)8:34 AM Feb 10th from Ping.fm
  • All is well. I have coffee now.7:49 AM Feb 10th from Ping.fm
  • BugLabs – New Products: Modules
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/yuxtp(#Geekazine)3:38 PM Feb 9th from Ping.fm
  • Yay. Client site back up. They had the power cable of the router cut
    completely in half.10:55 AM Feb 9th from Ping.fm
  • @caffiniation – you are right about the #Starbucks rant. Interesting
    thing: all the gift cards are prob. created by the same company.8:49 AM
    Feb 9th from twhirl
  • Dumb Criminals = Blog! http://ping.fm/hQ24S (#Dorkazine)8:19 AM Feb
    9th from Ping.fm
  • Aerovation – Great Cases for Your Laptop
    – #CES09http://ping.fm/QYdRt (#Geekazine)7:33 AM Feb 9th from Ping.fm

  • Wow. Thanks to all who are following me. I now follow you. Except for
    that one guy who’s sleeping in my front yard, drunk. GO HOME!!7:28 AM
    Feb 9th from web
  • @openeverything I thought he did. I don’t see any.7:23 AM Feb
    9th from twhirl
  • Week In Tech History 2-09-09 – CTR Becomes IBM
    -http://ping.fm/4yuI1 (#Geekazine)5:09 PM Feb 8th from Ping.fm
  • @Fortunalee thanks8:23 AM Feb 8th from twhirl
  • USB Bottle Opener – Better than
    iBeer! http://ping.fm/2ZVh5(#Dorkazine)7:18 AM Feb 8th from Ping.fm
  • TV-Armor Protection for your LCD Screen
    – http://ping.fm/p8jpd(#Geekazine)6:12 AM Feb 8th from Ping.fm
  • Musical tourette of the morning : free fallin by tom petty.5:49 AM Feb
    8th from Ping.fm
  • Time to relax7:08 PM Feb 7th from Ping.fm
  • Set Up Your First Podcast – Madison Podcasters
    Grouphttp://ping.fm/R0cyZ (#Geekazine #Quickcast)4:11 PM Feb
    7th from Ping.fm
  • #POLL – Regarding eBooks – http://ping.fm/mwbeP (#Geekazine)10:36 AM Feb
    7th from Ping.fm
  • Andy’s Eye on BigC
    – #CES09 #Backchannel http://ping.fm/DH9mZ(#Geekazine)5:52 AM Feb
    7th from Ping.fm
  • @LindsayG Who types anymore?7:54 PM Feb 6th from twhirl
  • AHHH! @caffination made BACON invade
    Geekazine!!!http://bit.ly/14GmJ (#Geekazine)2:35 PM Feb 6th from Ping.fm
  • Gong It! – A Gong Button for You http://ping.fm/rd5kB (#Dorkazine)9:20
    AM Feb 6th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination If you like Bacon: http://tinyurl.com/cusalf (Baconman)9:04
    AM Feb 6th from twhirl
  • Wildcharge – Device Charger
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/dpnDI(#Geekazine)8:27 AM Feb 6th from Ping.fm
  • Musical tourette of the day – ‘stepping out’5:18 AM Feb 6th from Ping.fm
  • At #fawm thursday night session4:55 PM Feb 5th from Ping.fm
  • iHearSafe – Child Safe headphones – CES
    2009http://ping.fm/LbTMM (#Geekazine)1:28 PM Feb 5th from Ping.fm
  • @EdTechMusician Then why was there a group created saying that
    government is trying to control us via the DTV switch?1:09 PM Feb
    5th from twhirl
  • @jlariviere lol. Not a good answer, though.9:40 AM Feb 5th from twhirl
  • Besides the coupon issue, I want someone to give me 1 good reason why we
    had to delay the DTV switchover. We dropped the ball on this one.9:36 AM
    Feb 5th from Ping.fm
  • @accarrino Love the Quote from that – I loved him very much but I had to
    leave him to follow my dream9:34 AM Feb 5th from twhirl
  • @spaulds1 I don’t. I could see someone spilling soda on it, the rest of
    the box going up in flames and me being out of a job…9:31 AM Feb
    5th from twhirl
  • @PizzaBabe It’s realism. All realism.9:24 AM Feb 5th from twhirl
  • @gregcollier Needs Madison, WI ;)8:42 AM Feb 5th from twhirl
  • @PizzaBabe Yet if it wasn’t for the 80’s, we wouldn’t have the 90’s.
    Wrap your brain around THAT one. ;)8:40 AM Feb 5th from twhirl
  • @douglasawh Thanks. Made the correction.8:40 AM Feb 5th from twhirl
  • @axmc Tiny MCE. Ahh. I don’t like that program – at least the WordPress
    version. It caused more pain than help.7:42 AM Feb 5th from twhirl
  • My musical turrets song of the day – ‘some like it hot’. Gotta love
    those 80s tunes…6:27 AM Feb 5th from Ping.fm
  • Twonky Media Manager – CES 2009 http://ping.fm/5TKeq(#Geekazine)6:13 PM
    Feb 4th from Ping.fm
  • Sanyo Xacti Cameras – CES 2009 http://ping.fm/5r2fc (#Geekazine)1:52 PM
    Feb 4th from Ping.fm
  • Google Fight – The Place Where Good Prevails Over
    Evilhttp://ping.fm/pq4g4 (#Dorkazine)10:30 AM Feb 4th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh Thanks. @tapps Hello8:17 AM Feb 4th from twhirl
  • Getting ready to start #podcastmad meeting5:31 PM Feb 3rd from Ping.fm
  • Interesting – I had some $ in #Paypal last month. I took it out, but was
    there in enough time to make me $.01 from the Money Market…3:34 PM Feb
    3rd from Ping.fm
  • Powerstick by Ecosol – #CES09 http://ping.fm/kw0ef (#Geekazine)2:57 PM
    Feb 3rd from Ping.fm
  • TV Show – #FAWM09 http://ping.fm/ISUyv (#Dorkazine)2:18 PM Feb
    3rd from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh I don’t know. Depends on how many show up. Most likely we
    won’t start until 7:30 or so. Need time to setup.1:29 PM Feb
    3rd from twhirl
  • Chad Vader back in Production http://ping.fm/j2xu81:27 PM Feb
    3rd from Ping.fm
  • Magicjack – USB Phone Dongle
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/hPaKV(#Geekazine)8:10 AM Feb 3rd from Ping.fm
  • #free #grandslam at #dennys today until 2 pm6:35 AM Feb 3rd from Ping.fm
  • I like it – Hulu – a Bud Light Video is brought to you by Coke Zero.4:47
    PM Feb 2nd from Ping.fm
  • #FAWM – Song 2 – http://ping.fm/q1Sfa (Never On Time)4:27 PM Feb
    2nd from Ping.fm
  • #FAWM – Song 1 – http://ping.fm/6TTbQ (TV Show)4:26 PM Feb
    2nd from Ping.fm
  • If you are a #Podcaster in #Madison, #WI area, then come to the Podcast
    meeting Tues. Night 7 PM – http://ping.fm/Ajhcz4:23 PM Feb
    2nd from Ping.fm
  • @ScottSkiba overwhelming and I need to find the LIVE Show’s direction so
    it can excel better.4:21 PM Feb 2nd from twhirl
  • @ScottSkiba Hey Scott – I am taking a little time off uStream to focus
    on other parts of the site. The videos have been really4:20 PM Feb
    2nd from twhirl
  • How to Build Superman – Bitstrips http://ping.fm/yMZi1 (#Dorkazine)5:59
    AM Feb 2nd from Ping.fm
  • Products through Imation – CES 2009 http://ping.fm/8Z6EG(#Geekazine)9:42
    PM Feb 1st from Ping.fm
  • Week In Tech History – 2-02-09 – Google Bans
    BMWhttp://ping.fm/BcVSF (#Geekazine)8:54 PM Feb 1st from Ping.fm
  • IPEVO – Digital Photo Frame – CES
    2009 http://ping.fm/OlzT6(#Geekazine)10:29 AM Feb 1st from Ping.fm
  • Griffin Aircurve Acoustic Amplifier – CES
    2009 http://ping.fm/y49zn(#Geekazine)2:53 PM Jan 31st from Ping.fm
  • Done for now. Going offline. Goodbye.9:38 AM Jan 31st from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh cool. Didn’t want to get too many answers to the poll, but
    enough to get an idea9:37 AM Jan 31st from twhirl
  • #Poll Will you let #Google take over your Computer
    Experience?http://ping.fm/mwbeP (#Geekazine)9:20 AM Jan
    31st from Ping.fm
  • LeashTec – #CES09 #Backchannel http://ping.fm/xjd7n(#Geekazine)8:41 AM
    Jan 31st from Ping.fm
  • ACR Electronics ResQFix Personal Locater Beacon – CES
    2009http://ping.fm/sQjnt (#Geekazine)6:48 AM Jan 31st from Ping.fm
  • @Norbtek Q. Why did that Woman Steal a uHaul to get away? A. She figured
    that if the Police chased her, she would have to move.1:44 PM Jan
    30th from twhirl
  • I need to learn Japanese, Chinese and Mandarin. That way I can read my
    spam folder…6:23 AM Jan 30th from Ping.fm
  • Ecoupled Technology Wireless Charging
    – #CES09 -http://ping.fm/PCu8f (#Geekazine)5:08 AM Jan 30th from Ping.fm
  • HTC Fuze Smartphone – #CES09 – http://ping.fm/iqAFg(#Geekazine)5:07 AM
    Jan 30th from Ping.fm
  • Monster Hack – Bitstrips http://ping.fm/aQYdD (#Geekazine)8:17 PM Jan
    29th from Ping.fm
  • @Norbtek Because theres nothing in there to do. I can activate it and
    then deactivate it.3:08 PM Jan 29th from twhirl
  • Easy Bloom Plant Sensor – #CES09 http://ping.fm/tYPWv(#Geekazine)2:54 PM
    Jan 29th from Ping.fm
  • I created my first #WP plugin! It doesn’t do anything, but I did
    it…10:07 AM Jan 29th from Ping.fm
  • Cool. Will have to try – Retweeting @chrispirillo: Windows 7: Action
    Center Utility http://bit.ly/1ilaF76:04 AM Jan 29th from twhirl
  • @allgood2 wow. I just had eggs.6:03 AM Jan 29th from twhirl
  • Barrack Obama – The Power of Egg http://ping.fm/ZsUzn(#Dorkazine)5:42 AM
    Jan 29th from Ping.fm
  • nVidia ION Smallest PC Platform and 3-D Vision Glasses – CES
    2009 http://ping.fm/hUMnR (#Geekazine)4:47 AM Jan 29th from Ping.fm
  • Citrix Online GotoAssist Express
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/bBSrR(#Geekazine)3:55 PM Jan 28th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination anytime dude. I think the patent was on Friday.3:44 PM Jan
    28th from twhirl
  • @nebben It is a little bold, isn’t it?3:44 PM Jan 28th from twhirl
  • Crisis averted. The Planets lined back up and I am able to get back
    to #google12:06 PM Jan 28th from twhirl
  • At least I can get to #twitter11:59 AM Jan 28th from twhirl
  • @Port16 I think there are some node problems with the network right now.
    Can’t get to a couple different websites. ACK!11:59 AM Jan
    28th from twhirl
  • @caffination Just remember – this week – 51 years ago – the first Lego
    brick was Patented.11:58 AM Jan 28th from twhirl
  • @Norbtek Interesting. It’s only #Google that I can’t get to. Everything
    else is loading fine.11:55 AM Jan 28th from twhirl
  • I can’t get to google.com. Anyone else having issues?11:52 AM Jan
    28th from twhirl
  • When Ubuntu Users Go Rogue: One Woman’s Story of
    Predjudicehttp://ping.fm/bTCdM (#Geekazine)11:05 AM Jan
    28th from Ping.fm
  • Clickfree – Backup Your Drive
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/I9Wh5(#Geekazine)8:53 AM Jan 28th from Ping.fm
  • No, I don’t need coffee. The Coffee needs ME!7:16 AM Jan
    28th from Ping.fm
  • HP Business TouchSmart – #CES09 http://ping.fm/yNVgA(#Geekazine)5:08 PM
    Jan 27th from Ping.fm
  • Podcast Ep. 70 – 1-28-09 – Monster Truck SPAM and Windows 7
    Edition http://ping.fm/hSNcJ (#Geekazine)2:57 PM Jan 27th from Ping.fm
  • #FAWM is only 5 days away. What is FAWM? – http://www.fawm.org9:24 AM
    Jan 27th from Ping.fm
  • @Norbtek What do you need for flash?6:25 PM Jan 26th from twhirl
  • Stuck at a job site. No LIVE Show tonight.4:09 PM Jan 26th from Ping.fm
  • Week In Tech History – 1-26-09 – Tim McVey Day and
    MicroYugohttp://ping.fm/xVRmX (#Geekazine)11:47 AM Jan 26th from Ping.fm
  • @Surf_Records There are no panelists at this time.10:27 AM Jan
    26th from twhirl
  • Anyone want to be on the Geekazine Panel Show tonight @ 7 PM EST? Email
    me [email protected]:15 AM Jan 26th from Ping.fm
  • updated the #Geekazine #ces09 #techpodcasts photos on
    Flickrhttp://ping.fm/lagvQ7:24 AM Jan 26th from Ping.fm
  • @DedRyzing No panelists for tonights show. Want to be one?7:22 AM Jan
    26th from twhirl
  • Yep – I would be in for that. – Retweeting @kaitfoley: @azizhp a blogger
    meet up? I’m in and I bet open madison ppl would be too.7:19 AM Jan
    26th from twhirl
  • @caffination Sorry to hear. Get well soon. BTW – LEGO turns 51 this
    week.6:24 AM Jan 26th from twhirl
  • Gunnar Optics – Protection for Your Eyes – CES
    2009http://ping.fm/ghZp9 (#geekazine)5:58 AM Jan 26th from Ping.fm
  • #PodcastWI meetup – Tues. 2-03-09 at 7 PM. Place – Madison, WI area
    TBD.5:17 PM Jan 24th from Ping.fm
  • Finals should never be held on Wed, Thurs, and Fri. In other Acronyms,
    Finals shouldn’t be on WTF.5:12 PM Jan 24th from Ping.fm
  • A little drama outside the house as a cop pulled over someone for
    OWI.5:01 PM Jan 24th from Ping.fm
  • 1-24-09 – Ramblings – Lots of CES
    Posts http://ping.fm/DV4pv(#Geekazine)3:24 PM Jan 24th from Ping.fm
  • Pacemaker – Portable Pro DJ System – CES
    2009http://ping.fm/6tJht (#Geekazine)3:23 PM Jan 24th from Ping.fm
  • Eclipse Auto Navigation – AVN726E
    – #CES09 http://ping.fm/51zgv(#Geekazine)1:33 PM Jan 24th from Ping.fm
  • @DaveJMatthews I like Hungry Hungry Hippos.7:37 AM Jan 24th from twhirl
  • Happy Pie Day http://ping.fm/QJH6k (#Dorkazine)7:32 AM Jan
    24th from Ping.fm
  • @ontask wwrfc?7:27 AM Jan 24th from twhirl
  • @nebben Actually, you added me first. I just returned the favor.6:32 AM
    Jan 24th from twhirl
  • @Norbtek I always listen. I didn’t see the Box 2 Box. Maybe @axmcor
    @geeknews did when I was walking the floor…1:50 PM Jan
    23rd from twhirl
  • @p00ka I follow you now… ;)1:42 PM Jan 23rd from twhirl
  • #POLL – Apple ‘1984’ ad is 25 yo. What was your favorite ad
    series? http://ping.fm/mwbeP (#Geekazine)1:22 PM Jan 23rd from Ping.fm
  • @norbtek Box to box12:37 PM Jan 23rd from twhirl
  • I did 2 things I said I was never going to do. 1. Eat #SPAM 2.
    Download #Windows7 I guess I can change, too.10:11 AM Jan
    23rd from Ping.fm
  • More #SEO Changes to the site.1:47 AM Jan 23rd from Ping.fm
  • President Barak Obama’s Blackberry –
    Bitstrips http://ping.fm/Alzj6(#Geekazine)12:19 AM Jan 23rd from Ping.fm
  • @ontask So would you say you are “Lost” on getting the show online?
    MUHUHAHAHA!12:17 AM Jan 23rd from twhirl
  • Will Customer Service Suffer from
    Layoffs? http://ping.fm/8zVtI(#Geekazine)4:25 PM Jan 22nd from Ping.fm
  • YAY! I’m getting a Dragon.11:57 AM Jan 22nd from Ping.fm
  • Their doing nominees for academy awards. Heath ledger for supporting
    male. Also robert downy jr. For tropic thunder5:43 AM Jan
    22nd from Ping.fm
  • Hearing Impaired Products by Viable – CES
    2009http://ping.fm/rPgik (#Geekazine)6:55 PM Jan 21st from Ping.fm
  • Pheonix Technologies – HyperSpace – CES
    2009http://ping.fm/fnQQt (#Geekazine)3:23 PM Jan 21st from Ping.fm
  • Retweeting @Scobleizer: Seagate just reported a $383 million loss on
    revenue of $2.3 billion. Now you see why CEO lost his job. Ouch.2:07 PM
    Jan 21st from twhirl
  • DisplayLink – USB Monitor for you Netbook – CES
    2009http://ping.fm/Bvhl8 (#Geekazine)2:06 PM Jan 21st from Ping.fm
  • @GuruOfSales Have you ever tried PBLoco? Good stuff…9:21 AM Jan
    21st from twhirl in reply to GuruOfSale
  • Krown Sign Language Video Translator
    – #CES09http://ping.fm/oT7kl (#Geekazine)12:14 AM Jan 21st from Ping.fm
  • @GuruOfSales Don’t eat the Peanut Butter….5:38 PM Jan
    20th from twhirl in reply to GuruOfSale
  • Podcast Ep. 69 – The Inaugural
    Podcast http://ping.fm/FJ0Nn(#Geekazine)3:15 PM Jan 20th from Ping.fm
  • Going LIVE with the Podcast in 10 http://ping.fm/dF0jc(#Geekazine)10:49
    AM Jan 20th from Ping.fm
  • @pcmacsmackdown If you want, send me the latest podcast and I can put it
    up on a server you can use until you get yours up and running.10:31 AM
    Jan 20th from twhirl in reply to pcmacsmackdown
  • Guess what? You have just lived through a historic moment in time.9:38
    AM Jan 20th from Ping.fm
  • FUJI Enviromax Batteries – Disposable and Safe? CES
    2009http://ping.fm/7sYup (#Geekazine)4:25 PM Jan 19th from Ping.fm
  • @Norbtek Yeppers.4:20 PM Jan 19th from twhirl in reply to Norbtek
  • @Norbtek Still, there is a fine line I have to find.3:28 PM Jan
    19th from twhirl in reply to Norbtek
  • Not sure if “Goose Me” is the right Tag line for this new website
    -http://ping.fm/6ZAEi2:07 PM Jan 19th from Ping.fm
  • This special day was suppose to be work free, but I was inspired. I hope
    I can remember how to take a day off…1:30 PM Jan 19th from Ping.fm
  • @axmc before I left for Vegas, I zipped all my sites data and brought
    them along just in case the worst happened. My host has backups,
    too.1:29 PM Jan 19th from twhirl in reply to axmc
  • No LIVE Show tonight as I celebrate this special day…11:06 AM Jan
    19th from Ping.fm
  • Aimee just gave me a book. Getting business to come to you. Anyone read
    it?5:21 PM Jan 18th from Ping.fm
  • @PizzaBabe ok3:15 PM Jan 18th from twhirl in reply to PizzaBabe
  • CES 2009 – Blaupunkt – Internet Radio for the Car
    -http://ping.fm/VAcwo (#Geekazine)3:07 PM Jan 18th from Ping.fm
  • Long Day. Time to go play some Drums. Thanks to all that checked out
    the #techpodcasts Roundtable. on #ces092:26 PM Jan 17th from Ping.fm
  • 5 hours later. Lots of stuff done. Still not done with the day yet.
    ACK!10:55 AM Jan 17th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh Not necessarilly. If someone streams their desktop on
    uStream and you call in to the number you can participate.10:00 AM Jan
    17th from twhirl in reply to douglasawh
  • @douglasawh If there IS a .deb version.9:04 AM Jan 17th from twhirl in
    reply to douglasawh
  • Current Poll – With Circuit City Closing, where will you
    shop?http://ping.fm/mwbeP (#Geekazine)9:04 AM Jan 17th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 – CES Unveiled – Sure Microphones
    – http://ping.fm/Z30LC(#Geekazine)9:03 AM Jan 17th from Ping.fm
  • @Scobleizer You bday is the 18th, mine is the 19th. RAWK!8:05 AM Jan
    17th from twhirl in reply to Scobleizer
  • Dancing Animal of the Week – Gummi Bear
    – http://ping.fm/BoLpG(#Dorkazine)8:01 AM Jan 17th from Ping.fm
  • @wilw Ohh.. Let me give you one more so you can have eleventy million
    and one.4:25 PM Jan 16th from twhirl in reply to wilw
  • Was just telling someone last night I don’t expect Circuit City to be
    around by end of year. didn’t realize how quick that would come
    true.9:58 AM Jan 16th from Ping.fm
  • @chrisheuer That’s ok. We all met a lot of people.It was the card that
    made the memory.10:34 PM Jan 15th from twhirl in reply to chrisheuer
  • All #ces09 photos are now on
    the http://ping.fm/GpkXi (#Geekazine#MySpace page)5:44 PM Jan
    15th from Ping.fm
  • @Stampgal There is no simpler way to do this. I need to know what you
    are trying to accomplish. I am wondering if PC 1 is something more?5:36
    PM Jan 15th from twhirl in reply to Stampgal
  • Just finished cleaning out the Fish tank. Lots of alge on the glass
    below the light. Makes the tank look a lot cleaner when it’s taken
    off.4:18 PM Jan 15th from Ping.fm
  • Still cold outside. Dang. Now I have to go out.1:13 PM Jan
    15th from Ping.fm
  • #Quickcast – The Art of Business Cards
    – http://ping.fm/pYkrO(#Geekazine)9:17 PM Jan 14th from Ping.fm
  • @seamoss Did you mean Pringles? Dill Pickle? ACK!8:38 PM Jan
    14th from twhirl in reply to seaMOSS
  • @chrisheuer No, we met – I have your card. I just have the wrong place.
    Maybe it was at #CNTRSTG I was with Todd and Andy from#Techpodcasts6:01
    PM Jan 14th from twhirl in reply to chrisheuer
  • Why is it no matter what I’m doing, I get reminded of Vegas? Weather
    channel is doing a spot on Vegas’ earthquake.11:55 AM Jan
    14th from Ping.fm
  • @chrisheuer It was great meeting you at the NBC Universal booth on
    Sunday.10:02 AM Jan 14th from twhirl in reply to chrisheuer
  • @Norbtek LG Watch Phone – http://blip.tv/file/1656525/7:58 AM Jan
    14th from twhirl in reply to Norbtek
  • @accarrino oh yeah. Already ate the Pop-Rocks12:10 AM Jan
    14th from twhirl in reply to accarrino
  • @accarrino Thanks. Trying to remember where I got that one… 😉 Thanks
    for the swag btw – I love the light ball and USB case.12:10 AM Jan
    14th from twhirl in reply to accarrino
  • Ugh! Need to get moving. Still haven’t done the podcast yet. Gotta get
    back on the CST time.4:29 PM Jan 13th from Ping.fm
  • @caffination I am not touching….12:45 PM Jan 13th from twhirl in reply
    to caffination
  • @accarrino Hey, great meeting you at #ces09 and letting us upload the
    videos.12:10 PM Jan 13th from twhirl in reply to accarrino
  • LIVE Show with Brian Slawin http://ping.fm/dF0jc (#Geekazine)4:33 PM Jan
    12th from Ping.fm
  • You know your back in madison, wi when you pass the mini
    weinermobile.1:21 PM Jan 12th from Ping.fm
  • Oh look. Snow.12:29 PM Jan 12th from Ping.fm
  • 3 hour plane ride from vegas to ohio. I felt I was sitting on a
    rock…10:30 AM Jan 12th from Ping.fm
  • The fun part is over. Just have to wait for the plane now.5:06 AM Jan
    12th from Ping.fm
  • Final minutes on my laptop before I catch the bus to the Airport.
    Goodbye Vegas. Thanks #ces09!2:49 AM Jan 12th from Ping.fm
  • CES Day 4 Part 2 http://ping.fm/1t6OC (#Geekazine)2:21 AM Jan
    12th from Ping.fm
  • @brandonstuff85 We interviewed Chumby – Big news on their next
    revision.11:25 PM Jan 11th from twhirl in reply to brandonstuff85
  • Dinner is done. Now I have to get prepared for cold weather…9:24 PM
    Jan 11th from Ping.fm
  • Dessert – crme brulet (sp?) and ice crme.9:07 PM Jan 11th from Ping.fm
  • A dinner arrived. @ponzi arrived. Were all good.8:13 PM Jan
    11th from Ping.fm
  • A sorry forgot 2 entrees chicken & pesto, then chicken saltembaca.7:21
    PM Jan 11th from Ping.fm
  • Tiramisu and vanilla bean ice cream and hot fudge7:02 PM Jan
    11th from Ping.fm
  • Spaghetti and meatballs and beef medallians.7:01 PM Jan
    11th from Ping.fm
  • Stuffed mushrooms, spiniach and artechoke dip…6:57 PM Jan
    11th from Ping.fm
  • #hp #cntrstg dinner at maggiano’s6:53 PM Jan 11th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 pick of the day & wrap. Goodbye consumer electronics show.3:31 PM
    Jan 11th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 ooma and guitar hero in 3-d1:25 PM Jan 11th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 aiptek on the backchannel11:24 AM Jan 11th from Ping.fm
  • CES – Day 4 p.1 Blogging from NBC Universal
    boothhttp://ping.fm/CgIxU (#Geekazine)10:47 AM Jan 11th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 nbc universal bill hartnett9:39 AM Jan 11th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 one more time. @geeknews @axmc videos
    athttp://ping.fm/bLOJ7 (#techpodcasts)9:01 AM Jan 11th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 One of my favorites on the Backchannel -http://ping.fm/pZC4G7:29
    AM Jan 11th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 It’s Day 4. Getting ready to go to breakfast with @geeknews and
    @axmc Can we turn the clock back to Day 1? ;)7:18 AM Jan
    11th from Ping.fm
  • CES Day 3 – http://ping.fm/bPZ5z10:22 PM Jan 10th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 Back to the Hotel. Saw a lot of stuff. Uploading video content if
    hotel Internet will let me5:44 PM Jan 10th from Ping.fm
  • @rkowalski7 Good Question. I’ll ask the others.5:43 PM Jan
    10th from twhirl in reply to rkowalski7
  • #ces09 Iogear wireless usb vga2:44 PM Jan 10th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 casio dynamic photo2:19 PM Jan 10th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 LG1:50 PM Jan 10th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 blue microphone1:27 PM Jan 10th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 sony webbie hd12:20 PM Jan 10th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 sling and chumby11:35 AM Jan 10th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 samsung oLED tv’s10:42 AM Jan 10th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 roland where I just intereviewed johnny rabb and paul hanson10:23
    AM Jan 10th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 home server and the computers they run on9:47 AM Jan
    10th from Ping.fm
  • #ces intel booth. I got to play the self tuning guitar9:21 AM Jan
    10th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 day3 – breakfast with @geeknews @axmc & brownmiester7:50 AM Jan
    10th from Ping.fm
  • Day 2 – #CES09 http://ping.fm/ju47h (#Geekazine)12:19 AM Jan
    10th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 Getting ready to leave CNTR STG. 4 new Back channel videos are
    uploaded.10:51 PM Jan 9th from Ping.fm
  • #ces num8 GPS child locator3:22 PM Jan 9th from Ping.fm
  • #ces flir thermal imaging on primary channel2:22 PM Jan 9th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 entering north hall – automotive section1:55 PM Jan
    9th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 break dancing on the back channel11:15 AM Jan 9th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 are you smarter than a technophobe? #backchannel10:38 AM Jan
    9th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 walkaround vocopro backchannel10:18 AM Jan 9th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 dbox on backchannel10:04 AM Jan 9th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 3m close projection system and mini projector.9:36 AM Jan
    9th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 day 2 breakfast with @geeknews @axmc and @brownmiester7:25 AM Jan
    9th from Ping.fm
  • Poll – Will Palm Make a Comeback – http://ping.fm/mwbeP(#Geekazine)12:35
    AM Jan 9th from Ping.fm
  • Poll – Will Palm make a Comeback?12:35 AM Jan 9th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 all backchannel is up and converting. You should see it
    shortly.10:45 PM Jan 8th from Ping.fm
  • @Nobuku It’s not in the RSS feed right now. Only on the embeds.10:33 PM
    Jan 8th from twhirl in reply to Nobuku
  • #ces09 Just sat down with the Crack crew from #Crackberry.com. We didn’t
    start a fire, though.9:26 PM Jan 8th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh Didn’t ya read the article?9:20 PM Jan 8th from twhirl in
    reply to douglasawh
  • You Really Shouldn’t Name Your Company This
    -http://ping.fm/03ziA (#Dorkazine)7:59 PM Jan 8th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 at #CNTRSTG uploading Backchannel Video @Geeknewsand @axmc are
    doing #Showstoppers6:24 PM Jan 8th from Ping.fm
  • @Nobuku We are posting Backchannel as I twitter.4:35 PM Jan
    8th from twhirl in reply to Nobuku
  • #ces09 getting ready to do pick of the day.3:08 PM Jan 8th from Ping.fm
  • #CES09 Day 1 – http://ping.fm/pWgXD (#Geekazine)2:15 PM Jan
    8th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 vuzix12:12 PM Jan 8th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 dino-lite digital microscopes11:52 AM Jan 8th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 foxit pdf reader.10:40 AM Jan 8th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 anybots10:29 AM Jan 8th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 taped pogoplug, aerovation – heading to bug labs10:02 AM Jan
    8th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 interviewing tv armour9:36 AM Jan 8th from Ping.fm
  • At Breakfast with @geeknews @axmc and Andy. Mmmm. Breakfast. Next
    up #ces097:40 AM Jan 8th from Ping.fm
  • Time 4 sleep. #ces09 starts at 8 am1:55 AM Jan 8th from Ping.fm
  • @axmc is uploading the backchannel content right now.10:51 PM Jan
    7th from Ping.fm in reply to axmc
  • #ces09 back at #cntrstg getting content organized.10:40 PM Jan
    7th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 digital experience interviws were a success. Did a lot of primary
    and back channel.9:58 PM Jan 7th from Ping.fm
  • Just ran into @scobleizer. He will be on the backchannel.8:54 PM Jan
    7th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 digital experience learning about a surface that charges a
    wireless blender.8:49 PM Jan 7th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 digital experience. Learning about gotoassist.8:06 PM Jan
    7th from Ping.fm
  • #ces doing backchannel on nyko7:46 PM Jan 7th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 at digital experience. I think I just saw kat from techtv call
    for help’s6:32 PM Jan 7th from Ping.fm
  • @LGatCEA Where’s the Video? Huh? Huh? Huh?2:35 PM Jan 7th from twhirl in
    reply to LGatCEA
  • @ijustine But you should be at CES…2:34 PM Jan 7th from twhirl in
    reply to ijustine
  • #ces09 going through video production prep with @axmc and @geeknews11:48
    AM Jan 7th from Ping.fm
  • Morning from Vegas. That 2 hour difference really makes a
    difference.8:27 AM Jan 7th from Ping.fm
  • @LGatCEA I can’t wait to see it. No, really. I CAN’T WAIT…9:29 PM Jan
    6th from twhirl in reply to LGatCEA
  • #CES09 A little behind. Just cleaned up and getting ready
    for#DigitalExperience7:10 PM Jan 6th from Ping.fm
  • #ces09 just got interviewed by rick and lindsey fom cea. Video will be
    up tonight.5:12 PM Jan 6th from Ping.fm
  • At south hall, las vegas. Pick up badge & check out blogger area#ces4:33
    PM Jan 6th from Ping.fm
  • @BJMendelson Thanks for being on the show! It was awesome!1:01 PM Jan
    6th from twhirl in reply to BJMendelson
  • Within 5 minutes the room was full of techs. AWESOME!12:52 PM Jan
    6th from Ping.fm
  • Get to my room. Internet is not working. Dah!12:34 PM Jan
    6th from Ping.fm
  • @geekazine is now in vegas. Let the fun begin #ces10:41 AM Jan
    6th from Ping.fm in reply to geekazine
  • #ces here we go. Boardin the plane in MN and steppin out in vegas. See
    ya on the other side.7:10 AM Jan 6th from Ping.fm
  • #ces in MN. Took some great video in flight.5:42 AM Jan 6th from Ping.fm
  • #ces just got switched 2 another flight. They gave me a voucher for
    doing it. I already win!4:14 AM Jan 6th from Ping.fm
  • #ces at terminal, waiting on a plane.3:33 AM Jan 6th from Ping.fm
  • #CES Stick a fork in me – I am done. Getting ready to head out to the
    airport so I can get to Vegas!12:48 AM Jan 6th from Ping.fm
  • LIVE Show – 1-05-08 – Brandon Mendelson and David
    Schenberghttp://ping.fm/cj8tY (#Geekazine)8:37 PM Jan 5th from Ping.fm
  • LIVE Show on NOW! Brandon Mendelson and David Schenberg
    -http://ping.fm/dF0jc (#Geekazine)4:18 PM Jan 5th from Ping.fm
  • Getting absent-minded. Forgot to plug in laptop. Time to slow down a
    bit… NAH! Still doin the LIVE Show at 7 PM EST, then off to CES!1:53
    PM Jan 5th from Ping.fm
  • LIVE SHOW with Brandon Mendelson & David Schenberg – 7 PM EST
    – http://ping.fm/dF0jc (#Geekazine)9:16 AM Jan 5th from Ping.fm
  • Backing up Laptop. I love Acronis.1:30 AM Jan 5th from Ping.fm
  • Week In Tech History – CES and MacWorld
    – http://ping.fm/UCJTI(#Geekazine)1:17 AM Jan 5th from Ping.fm
  • #CES Getting laptop ready. CCleaner, remove programs, then back up the
    drive. You never know when tragedy will strike…9:13 PM Jan
    4th from Ping.fm
  • @chuckst It’s just sad that Football is close to season end….5:54 PM
    Jan 4th from web in reply to chuckst
  • I was a Philadelphia Eagles fan today. @caffination would be proud.4:57
    PM Jan 4th from Ping.fm
  • Now up on Facebook Connect http://ping.fm/f9BoZ (#Geekazine)2:23 PM Jan
    4th from Ping.fm
  • #ces test phone message11:54 AM Jan 4th from Ping.fm
  • We rocked tonight. Now it’s time for bed…2:11 AM Jan 4th from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh I leave Tuesday. What’s up?1:14 AM Jan 4th from twhirl in
    reply to douglasawh
  • @Norbtek Will Do1:14 AM Jan 4th from twhirl in reply to Norbtek
  • Ramblings – 1-03-08 – Before Vegas http://ping.fm/Lf8Db(#Geekazine)7:14
    PM Jan 3rd from Ping.fm
  • Those motion – action paper towel dispensers need cranks for when the
    batteries die…9:13 AM Jan 3rd from Ping.fm
  • Mmmm coffee. Breakfast to come.8:09 AM Jan 3rd from Ping.fm
  • Wow. Didn’t post at all yesterday. I was a busy bee. Got almost
    everything for the trip to Vegas. Did some test videos, workin pretty
    good.7:36 AM Jan 3rd from Ping.fm
  • @douglasawh Yugo = Yahoo12:16 PM Jan 1st from twhirl in reply to
  • It also estimates Google at 1.2 billion, Yugo at 2.41 billion and
    Microsoft at 160 billion. How do they figure that?12:07 PM Jan
    1st from Ping.fm
  • This website says Geekazine is worth $11k.
    Interesting.http://ping.fm/Ah6xW12:00 PM Jan 1st from Ping.fm
  • Go Blackhawks!11:28 AM Jan 1st from twhirl
  • Just cleared a ton of sms txt messages off the phone (3500). A lot of
    them were ‘ok’10:13 AM Jan 1st from Ping.fm
  • The Hotel saved me from driving home last night, but now I have to drive
    home…8:50 AM Jan 1st from Ping.fm
  • New #Poll – If Apple makes an iPhone nano, would you buy it?http://ping.fm/mwbeP (#Geekazine)2:54
    AM Jan 1st from Ping.fm
  • Is everyone in 2009 now? Happy New Year!2:42 AM Jan 1st from Ping.fm
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