Apple iPhone 3G Update Still Doesn’t Fix – Woman Sues

said it was an update. They applied the update and it didn’t fix the problem. is still saying its about the update.

Now a woman in Alabama sues Apple for false Advertisement. Jessica Alena Smith filed the lawsuit stating that the advertising said the 3G was suppose to double the speed of the original . There is no report of how much she’s suing for.

This raises the question – What should Apple do now? Are they continuing to blame Infineon or should they just bite the bullet and get these problems fixed?


Last week the question was “Should Apple recall the iPhone”. Apple came back by saying it was a software issue and the latest update would fix it. Of course 2.0.2 came out and the problem still was present. Talk about Egg on the face….

Apple needs to bite the bullet and get this problem taken care of very quick. I can accept it’s a software issue, but if the software fix isn’t fixing, then this Infineon chip has to go – Recall the phones.

Are you having an iPhone issue? I would like to talk with you. Of course, if you want to donate an iPhone to Geekazine, we will pretty much disect this item and show you what the problems are.

In the meantime, I am going to stick with my . I still like the slider keyboard.

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