CompUSA – 6 Months Later

I passed by the old Comp USA in the area yesterday. It looked so lonely. The other shops in the mall were bustling – the Party City next door was getting ready for Halloween and the Target was doing it’s normal influx of customers.

It would have been nice to see Tiger Direct purchase this outlet, alas they didn’t and therefore there is a big “For Lease” sign on it. I am intrigued as to why the sign is still up. Maybe there is still a lease on the space from ? Maybe Tiger Direct is getting some free advertising off of this? After all, it does overlook a main traffic vein of the west side.
I started remembering the rise and fall of the store. I also remember what I was able to get here. I had a CompUSA Wireless B router at one time. I also got a great deal for me and my brother on a HP CDRW drive with free MP3 player. That was years ago and the CDRW pretty much has gone in the spares bin.

The fall was kina sad. I walked into the store to see areas blocked off by torn down shelving units. They tried to sell a 486 for $100. Not sure if they sold it to anyone…

So I snapped the picture, reminisced and moved on. I suppose it’s the way we live life – things come and go. Or as the great saying goes: Things change. People Change. Hairstyles Change. Interest rates fluxuate….

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