Fark vs. Digg – The fight of the Century.

 *Lights Dim*

Ladies and Gentlemen.  It is time for our feature bout. And it’s for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE! In this corner, In the Red shorts, bringing you since 1999, Drew Curtis and .com. And in this corner in the Blue Shorts, bringing you since 2004, and .com. So, with the thousands in attendance, and the millions drinking a cappuccino and not really caring a lot, LETS GET READY TO POST!

Ok, so it’s not the fight of the century, but it’s pretty interesting. A few weeks back, Fark.com posted an article pointing to Digg.com.  The article was a Digg that pointed to Fark. Infinite recursion and Duke still sucks (You have to be a real Farker to understand that one).

Fark has been around since 1999, but technically was created in 1997. If you went to Fark.com back then, you would have seen the picture of the popular squirrel with large… um…. marbles. It’s founder – Drew Curtis – set it up for people to keep tabs on what was “Not News”. Fark is NOT a connotation for another famous four-letter “F” word.  Fark has also had some celebrity backing – Wil Wheaton would judge the photoshop contests between Fark and then (and still) rival Somethingawful.com. Fark has a pay content side found at TotalFark.com – in which you can preview all submitted links and get into the photoshop challenges early.

Digg was founded in 2004 by 4 people – Kevin Rose, Owen Byrne, Ron Gorodetzky, and Jay Adelson. It was a brainchild while Kevin was working at TechTV. Digg’s rival, Yahoo , came out shortly after to take away from Digg’s popularity. Digg has been criticized for “Pay per rank” posts and is also a part of a continuous rumor that it is being sold to various companies (depending on which article you read).

Both sites do pretty much the same thing – the community finds an article, they post it on the site. Granted, there are a few other cool things each site does. For instance:


  • Photoshop challenges
  • Audio Edit challenges
  • Classifieds
  • Foobies – the site used to link to pornography, but all “adult” sites were moved over to foobies.com to give the main site a child safe rating.
  • Fark TV
  • Wil Wheaton


  • The “Digg/Dugg”
  • Friends lists – set like a social Networking site
  • Diggnation – the Podcast
  • Digg Reel – Video
  • Customizable content

So here we go with the fight of the century.  We are going to entail what advantages/disadvantages each site has.

Submit contentYes – viewable to allSort of – You can submit, but unless you are a TotalFark subscriber, you might not see the linkDigg
Already submittedYes – The user is asked if it’s totally original, but can choose to post it if it’s notYes – if the page has been linked, it will not let you re-submitFark
Pay to PlayNo – Advertisers flip the bill of the siteYes – TotalFark has a subscription service and will block content to non-subscribersDigg
Users/ CommunityYes – Friends lists, ability to follow their content, messagingSort of – You can block bad posters, but there is no friends listDigg
LookVery appeasing to the eye, easy to searchThe look is very simple – mostly text with small graphics.No Winner. Tie
Scannability15 links on front page – Top 10 links to the right, but those can consist of the 15Appx. 80. Links on page spanning 2 days of posts and filtered by moderators. No Top 10 links, but links to other great sites.Fark
HumorLinks are informational. Humor in link titles is not really encouragedThe idea is to have a great tagline. Still no cure for cancer.Fark
SearchabilityYou can sort content out and follow your friends listBasic Search options, otherwise it’s a chronological ordering systemDigg
CommentsMinimal. You can choose whether you like or dislike the comment. When you comment, you must fill out the CAPTCHA.Fark thrives on the community this way. Each post seems to have a ton of comments attached. Comments can be sardonic, and can also include pictures. No CAPTCHA, but there seems to be no spam comments.Fark
PopularityDigg has widgets that people can encode on their site. This brings people to the site more.If you forget about Fark, you don’t get reminded too much.Digg
ReachDigg’s PageRank is 8. According to .com, Digg has a traffic Rank of 168Farks’ PageRank is 4. Alexa.com Ranks Fark at 2926Digg

Did you keep score? The judges are tallying up the content and will have the winner on the next page. 

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