Geekazine 1 year Anniversary

Well, it was 366 days ago that the first posts for Geekazine surfaced (Leap Year, ya know). It’s been a little longer for the podcasts. Nonetheless, this site went live on November 7th 2007.

Since then we’ve had over 175 podcasts and video casts, over 400 posts, a few posts and some people got some swag. We’ve talked with some names in the last year – from Whittey from Technibble, Josh Chandler, to Jeri .

I would first like to thank everyone for a great first year. I would like to thank the sponsors:, are the two main ones. I would also like to thank all who have sent donations to the site.

Thanks to Norbert Davis from for all the Cool Tech Corner episodes. Thanks to the cast at Techpodcasts, and for making a great community. Thank you to for giving me a facet to do the LIVE Show every Monday. Thanks to Vocalo – I haven’t made an episode there in a while simply because I just run out of time, but I am still appreciative for all they did.

I am going to make the next year even better. We have a good stream of people going to Geekazine and to the sister site: Dorkazine. I have some great . I have signed up some more web sites and we are going to incorporate them into the family. More in future .

We survived the election. We survived the . We survived . We are Survivors – The Eye of the Tiger.

Once again, feel free to email me @ [email protected] or call me at 608-205-4378 and say hi. Give me some ideas. Submit an article for use on the site. Let’s make next year better than ever!!

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