Is my website worth it?

“103,288,431 websites with nothing on…”

It’s the Bruce Springsteen song with a different twist. Of course when Bruce performed that song in 1992, the general populous wasn’t on the internet. I would make a guess that the majority didn’t even know what the internet was. Of course that all has changed. We use the internet everyday to buy, sell, inform, rant, rave, rate and surf.

The number at the beginning of this article is the amount of websites that are active on the internet today. Over half a million were registered today while 338 million were deleted and about 350 thousand either expired or were transferred (stats from While the person surfs about 5-20 websites in a sitting, where do they go? Better yet, will they ever see your site and for how long?

If you look on .com, the top 10 websites are as follows: Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Windows Live, MSN, MySpace, Wikipedia, Facebook, Blogger and Yahoo (Japan). Even a couple months after the shutdown, Stage 6 is still in the top 500 Global (485 and dropping).

Don’t expect to see your favorite blogger in the top 500. Even your favorite superstars don’t make it to the top 100 thousand. If you think making it Hollywood is difficult, try making it as a .

Why do we go to websites? Well, for news, information, products and email. Mix in the occasional rant about gas prices, the presidential race or your favorite sports team. Everything else can be hit or miss. If we find it, that’s cool. If we miss it, then ignorance is bliss I guess.

What is your favorite website and why? Do you go to a page and read, or do you scan and leave? 3 minutes is about the average for someone to be on a website, but once again – That is an average. Most likely they are on and off in 30 seconds going to the next web site that will entertain them for up to 3 minutes.

There are a lot of things that webmasters do to make that stay longer. Write more articles can one way. Some feel that controversial posts can be the way to go. Some believe that giving away trinkets and bigger ticket items is the key. I ran a where I gave away a Zune or iPod. I hoped to see a moderate amount of traffic, but it really didn’t go in the direction I would like to have seen.

I wish I could say I have a golden tongue for blogging. I don’t. It’s more of a “Babbling idiot”. But I keep doing what I do best. And maybe someday that babble will end up with a high Digg count or mention on another’s blog. Maybe it’s just so I can keep from having Idol hands for the Devil’s Toolbox.

It’s more of a new found passion to write. Sometimes it’s music – Other times its news. Still even other times it’s the hope that someone of interest can see my babbles and connect so I can build my network.

I read everyday tips and tricks to bring more to my site. Whether it’s calculated data like from, or just the everyday blog that shares the same passion as me to write. I read, learn and copy with the best of them.

For those of you who do not know Randy Rhodes – he was a guitar player from the 70’s. He played with Ozzy Ozbourne and Quiet Riot and some consider him to be one of the greatest guitar players ever. I remember reading an article where Randy stated that he loved to learn so he could get better. When he entered a city for a show, he would find a local music teacher, then sit down with them for a lesson. It didn’t matter if they were good or bad at teaching or even if they played guitar, for Randy stated he always got something out of it.

What do you get out of your website? Money? Personal Gratification? Maybe just the simple idea to connect with someone else on the same levels as you. Friends with similar passions getting together to converse, swap stories and maybe help each other out. After all, you do have 103,288,431 websites to choose from.

So where do you go on the internet and why? Do you get on the internet to check mail and move on with your busy schedule, or are you someone that wants to try and soak up everything the internet has to offer? Find out about the latest game patches, learn about something you need to do at work or make a better investment. It’s all out there on that thing we call the “Information Superhighway”. All you have to do is just put up your thumb so you can be hitchin a ride and maybe someday you’ll stumble along my path and stay for about 2 minutes, 59 seconds.

Of course, you are welcome to stay longer. Maybe even leave a comment….? 😉

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