No More Scrabulous? Here are Some Other Facebook Games.

Hasbro has made take down the popular knock-off game. Since then, the makers of have changed the rules, colors and board a bit and changed the name to “Wordscraper”. In the meantime, Hasbro makes its own App of the popular game. But you know, it’s not the only on the block. In this article we’ll take a look at a few of the you can add to your profile.

Mob Wars – Build yours own Mob and run da city like it is truly meant to be. With your brotha Vinnie and cousin Vito. You recruit Mob members and gain money and other rewards.

The Brain Game – This was the famous image of the girl turning clockwise; or was it counter-clockwise? You decide. Then you will know if you are right-brained or left.

Arkanoid – You are a line on the bottom and your job is to break bricks on the top using a little ball. I have to admit I was addicted to this game when I was a kid. I had it on my Sega Game Gear and between that and Blox, it took up a lot of time in the late 90’s. Now it’s on Facebook. What a change in venue, eh?

Flash Hero – Like the Guitar Hero? Well Facebook has Flash Hero – the popular game for your Facebook profile. Use your keyboard as the guitar. No setting it on fire, though.

Mahjong – Another game I spent some time on in years past. It is derived from an old game where you stack tiles in a pyramid of sorts and then match pairs until you cannot pull them from the board. Sometimes this game got a little frustrating because I thought a tile was free to pull and it turned out it was not. BAH!

Mystic Hunter – You are in a castle and you have to find the hidden treasures. Pretty straightforward, eh: Well, not exactly. You have to solve puzzles to get to the treasures, so this can become a pretty frustrating thing at times.

Jawbraker – This is the game that is on my Smart phone (Pocket PC). You match 2 or more balls of the same color to clear lines and get more colorful balls. The idea is to rack up as many points until you have no pairs left – Great little distraction.

Tactics – Control your tanks and fire on the enemy. Get bigger and badder tanks. Blow things up – you know: have fun with it.

Aykuris Quest – The emperor has been poisoned and his daughter, Aykuri sets out to find a cure. She has to find 6 reagents to do so.

Galaga – There are a bevy of popular arcade games on Facebook, but my favorite always was Galaga. Your ship fires upon other ships that line up in a force to attack you. One of the ships can even capture your fighter – which is good because if you reclaim it, you have twice the firepower in one ship. I think I got to level 30 or 40 when I regularly played it. Today I got to level 5 before I died. I need to practice.

There are a lot more games out there. Don’t forget the Official Scrabble game and the now, newly created Wordscraper games. There are also a lot of “Community” games and applications that require you to recruit friends to join in your quests.

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