Old Tech – Goodbye TV – Goodbye VCR

I saw this as I was driving out of my local YMCA on Wed. It was sad to see these items at the curb, but it also shows me how tech has changed. So I snapped, and thought I would share.

I didn’t have a with remote until 6 years ago. The ’s we had were fine with me, mostly because I didn’t watch too much . When my main 19″ died, I went to the local pawn shop and baught a 20″ with remote. It now sits in the basement as the spare , but really – I watch even less television than I did before.

I DO have a in my room. No or other . If you don’t watch TV, you don’t need to record anything. Yeah, I miss a couple shows but then again, I can usually go online and watch them from the networks’ website. The VCR is technically a TV tuner, and it was also connected so I could convert a few home movies into DVD format. Otherwise, see my comment above about TV’s.

This shows us the end of an era is fast approaching. Analog is 8 months from dead. A TV like this won’t be worth a hill of beans without a converter box. But then again, I already have converter boxes controlling my televisions’ content.

No flatscreen yet (except for my computer monitors). I will eventually have to break down and get one, but why do it now? My guess is Flatscreens will be the gift to give this holiday season and prices will be low.

Still, this picture definitely sums up the direction we are going.

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