One thing: MicroBlogging…

I was going through a few Social Network sites today, especially microblogging. Each one has their own positives and negatives. Of course we all have been exposed to and their problems. Something I’ve noticed they have been working out. The down times are not as frequent, although I do notice that sometimes I don’t get twitters of people I am following.

With Twitter not being the “End all Microblogger”, I check the other sites. , , , ,, etc. The reality is that I am in a Social Networking job. The average user might be on one social network or another. I need to connect with all, so I need to be on all.

While I bounce back and forth, I notice little things. One site does this well, while another site could improve on this. I decided to list the one thing that I like and one thing I do not like about each social Microblogging site. For argument sake, we will leave Facebook, Myspace out of it, because they are not as much of a Microblogging site as a Social Networking site.

One thing I Like: Quick to load. Not much on the page. I can get the posts quick and easy if I am not checking via twhirl ( good job on getting on twhirl, btw)

One thing to Change: It looks like a blog. It’s simplistic look makes it feel like it’s on a WordPress backend with a template that was downloaded from the web. While it’s not a bad idea to get a free template, you want to have some type of individualism to it. The 600 pixel width is understandable, but the posts inside look like their at 400 pixels. I would either expand the inner container to 550 pixels, or create a sidebar with statistics (how many people are online, tag cloud, latest posts or something of the like).


Like: The Customization. From the background, to the images, even to the option to put a Domain to your tumblr account.

Change: I have a hard time on many MB sites trying to find friends. This one is probably the hardest to do. The only way to see who’s on Tumblr is through the dashboard. Great if I want top picks for find the “Tumblrettes”. When I go to a profile, I only see the user. I don’t see who’s following them, therefore I don’t have a means to connect with another follower.


Like: This is probably the best designed site. Everything is in a easy to access area. I know how to get to my contacts, find and add friends, change settings and a lot more. The “Who you might know” area gives me an insight on who else is on Jaiku,

Change: If you are not going to pass along an invite code, then stop doing it. I had to get my invite from a friend. I asked Jaiku 4 times for an invitation and never got a “Yea” or “Ney”. Seriously, though – are you really gonna say no if someone asks for an invite?


Like: While I don’t have one, I like the fact they are giving a Pro account offer. You pay for no ads, custom themes and the ability to send up to 250 megabytes of data. While I am not on the Pro account, I think this is great for those who really want to utilize one site for business. The best part is that I don’t really need the features of the Pro account and am not bombarded with getting the Pro account.

Change: When I Twitter, I can send that over to Pownce. When I Pownce, I Pownce. The Twhirl API lets me send stuff to Pownce, but I don’t get to see what’s happening on the site. While other API’s do the same thing, Pownce feels like the site I can post to, but really shouldn’t visit. If Pownce is hiding behind Twitter for a reason, that is fine. However I think Pownce needs to be more aggressive. It’s a great site and needs to step out of the shadow.

Like: It creates a great site you set up. It’s got a lot of features and also has a “Pro” side. It can be more than a Microblogger.

Change: The pages are too cluttered and can be confusing to navigate around. There is a top bar on all pages that not only changes certain options from page to page, but also changes color.  Put all options on that top bar and keep it one color when moving around. It will clean up the site and give you more space to put in other content.

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