Weekly Roundup 1 – Will Android beat Godzilla, Mothra?

I am reminded of the old Godzilla when I hear “”. But in all reality, is not much different. We just don’t see a cardboard city get demolished by 3 guys dressed in costumes.

Google has given themselves not only a humungous undertaking in aquiring Android, but also a new buzzword that has been passed back and forth many times in the last few weeks. Since it’s silent aquisition back in August, the news has been anything but ‘quiet’. Companies getting on the bandwagon, putting in the hours to make this thing a success. But the real question is – Is this something that the massess want, or will this become another piece of diregarded .

It’s safe to say that everyone wants a phone that can do more than take phone calls. Text messaging has become more viable way of communicating. According to www.cellsigns.com, 79% of the US owns a mobile phone, and by Dec of 2006, they averaged over 18 billion text messages a month. That has been steadily growing month by month, so it may be safe to say this number is a lot bigger now. By 2010, they predict over 100 Million people will be text messaging.

The internet has been an important factor in cell phones. Certain phones have the ability to pull internet data through the phone service, or give you the option to get the internet data from your wireless LAN. This can make things like texting take on a whole new meaning because one can text using the standard SMS method, or get on a service like Yahoo or MySpace Messaging and be in constant touch with their friends.

Cell phones have also become an extension to the PC. Nowadays, someone can connect their phone up to the machine, download programs, MP3’s, Spreadsheets and Documents, and synchronize their calendars, contacts, email and tasks. There is even a program that will Remote desktop so you don’t need to even look at the phone – and a program on the phone that will let you remote desktop into your home PC if you are away. It wouldn’t be at all suprising to one have the PC replaced by the cell phone. Dock your phone in a cradle and turn on the – your PC is ready to go.

But that is getting ahead of the current technology. Not too far ahead, however we are not totally there yet. And that is where things like Android step in. Widgets and programs galore. It will do to a cell phone what MySpace did to social networking.

How will that help the average user? Will they be extatic by what they can do, or will they get frustrated with the technology? According to an article in 2006 by www.news.com, a report by Gartner (http://www.gartner.com/) showed smartphones have increased by 75.5 percent to 37.4 million units and expected to grow another 66 percent by this time.  So here it is a year later, are there 62 million smartphones out there? Well, let’s put it this way – according to www.macworld.com, the Apple iPhone sold 270,000 units in 30 hours on it’s opening weekend. That is 150 phones per minute.

iPhone, PocketPC (Microsofts’ ) and even ’ phone are all viable entities in this market. Android in the mix will mean options for not only users, but also programmers. The days of 2 giants fighting for dominance have definitely ended. And the little guy can always become a giant with a couple swift punches.

Android will have some major hurdles to jump. Hurdles that have been jumped before. If they can get past the small stuff, we will see another giant appear and the way of the cell phone get altered again.

After all, as the quote goes: “Any good race is a race worth winning”. Go Godzilla…..

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