The Selfie Stick Gets An Upgrade

Just when you thought that the was as annoying as it could get, this insipid tool of vanity gets a major upgrade. Because who needs a plain old , when you can ten more feet on it? It’s totally necessary for all of those huge group selfies that you take on a regular basis. Well, maybe not you and I, but some people do make a habit of group selfies and for those people, this is the final frontier of selfies. Or so we hope. But it will likely get another upgrade at some point, because people.

The Panoramic Selfie Stick is designed for those oversized group shots and so you can capture the moment without having to leave anyone out of the picture. It has a compact design, I mean it is still a stick after all, but this one will extend to 10 feet in length. And of course this selfie stick works with any smartphone thanks to Bluetooth controls.

If you need to capture every moment and share each experience with very large groups of like minded people, the Selfie Stick is the way to go. At least until we have one that extends to the tops of very large buildings.

via Trendhunter

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