The Terminator Multimedia Speaker

Talking to using one of Amazon’s Echo speakers is cool. But not nearly as cool as talking to a from the Terminator movies. This Terminator T-800 has Amazon’s virtual assistant onboard. It has arrived from the future, not to kill us all, but to help.

So now you can play your tunes and get Alexa’s help from the head of a cyborg. Will this give rise to Skynet and kill us all? I guess we are all about to find out. It is made by AC Worldwide and is a nicely detailed reproduction of the endoskeleton skull. Try not to be intimidated by having this thing on your desk. The skull comes mounted on a platform with a plaque bearing a message that you can customize. You can have it say, “I’ll be back!”, or whatever else you want.

It stands 18 inches tall with a fully-reflective polished alloy and menacing red eyes. There’s also a 10-watt ported subwoofer, a five-watt 32mm tweeter, and it comes with Bluetooth for pairing with music devices. There’s also an AUX port for a wired connection. Other features include built-in Wi-Fi and an HD camera in one of its eyes. You can find it on Kickstarter if you would like to help usher in Skynet’s bold future.

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