The Walking Dead: Our World Augmented Reality Game

Remember the phenomenon that was Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go was a location-based mobile that had players trying to catch them all in the real world. Everyone was getting out and getting some exercise while catching monsters. Then the craze died down and I haven’t seen crowded streets since then. Well, it could be that the streets are about to get crowded again, but this time they won’t be hunting Pokemon. Instead they will be protecting the world from zombies.

: Our World is a new game that is similar to Pokemon Go, but with an undead twist. Sure, there are plenty of zombie-hunting games that you can play, but zombies in Augmented Reality should be extra terrifying since it offers a new level of realism. Players will encounter zombies in real-world locations after all. It’s the next best thing to VR. The app for Android and Apple will allow players to collect characters, weapons, and items from the hit TV series.

The release is planned for Q2 2018. That’s when you can expect to see kids back out on the streets again. Hopefully, they won’t get hit by cars and hurt themselves in various ways like last time.

via Roadtovr

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