This Guy Built A Commodore 64 VR Rig

is all about immersive experiences.The more real it is, the better. The problem is, not everyone can afford a $500 Oculus Rift headset and a thousand dollar -ready gaming PC. Well, there is a cheaper option. If you don’t mind taking a technological step backward. One fan created a pair of goggles for the classic 8-bit computer, the Commodore 64. You can find the supplies you need for cheap at thrift shops.

Jim_64 added an LCD display to a cheap pair of VR goggles. These mirror what’s on an old CRT TV connected to his Commodore 64. So how to you get VR content on an old rig like this? Well, Jim_64 had to code his own virtual reality adventure game called Street Defender. When I say Virtual Reality, in this case it is what VR might have looked like way back when. Obviously, the term is used very loosely here. It’sa Commodore 64! Let’s be honest, the graphics are horrible and it is not very immersive, but it was no doubt a very fun that you do just because you can. I just love that people are still making these old computers do new things. This is what budget Vr looks like my friends.

via Gizmodo

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