Top 5 Videos of Geekazine in 2014

Its been a fun ride creating videos this last year. I made some major changes with shows, which really paid off in the end. Geek Smack! got a major overhaul to something more manageable.

Here are the top videos you watched:

Chromecast vs. vs. Roku

You guys were very interested in Over the (OTT) and set top boxes. This had audio issues but you watched it. I even made another version which corrected the audio issues but you still watched this one. That is the power of Social media!

Netflix, Amazon or Hulu – the Throwdown

It makes sense this would be the 2nd most watched in 2014. You purchased your set top box, you want to know about the programs you can get for it. I talk over each streaming service and which one you might be interested in putting your $10 budget toward.

Manga Studio EX5 with Intuos Manga Pen Tablet

Graphics tablet and drawing programs. That is what this video is about. Multiple comments talking about the tablet like Godzilla Pie Fox who said: As a manga lover and a drawer I can’t wait to buy this. Stage Lined said: I just ordered these, and looking forward to checking ’em out.

Walkthrough: , Sleeping Cars

In October Jennifer and I took the train to New York. It was a fun ride and made the travel experience more enjoyable. We traveled via Roomette and got to see the passing cities and the beautiful landscapes of the Eastern states. This is an up-and-coming video which I expect will get even more views in 2015.

HP OMEN Gaming Laptop

Another newer video, I recorded this in Barcelona in December. The numbers started shooting through the roof after posting. You definitely like gaming laptops. I liked the programmable keys and illuminating keyboard. Of course the power of the Core i7 was pretty impressive, too!

Noteable: (Doc Brown) Takes My Google Glass at #CES

Last January at CES, Christopher Lloyd was at the Gibson booth dressed as Doc Brown and showing up in a Delorean. I was there with Google Glass in hand to enhance his experience. A lot of photos were snapped with my Glass.

Thanks to all the companies who were a part of Geekazine in 2014. We will continue this throughout the new year and give you more content to review and learn about. It all starts with CES 2015 in the next few days!

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