Want a Google Wave invite? Here is what you have to do to get one.

**UPDATE** I have awarded the 7 Wave invitations. Thanks to all who participated

The irony of it all. I have a couple friends saying they don’t have the invite. I can’t give them one because I didn’t get any. Then they get Wave and the next day BAM! I have invites. The stars are lined against me, better get back in bed.

Therefore, I have 7 invites to give (I earmarked one already). If you want an invite, all you have to do is comment on this thread. Comment what you want to get over the . No one-liners. Give me a at least. Tell me why you want the item.And please don’t say “I want Google Wave for the holidays”.

Great comments will get their invite right away. Otherwise, next week I’ll give them away.

BTW – If someone already invited you to Google Wave, then you should probably wait for that. I already had someone ask and when I asked them if someone already gave a wave request, they said “Yeah, but I’m still waiting”. I waited 2 weeks after someone invited me.

BTW BTW – If you have Wave and want to just comment with what you want for the holidays, then let me know you do not want to be in the on the comment.

BTW BTW BTW – By Retweeting, I give extra brownie points….


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