Why Am I Getting a 3200 error When Trying to Install iOS5 on My 3GS (Just Error on iPhone4, iPad)

I went to update my iPhone to the new iOS5 OS today. It went through the process, downloaded the software, backed up the phone, unpacked the software. All of a sudden I get this message:

ios5-3200 error message

iOS5 3200 error message

When you select “More information“, you get this nice big page with all these error messages, but no 3200 message. Really Apple?

What Error 3200 Means

It’s actually really simple. After all the downloading, backing up and waiting, the cannot communicate with Apple’s servers. Most likely because the servers are down.

It looks like they are validating the at this point. But there is no response, so you get this 3200 error message.

Does this go for iPhone4 and as well?

Yes, Virginia. Apple cannot verify your device, so it comes back with an incoherent error message. It sounds like in your case that they don’t even tell you it’s a 3200 message.

Apple: Please Add this to Your “Specific update-and-restore error messages and advanced troubleshooting”

Error 3200: We are getting swamped right now, the verification servers are not communicating back in a timely manner. Please try again a little later.

It took me a while to figure this one out. I can wait, but I don’t like wasting time trying to figure out something you could have told me at the start. Why is the process to download, backup, unpack files THEN verify the device?

Anyway. Hope this helps.

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