Win a Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z April 29 – May 3: Geekazine Contest

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z

ThinkCentre M90z

Geekazine is participating in a promotion with 25 other websites, each with an individual prize of a Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z. This is a Touchscreen computer with full 1080p video resolution. The ThinkCentre is a all-in-one PC that can be used with a mouse and keyboard, or by itself.

On April 29th, Jeffrey Powers will make an announcement on how you can register for the contest. The contest will run until May 3, when Jeffrey will give away the ThinkCentre to one lucky registrar.

Lenovo M90z Participants

About this SiteContest StartContest End
Free Tech 4 TeachersResources and learning tools for teachersApr 14Apr 18
Ilja Coolen \ ICSSStorage Consultant, BlogsApr 15Apr 19
Physician MomBlog of a Family PhysicianApr 16Apr 20
Scrubd InMedical Application Review SiteApr 17Apr 21
KathySchrock’s Kaffeeklatschkaffeeklatsch: Informal gathering to drink coffee and chat.Apr 18Apr 22
Steve Hargadon.comk-12 Technology bloggerApr 19Apr 23
Box of TricksEducation Application BlogApr 21Apr 25
Clinton Fitch.comMobile Community Apr 22Apr 26
Around the CornerEducation websiteApr 23Apr 27
Tech Savvy EdClassroom Technology WebsiteApr 25Apr 29
Small Biz TechnologyInsight and news for Small businessesApr 26Apr 30
Ablet FactoryCreators of mobile applicationsApr 27May 1
Click NewzInternet Marketing WebsiteApr 28May 2
GeekazineThat is US! For the Geeks in all!Apr 29May 3
21st Century Education TechnologyApr 30May 4
A GeekyMomma’s BlogLee Kolbert – a Geek MommyMay 1May 5
Marsha Collier’s MusingsCustomer Service AuthorMay 2May 6
VA Insiders ClubVirtual AssistanceMay 3May 7
Your Virtual AssistantVirtual AssistantMay 4May 8
Jake Ludington’s Media BlabBlogger, VideocasterMay 5May 9
Mobile PC WorldWebsite devoted to Tablet PCsMay 6May 10
Dangerously IrrelevantEducation TechnologyMay 7May 11
Bud the TeacherTeacher’s Web BlogMay 8May 12
KikolaniBlogging Tips, Social NetworkingMay 9May 13
Geeks To Go Experts answering questionsMay 10May 14
Chad Lehman.comChad Lehman’s Blog of Education and TechnologyMay 11May 15
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