Winner: Data Vault x510 2TB with Storage Works – Norbert Davis

Murphy’s Law comes in. I ran the test and it worked fine. I think it was because I had a wireless connection to the desktop running wirecast.

Nonetheless, we ran a contest and gave away Data x510. I then fixed the issues with the video and went on with the show.

Our winner for the Data Vault:

The video will be up shortly. I was able to get the process to run and got the Data vault backing up. I will have a bit of splicing to do.


Data Vault Recovery

In the video, we went through the Recovery disk of the x510. This is what you need:

  • A computer with a Network card
  • Ethernet cable
  • Data Vault

Some prep before you run the recovery. Turn off all Anti-virus and Firewalls. Turn off your Wireless, too, for we found the first time it didn’t work too well – At least let it discover the machine.

**Here is a small server trick if you are doing a full restore: Turn off the machine, then swap the hard drives around. Sometimes it helps. **

Server Recovery

Server Recovery

The whole process can take over an hour to complete – depending on your computer and the network card you install. Once it’s done, you let the Data Vault configure itself, plug the machine back into the netwoek, then use the install disc on your desktop to go through the process.

**Note 2 – You may have to uninstall the Data Vault software from the host machine if you do a factory reset. If software updates applied, then you might not be able to communicate with the Data Vault. **

I would like to thank HP and Ivy Worldwide for letting me review, then give away this great machine. I had fun with the review and learning all the cool things I could do with this machine.

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