WordPress 2.5 is out

 updated 7:45 CST

Today had released the final version of 2.5. I have successfully installed it into my Sandbox and am playing with it aggressively. I will be adding information as I go, but here is what I had so far:

First of all, for those who don’t know what a “Sandbox” is, this is an area I designated as a test area. In this case, I have a computer at my home in which I installed XAMPP (an acronym for Apache, MySQL, PHP and PERL – the X stands for the “Four”). The Sandbox is a great way to test new plugins, CSS code or anything. One thing to keep in mind in mantaining a Sandbox, though – make sure your Sandbox matches your websites credentials (example – if your Sandbox is running PHP 5 and your website runs on PHP 4, then the test area is pointless).

So Far I have done the following:

– Copied Geekazine SQL to the Sandbox.
– Made changes to the SQL so it will import in the Sandbox correctly without refering to Geekazine.com
– Downloaded 2.5 and installed in the sandbox
– Copied over all themes and Plugins
– Set up WordPress
– Made sure all initial settings matched the site
– Activated all plugins
  – WP-Cache plugin caused problems at first – there are several lines that have a misplaced “%20” or ASCII code for a “Space”.Corrected the problem and the plugin activated.
  – All other plugins Activated.**(other issues arose though)
– Went to check all settings.
  – RAZ- would not show a picture. Had to disable the Plugin.
  – Yet Another Photo-Blog is causing issues on the folder – working on issue.

First Update:

The Yet Another Photo Blog error was because I didn’t have all the current pictures imported into the proper folder. Once that change was made, the plugin began to work.

The WP-Cache was a plugin I had installed, but did not implement on WP because of issues. I have disabled it on 2.5

I went through all the settings and matched them up to the site. A lot of plugins had their settings. There were a couple that didn’t remember the settings, so it’s important to have a reference.

There is a Media Manager in WordPress now, but I am continuing to use PodPress. I will be checking out the images gallery option.

TinyMCE had a small hiccup. This is a plugin that extends the use of the Post area. It gives me more buttons and able to customize that area. I had to re-organize the buttons to get it to work again.

The rest of the day I spent getting the blog ready. The theme went over without a hitch. The only 2 issues are RAZ CAPTCHA, which I talked about earlier, and a mobile theme in which I couldn’t get loaded from my smartphone. It may only be because of the sandbox, but I will play with that in the coming weeks.

Summary – 2.5 is easy to . So easy a cavem…. well, it’s pretty easy. It’s also easy to import your data. I did it the hard way, but then again I like challenges.

I only had minor issues with the CAPTCHA and the mobile theme. There are some other tests and checks I will run before putting it on a mainstream site level.

I like the additions to WP 2.5 – Media, the ability to set up multiple blogs, Update of Plugins right then and there as well as a updated interface. It will be interesting to see what the first few posts are like.

To anyone thinking of updating, my suggestion is one that goes for ALL software. Wait one week before updating. Why? Well sometimes problems might not show up until after the release. A hacker gets their hands on a imperfection and next thing you know your blog (as well as the rest of the site) has been comprimised.

The best thing to do is install XAMPP and run your own sandbox. Understand the program first, then upgrade. You might find a lot of cool things that you may have missed before.

Good luck on Blogging. It’s a lot of fun.

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