WWDC – New iPhone with iOS4, A4 Processor, Gyroscope

WWDC 2010

WWDC 2010

Well, you might have heard about it in a bar in your area. Heck, you might have seen it in a bar in your area. But the 4 is now out. Let’s take a quick peek:

The iPhone 4 is 9.3mm thick, with two built-in cameras and two mics. Apple has added a button. The resolution is at 326 pixels, making the resolution 4x better than the 3GS.

16 and 32 GB models. $199 / $299 with contract.  3GS will become $99, but the picture said that would be a 8 GB model. Did the 3GS have an 8 GB model?


High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) at 5.8 will be added along with the High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) at 7.2 .


The Operating system is getting a rename – iOS4. Of course that will now cover the iPhone, . Apparently, Cisco also has a OS named iOS. But they have agreed to let Apple use the iOS name for trademark only.

A4 Processor

1 GHz processor built by Apple. Remember – this is an Apple only tested processor. It might be a great new mobile proc, but then again, one mistake and millions of iPhones could get recalled

The antenna is built in. You know by the little bump on the side of the phone. Hopefully reception will be better.


3 Gyroscope. With the accellorometer, you have 6 points to work from. This may make a new level for .

Cameras on Front and Back

Not only will you have 2 cameras on the new phone, you also have an application to use them. 5 MP camera, 5x zoom. The video can be edited using iMovie – a mobile application for $4.99.

The phone conferencing software is called “Face Time”. You need a Wifi connection to use it. Hopefully Skype will be able to use this function, too…


The iBooks application will be available for iPhone. You will be able to port the book from iPad to iPhone and continue where you left off.

Of course, the new option of iAds will be part of the new iPhone. showed it off and stated he wants everyone to win.

& Multitasking

The other big things I’ve been waiting for was the multitasking option and the ability to put applications into folders. Organization on the iPhone is something I really expect to be a big part of my experience. Multitasking is limited – even more for those who have 3G phones.

Bing, Yahoo or Google as default search

The phone will be set to Google, but you can choose Bing or Yahoo (which is… Bing, right?). Will that mean other search engines could be created and chosen in the future?


$199/$299 with a 2 year contract. They are also working with AT&T to get those customers with 6 months left on their contracts to get the new phone. Keep in mind, if you sign a new contract, you move to tiered pricing from AT&T.

The Phone comes out June 24th, with pre-orders on June 15th. The OS 4 will come out at the same time to update.

Although the presentation seemed a little laggy (10 minutes on iAds), the event was exactly what I expected. An iPhone without Verizon.

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