20 Percent of American Adults Don’t Use the Internet

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I put together a panel for SXSW on . I need your help in getting it accepted. Please vote here. New TWIGG this week as we talk about cops wearing glass and wearing glass. Band played twice on Saturday, which really makes for a fun Sunday.


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Geek Smack! episode 271 Tech News:

It’s not everyday I go off-tech for a story, but this one disturbs me. Teenagers in Oklahoma killed a person “just for the fun of it”. The result, Christopher Lane was killed in what seemed to be a game. They even quoted: ‘We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody’. 3 boys from 15-17 will be in court today and tried as adults. It’s not for the game of Lane’s life.

Yahoo Email Closing
– The Chinese is closing, moving accounts to the acquired Alimail
Real Time Traffic

updating maps with Waze software so you can see where the problems are on the roads
Two iPhones
– Apple is expected to release two models of the 7th gen iPhone – 5S and 5C with gold back
Amazon Outtage
– Amazon goes down for an hour
Foglight Update
– Dell Foglight software can detect ghost and remove them
Google Outtage
– Google goes down for 5 minutes. expected to have lost $500,000
HP Photo Ball
– Concert beach ball that sends video to the screen and pictures come out instantly

Need a Website? Go Daddy has everything you need to get on the web!

Geek Smack! Geek News

Samsung Watch
– Samsung is poised for their Mega phone, but will they also put out a ?
Groklaw Shutting Down
– The online open source patent and software announcement site says is pressuring them.
143,199 TPS
-A Japan airing of Castle in the Sky caused a record number of tweets per second (TPS).
US Homeland Security
– McAffee exec announced as next US Homeland Security cheif
Amazon Xbox One Promotion

– Turn in certain XBox 360 games and get XBox One games for $10
Instagram Ban
– Instagram is banning apps that have an Insta or gram in their titles

Geek Smack:

I have a friend that hates the Internet. She cringes when the words “Facebook” or “Google” even come up. She’s been on only a couple of times – but otherwise I’ll get a call asking to print off some document she needs.

Even though more homes are investing in broadband Internet, the New York Times reports roughly 20 percent of American adults do not use the Internet at home, work or via mobile. Some are by choice, yet others do not have the money for this amenity.

76% of white American households and 57% of African-American households use the Internet. Approximately 50% of people 65 and older go online, while 75% under 65 use the Internet.

Average home Internet costs are around $30 a month. Some people might not be able to pay the minimal fee (usually 19.95). Others just don’t justify it and rather have cable.

Things that can change a persons mind might include set top boxes – getting content like Netflix through your computer or streaming media device. Phone connections, including video connections – maybe having a weekly phone call with Mom and Dad.

For those who don’t have home Internet, help them out. Like I said before, I will print out documents for my friend if she needs them. She can always come over and use my connections and I will search and find information for anyone that asks – of course within reason.


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