Is AMD For Sale?

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I tried to do this show from the road but the internet would not let me. Seriously. I did not have a good internet signal from computer or phone. It was really frustrating. I did find out about some great printers and the services of HP Enterprise printing.

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Geek Smack! episode 244 Tech News:

John McAfee Wanted
Anti-virus creator is wanted on question of murder.
Yahoo! New Homepage
Yahoo! also wants to launch a Gmail-like Email system
Sinofsky Leaves Microsoft
Windows 8 head left due to tension between Sinofsky and top execs.
Cuban Ditches Facebook
Mark Cuban doesn’t like the huge fees the Mavericks have to pay to send their fans messages.
No Windows8 Facebook
Right now Facebook says they won’t be making a Windows 8 app. I bet they will have to eventually.
Apple Perks
Tim Cook is giving Apple employees perks that Steve Jobs didn’t want.
Chrome Sandboxes Flash
Chrome 23 will put flash items in sandbox mode to further protect from malware.
Amazon Owes France
France says that Amazon owes $252 million in back taxes
AMD 1 Terraflop Graphics
The Firepro S10000 will set you back $3600 but will reduce the amount of servers you need.
Congrats to Dropbox
100 million users and rising

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AI – Cleverbot not really that clever…
Politics – Real Map Breakdown
Science – Astroid Impact Simulator
Kanye  – Be Cooler than Kanye
LEGO – Nathan Sawaya Interview
Star Wars – R2D2 Engagement Ring I hope she said Beep Boop Boop…

Geek Smack: Is AMD for Sale?

Reports arose today that JP Morgan was brought in to do some assessing. It doesn’t really mean any more than giving AMD a strategy to where they are going. However some are starting the death march for the company.

I remember the days of AMD Intel battles – AMD brought out a faster Athlon processor and Intel trumped it the next day. Your Pentium chip would become obsolete within minutes…

AMD has told the Wall St. Journal it’s not looking to sell. But it definitely is looking to trim some fat. JPMorgan is just Bob and Bob interviewing the staff at Inotech.

There is no reason for AMD to jump ship right now. It’s not like people are not buying AMD computers.

It’s assessments like mobile devices that AMD needs to figure out. If they are building for the wrong platform then AMD has to make a major change.

But for kicks and giggles let’s just say that AMD IS selling. Who would be a good buyer? Maybe a PC company like Lenovo? What if Apple was to scoop them up? A whole new game could be played…

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