AmpRidge Mighty Mic S: iPhone, Android Boom Microphone

AmpRidge Mighty Mic S

Mighty Mic S

Today I am looking at the AmpRidge Mighty Mic S. This is a boom style microphone which you can use for your iOS or Andriod device – anything with a 3-pole headset.

The microphone is small so it can fit in your pocket. A windscreen is provided to help keep wind noise down and a case is also provided so it doesn’t get pocket lint.

The mic also has a headphone jack so you can monitor the recording.

AmpRidge doesn’t give any specs to this microphone, but within testing via a , the microphone can reduce the background noise by 5-10 db. That means if you are trying to record that rock concert and someone behind you is talking, you hear less of him and more of the music.

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But I always say showing you is easier than telling you. Therefore, I made a couple videos from my phone. The first one is me with the AmpRidge pointed toward the guitar and vocals. Then, I flip it away so you can hear the difference.

The second video is to show more what you would be doing at a live concert. I am playing my first video using the Jabra Solemate Max to give a more “Live” . I point the microphone toward the speaker and then toward me to show the difference.

AmpRidge Mighty Mic S Pros and Cons

Its small, but is the Mighty Mic S the boom mic for your recordings?

I ran through many tests – windy, dry, noisy, and even tests without the AmpRidge. While it does help in the directional capture of audio, it only reduces the background noise by a little. I was impressed on how it did outside. A slightly windy day passes the recording test.

AmpRidge Mighty Mic Compared with the iPad Air, Android Internal Microphone

The difference between internal microphone and the AmpRidge is minimal. Of course, you cannot put a windscreen on the internal mic. You cannot also re-point the microphone without moving the whole unit. This is what makes this little guy worth it. And, of course, different Android and iOS devices mean different types of , so the results can vary from what you own.

There are additional things you can do to make this microphone block background noise. Making a sound cone out of cardboard can help even more. Getting an extension cable so you can hold it closer to your source can help, too.

There were some placement problems as well. Since the ’s jack is on the opposite corner of the camera, the mic will not get into the video shot. However, this will make holding the phone a bit trickier since you cannot cup the other side.

Many Android phones have the headphone jack on the top, which brought the AmpRidge into the shot. The best device for the AmpRidge seems to be the iPad since you have a lot of room to hold the tablet.

The $70 price tag might be a bit too much for the mic. If that doesn’t bother you then this could be a great addition to recording your iPhone movies.

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