Apple iPhone 5S/5C Event: Which Phone is Worth It?

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On Monday, I helped my brothers rebuild the and access ramp so my Dad can come home from the nursing home. Of course we decided to do it on one of the in the summer. Today, I hurt! I did record TWIGG last night but was too exhausted to post, so I’ll probably post during the .


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Geek Smack! episode 273 Tech News:

Microsoft Invite
-New Surface coming soon
XBox Music
-Microsoft is expanding their music service
Glass XE9
– Music Identification, Vignettes and other features
– Open Education Alliance with AT&T, , nVidia and more
Remove RDRand
-Linus Torvolds responds to a petition to remove RdRand
Netflix on Virgin
-Virgin Media adds into their
– Kim Dotcom working on music service
Wikileaks Server Auction
– The that ran Wikileaks is up for sale on and is at $25,000

Geekedia of the Week

Mustard Pixel time clock – a pixelated wall clock? Awesome!

Need a Website? Go Daddy has everything you need to get on the web!

Geek Smack!

Dyson Sues Samsung
– The lawsuit is over Samsung’s new vaccum cleaner and its steering system
PS Vita TV
– Playstation is getting into the Set top box arena with Vita – a $100 device
Google Flat Logo
– The logo makes it larger and easier to read. Do you like it? 
Google+ Embed

– Google adds embed to their social network
YouTube Confession
– Man uses YouTube to confess for drunk driving incident #saveyourvictim
Kimmel Twerk
-Jimmy Kimmel punked the Twerking community. Wait. There’s a twerking community?
G4 Still Alive?
– NBC Universal will continue G4 network. Why won’t it die already? 

Geek Smack: Apple iPhone Event Uncovered

So Apple announced their 7th generation phone, dubbed 5S and 5c. The 5C is technically the iPhone 5 with color cases. The 5S really has the upgrades you might want on a phone – especially since this will be the world’s first 64-bit smartphone with their new A7 chipset.

5S also will contain a fingerprint sensor that will allow you to unlock your phone. You can set up multiple unlocks – maybe one for you and one for the spouse.

A new co-processor – dubbed M7 – will allow the phone to work without fully turning itself on. This is perfect for health apps, alarms and sensors like the accellerometer and gyroscope.

The camera also gets an interesting upgrade as you will be able to not only record in 120 fps (for slow motion videos) but also a new flash will determine your lighting and adjust so you don’t get washout in a picture.

Heres the kicker – While the 5C starts at $99 (with contract), the 5S is only $199 (w/c). The upgrades to the 5S, including a processor that will run 2x faster might be a good reason to skip the cheaper model. Although the screen size is the same on both models, the overall size is slightly smaller on the 5S because it’s using aluminum.

The 5S is a pretty impressive phone. While Apple wants to get you off your 3GS or 4, I am not sure why you wouldn’t want the updated 5S over a 5C.

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