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Geek Smack! episode 234Tech News:

RUMORS iPhone 6
They can throw the rumors, but why can’t they get the number straight?
Bingo Friendzy
– The first online gambling app on Facebook.
Flexible batteries
-Scientists solve this riddle. Your smartphone may soon be bendable
FDA Approves Sensor Pill
– Swallow it, get your right on the smartphone.
Apple iCloud Hack
– Did Mat Honan fall prey to hackers because of AppleCare?
Amazon Lockers
– You can get a locker at 7-11s to pick up your Amazon products.
Wildfire Acquisition
– Complete with a $100 million dollar retention bonus.
Acer May Abandon Windows
– when Surface tablets come out. Bold statements from a major PC builder. What would they go to?
Windows boot options
– The leaked build of Windows 8 suggests you cannot circumvent the tiled interface to get to a desktop experience.
AT&T Shared Data Plan
– No word on prices yet, hopefully this can save money.
OSX Mountain Lion Glitch
– Apparently it drains battery a lot faster.

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Curiosity – Rover Memes
IPv6 Requests
LEGO – stuck up nose for 3 years
Kickstarter – Honey Badger BBQ Sauce
Alien – Predator II Skull Replica 
GIF – Collection of Horray GIF
T-Shirt – OhGizmo’s Favorite

Geek Smack: Goodbye on

The rumor mill is really in upheaval today as we find out Apple is not including the old, outdated YouTube app in the next itteration of iOS. This is not a big surprise, as Apple is ousting other parts of Google off the phone, including Google Maps, for Apple’s own version of maps.

It’s not that you couldn’t re-install these applications – At least, I hope we can. It’s just that Apple is taking programs like this in their own hands. It makes sense: People who buy computers or smartphones will most likely use the items that are loaded on the device. That was why IE6 was so hard to kill – Internet Explorer was adopted the default browser simply because it came pre-loaded.

I DO expect the option to change to Google maps or have a YouTube app installed. If Apple was to block those options, you might see some Anti-trust issues arise.

I just hope they also allow a choice of default browser. I use Chrome more than Safari on my iPad, and would love that to be my main browser.

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